Renault SAshocking service ordering parts

On 29 July 2019 I ordered, and paid for, 8x bearing kits for my vehicle. On the 8th of August 7 of the 8 kits arrived and the last main bearing kit was on "back order France" WIP24042-R122077245R.
On 11 September 2019 the last main bearing kit arrived and I personally collected from the dealer in Port Elizabeth. The mechanic informed me later that day that the main bearing kit had a big-end cap and not a main cap.
Bear in mind, during this time, I had not vehicle to drive...
All kits were returned to the dealership to confirm which it was and now another main bearing kit had to be ordered which is AGAIN on "back order France".
I phoned Renault's Customer Care number to complain that the dealership confirmed the correct part number was provided, but the wrong part was delivered.
After receiving no apology, no ETA on the part re-ordered, no courtesy vehicle and no feedback on the numerous e-mails sent to Renault SA, I am still sitting without a vehicle because of Renault's fault. The after sales service is absolutely shocking to say the least.
The last response from the Dealership was: "I understand your frustration, I have spoken to _____ and he said that we will not be giving a courtesy, have just found out that the part in question is on back order France".
"The part has been ordered, I have no Eta as yet
I don't know what do you want me to do from my side, as this is not my fault but Renault SA".
I'm in the dark, no time frame or feedback of any kind has been given and there is no escalation process to follow.

Oct 04, 2019

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