Rent-A-Centercustomer service/rental condition


We have 2 beds from rent a center in Whitter, Ca. It's on Norwalk Blvd. Anyways, I'm usuay on time with my payments. The past few times have been a bit tight because my husbands hours have been cut. I have asked them not to call me at work and they do. When they say they are going to note something on my account they never do, they're supposed to get me a new boxspring because the one that got delivered is disgusting. It's very dirty. I did miss this weeks payment but because I'm not in the state right now. I had to fly out on emergency family business, my grandmother is in the hospital and she probably isn't going to make it. When explaining this to the woman she talked as if she didn't belive me. And I told her I would be back next week and I could pay it then. She had the audacity to ask me for my payment. And I quote "You can't just make the payment over the phone? " I'm dealing with a family emergency and you're still asking me for money?. She also argues with you when you are on the phone. It's very unprofessional. They also call you periodically throughout the day. Usually I'm at work and I don't appreciate being called that often, when I already know I need to pay them. I would appreciate if something could be done.

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