Renaultcomplain about bad service of agency

M Oct 01, 2019

I am facing a horrible problem with CVT transmission of my own car I purchased 5 years ago as brand new from Gulf advantage Agent in Saudi against more than 70.000 SAR at that time (full details as followings)
Grade Fluence Full option
Since 1st day, I followed periodic maintenance schedule at Saudi service center (Khabar) with no delay nor deviation till now (ODO 80, xxx km)
Suddenly, I faced a trouble with car transmission that required to replace it per attached report with cost equal or more than car market value now with 100% liability on me since it is common fault in NISSAN-RENAULT CVT transmission that required early detect and change gear oil from 40 k to 80 k KM depending on operating conditions (normal, severe) or on interval period of time (3 years) same as other car liquids which come first !
Thanks for your help to fix my car transmission fault as good well complementary or extended warranty as being sticky to periodic maintenance at local agent so they are responsible for caring of my car advising me when necessary that not happened with unacceptable response from their side

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