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M Sep 27, 2019 Review updated:

The car is fantastic, however Renault's "too bad" attitude to suddenly reducing then reinstating the length of a new car warranty is abysmal.

When I placed my purchase order for a new Megane RS vehicle (with deposit) on 16th March 2018, the factory warranty offered was 5 years.

When the new vehicle was finally delivered 7 months later in October 2018, I was informed the warranty had been reduced to the non-industry standard of 3 years.

And today I find out the warranty was bought back in line with the industry standard of 5 years, mere months after I took delivery (same build model)

Rather than simply say "we won't backdate" you should do the right thing and give the 5 year warranty I should have got in the first place.

Especially seeing that the warranty offered was 5 years when I ordered the new vehicle, in good faith.

Bad, knee jerk company decisions, that border on deception, should always be rectified.


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      Oct 05, 2019

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    Dear Renault, I had purchased Renault Kwid on 11/12/2018, that is demo car, at your dealer Unnati vehicles, Wadi, Nagpur  when I purchased that time meter reading was 19000km. and I am the first owner for my car, on purchased time Unnati vehicles brief me you got 2 year warranty, we have good service, hassle  free service, many more things, and I purchased Kwid. only looking Renault Brand.they give me 1 service free at march. after that when I go for next service that time they told me now u r not eligible for free service. because your car already 2 year s old . if I purchased on Dec 2018 I had bill also then how u calculate my car old is 2 year. my view is my car old is 10 months only.and that is true.I want my free services at any cost legally or any other way.only for  money making  ur dealer Unnati vehicles pvt ltd refuse  me for get my free services that is totally wrong. I loss my trust from Renault. this kind of service is not acceptable. give me way which door I knocked for my free service and I am ready to knocked  whatever it is.kindly help me out.

    Rajesh fate

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