Renault Graaff Reinetservice

D Jul 26, 2019

Dear Renault,

The service received from Renault Graaff Reinet has been nothing but disgusting. As a previous Renault owner and a prospective customer the service received from Manager Dean was absolutely horrendous.

I visited on the 19th July and quickly asked him if they do trade ins, which he responded yes. Dean said that they were busy receiving stock and is unable to assist and I should come back at 14h00. I accepted and returned at 14h30. I enquired with the receptionist on his whereabouts and she said that he was not in anymore. I left a written message for him to contact me. I waited the whole week and received zero feedback. I returned today on the 26th July and enquired with the receptionist again and she said that Dean was not in at all today. She did say she had given Him the written message with my contact details on the 19th. She said he will only be in on Monday.

This service is unacceptable. I don't know if it's the colour of my skin that prompted his terrible customer service but it definitely feels like it. It's seemed like the lighter skin people got preference when I was there on the 19th.

I am not happy with the service received and Renault needs to deal with the manager as strongly as possible. I feel like not setting foot into any Renault dealership, as I fear I will receive the same treatment as I did in Graaff Reinet.

Please rectify this issue.

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