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E Dec 10, 2019 Review updated:

Dear Reliance Team,
I would like to express my dissatisfaction and disapointment on the services you have given to us.
We have purchase a vacation package to Europe of 25000AED with a downpayment of 12500AED. We have started using it and to our dismay every hotel booking request we have to beg and follow up till last minute. We end up paying our hotel booking and to be reimburse to reliance hub. Till date full amount is not refunded with constant follow ups.We are fed and tired with the staff with all the lies and promises. Your interest is just taking money and no interest of giving a quality service..

We would like to reimburse our remaining money with reliance hub as we dont want to suffer every time we require a hotel booking or vacation. This is not a vacation package it is like you bought a hammer and punching in your head.we are very tired dealing with your staff who are unprofessional and liars..

We are now on process of filling a formal complaint if our monies are not refunded and come up with ammicable solution.

Anybody want to join me in filling complain can call me thru my mobile number [protected].


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    3TJW Dec 12, 2019

    Have you filed a case already and got refund or compensation? I would like to hear some advise on how you filed the case? pls contact me on zero527511173

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