Reliance Hub Servicesuntrustable, fraud company and false promises

J Dec 14, 2019 Review updated:

I canceled the package that I got from Reliance Hub Services due to their very very very very poor customer service and false promises.

They agreed to reimburse my money minus 25% for processing which they is a lot of percent to a service that I never got yet first. They told me that they cannot give me cash and so they will convert it to hotel booking and airfare ticket and so we emailed and talk to the phone and I also went to their office in Abu Dhabi. They promised to give me the hotel bookings I requested and I booked it more than 2 weeks before the date because they are saying to request at least 2 weeks before. But three times they failed to give me my hotel booking. So I demanded to get cash instead which they promised they will give half before the end of November 2019 and the rest before December 10 2019. But until now, Dec 14, 2019, I never received my money. To think that they are boasting that they have a lot of clients and I am claiming only 3750 Dirhams.

I called them, emailed but they again promise that they will update me by December 11, 2019 but again nobody called me. It seems that this company is a fraud. They do not care about their responsibilities to their clients and they do not want to fulfill their promises. They just said their promises to lure people in and get the money and when it is their chance to fulfill those promises, they never will do it.

Such kind of company must not exist. Now that they exist, the people in the higher management who are responsible should be punished by law. They are getting money from people without giving services and that is a very bold sign of fraud.

I will file a police complaint against them and hopefully the law here in UAE will help us and punish such companies.


  • Fr
    Frankie M. Dec 29, 2019

    Have you already filed complaint? Please send me a message to this number: 0 5 6 9 9 6 0 4 5 2
    I also want to file but dont know where to begin.

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  • Ma
    manjunath nagalli Dec 30, 2019

    Even I got cheated..I would join you all to get our money back ..

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