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Fake Travel Package

I bought the package from them at AED 40, 000. Now I am after them for hotel booking but every time, they have excuses and it being more than two years now. Now their emails are also not working.

Surprisingly i have observed that other travel plannings are using the same approach what reliance used to trapped me.

I would request everyone not to fall on the calls for any free gift vouchers and don't bring ur family with you for any event in the hotel.

I would also request dubai authorities to please do something about these fraudulents and help me I getting my amount back.

Fake Travel Package

Travel offers

Hi, I had taken a package from them regarding a travel offers. I was promised so many things. In return I did have to pay a huge amount .
Later, I realized that they are fake and I tried my level best to get my refund. They promised me that they will. But in vain. Now the manager in Abu Dhabi, mr. Irshad says he is no longer in the company. The main branch head Mr. Sajeer cannot be got on call.

What can I do to get this money back?

Pls help.

Reimbursement and Booking

We have been following-up about our reimbursement of Aed 2, 259 and Cove Rotana booking fore 20th march and we have not been getting a positive reply we have been following on this matter for a long time but there is no settlement. We have also been calling the phone but all al them have been closed. Please let us have reply

My Name id Ashish Jain and Phone Number [protected]

If you are unable to make the further booking, Please give back the our balance payment,

tourism package

Trying to get a refund after 'n' number of failed promises, on the services at first & then on the...

won't cancel membership

I have paid aed 7500 to reliance hub services for membership, they promised me to cancel it anytime if I have...

holiday packages

Biggest fraud company I have come across. I paid them 15k for a package and due to their false information about the payment plan, we requested to cancel the agreement within 7 days. This all happened in October 2019. Till now no response to our numerous calls and emails.we don't know who or how to report these fraudsters to. Visited their office today for the refund, but their office has been sealed by the Economy deptt

  • As
    Ashish1976 Feb 24, 2020

    Have you put a complaint. This company has been sealed by the Dubai Economic Department. Please let us have an idea if you have made a complaint and what is the procedure

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This is by far the worst company I have encounter in my years of living in the country. They are all Con...

Reliance Hub Services

tours & travel

Hi, this is the worst company with poor customer service. I cancelled my request within 24 hours after paying...

3 week holiday membership package

I have been member of 3 +1 complimentary weeks holiday package from last one year, but unfortunately the service is very poor they are not committed to what is promised me at the time of taking package.

3-4 times they denied my Holiday booking, by some or the other excuses. I am going to back out of this and need my refund immediately.

MR Akhter is the owner and cheating the public by false promise. Action should be taken immediately to stop them committing big fraud to its members..

My membership details are Welcome Letter RHS-DXB-100441

  • Updated by Syed Bilal Ahmad · Dec 20, 2019

    I hope to get the resolution soon so that I don’t have to take legal route to expose this company..

untrustable, fraud company and false promises

I canceled the package that I got from Reliance Hub Services due to their very very very very poor customer...

Bronze membership

I received a call from.them and informed tgat won gold coin and hotel stay. I went there ad they told we they...

travel package

I purchased a 25, 000 aed worth travel package the offered. They promised and signed up contract with certain set of services. When I contact them, they will ask you to send an email. Once email send, with several reminders and phone calls, they take minimum 3-4 weeks to give a first response. The final excuse will be either 1. You have to make the booking 2 months prior to the travel date, (one month you already lost on follow ups) otherwise some other lame excuses such as all hotels are fully booked and ask you to give another date for booking. The free voucher they offer is not practically usable in asian countries as they promise bacause the advance payment they will ask you in the name sake of govt. Taxes is more than the hotel rates you can easilt find from bookingdotkom. So it is clear that they do not intend to provide a service but keep on selling product packages which they will never deliver by giving you excuses after excuses.

I would like to know from those who already lost their money by purchasing their fake packagesin dubai or abudhabi been later able to obtain a refund either 1) directly from them or 2) through consumer rights/court case.

I have decided that I will build the case through formal documented booking enquiries and follow ups enough to file a case in consumer affairs court in dubai/abudhabi.
I have appointed a strong legal consultant already working on my case.

If you are in a similar situation, feel cheated by purchasing their package, but unable to obtain a refund/compensation, please feel free to contact me. I will provide necessary informal legal advise free of cost and can gurantee that you will be able to claim the refund and a compensation for your losses if you may have documented justifications for it.
You can whattzap me on zerofivetwo sevenfive oneoneone seventhree. Zero5two7511173.
Regards, jw

  • Gs
    GS 19 Dec 12, 2019

    Hi, me too a victim.. This reliancehubservices gives false promises to people and never get it done on time by giving silly excuses.. I am really disappointed with them.. can you please advice me on how to tackle this issue..

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  • Aa
    Aadilsk Dec 30, 2019

    Hello Everyone .. Reliance All guys are planning to run way, They have already closed the office in Abu dhabi, and they are also not available in Dubai . Every one start complaining in the police against them before they all leave ...

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requesting to refund my payment

Dear Reliance Team,
I would like to express my dissatisfaction and disapointment on the services you have given to us.
We have purchase a vacation package to Europe of 25000AED with a downpayment of 12500AED. We have started using it and to our dismay every hotel booking request we have to beg and follow up till last minute. We end up paying our hotel booking and to be reimburse to reliance hub. Till date full amount is not refunded with constant follow ups.We are fed and tired with the staff with all the lies and promises. Your interest is just taking money and no interest of giving a quality service..

We would like to reimburse our remaining money with reliance hub as we dont want to suffer every time we require a hotel booking or vacation. This is not a vacation package it is like you bought a hammer and punching in your head.we are very tired dealing with your staff who are unprofessional and liars..

We are now on process of filling a formal complaint if our monies are not refunded and come up with ammicable solution.

Anybody want to join me in filling complain can call me thru my mobile number [protected].

  • 3t
    3TJW Dec 12, 2019

    Have you filed a case already and got refund or compensation? I would like to hear some advise on how you filed the case? pls contact me on zero527511173

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refund not received more than 3 months now.

I was called for collecting free coupons and gold coin. 45 to 50 mins they kept explaining on the product. Then I told them I cannot pay so big amount of 25000 dhiram and told no. They kept insisting and forcing in one way or other by giving offers. Then finally told offer is valid only for today and asked to make 1000 AED payment today and avail services. Later if you like continue or withdraw. Have few signed papers with no company VAT registration or stamp. I made the payment unfortunately, just half n hour later when I read the reviews and thought how can thay add/ delete stuff as per i customers payment capability. I immediately went back and asked them to not proceed with banking transaction and cancel the payment. They told no it's all automatic and we cannot cancel. I insisted lot, sent emails, chasing them more than 3 months but They did not. I went to police station in Al jafliya but they asked me to go to Rashidiya police station. They even tried calling their office number.. So basically this company does not exist & they push ppl so much to take the offer and pay as much as we can.
I need my money back as I have not availed any services. So many ppl cannot lie. Pls help me getting my refund.

travel and tours

My name is Ana.
We paid travel tour services for this company.
We constantly communicating about our booking since May 2019. But until now we didn't receive our reservations. Our vacation is Dec 12 but until now we didn't receive any booking, their abu dhabi office always promise that they will going to give as the voucher. Now, they are not responding anymore. I want my money to return!!!

  • 3t
    3TJW Dec 12, 2019

    As far as My experience with them is concerned, they drag you to a point where you start to believe you are cheated. There are so many people complaining. Can you pls contact me on zero527511173 and advise if you plan to file a case and if yes how?

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service deficiency

Very bad experience from ths company..this is a fraud company..I requested 4 service from this team not even a single one I received..last Sunday I went to their office its shut down then I call to shoukath Ali he told will up date tmro..till now I call him more than 15 times...he is not answering..when I call from other phone he pick the call and suddenly cut the call by reliazing its me..I am going to start a campaign against reliance hub services...

  • Updated by Binu Paul · Nov 28, 2019

    My name is binu Paul pls contact me those who want to join with me...0544916237 those who in al ain please inform you friends thy are now in radison hotel al ain.. don't get trap by reliance hub services..thy offer gold coin and more don't get trap it's a big trap..

  • Ot
    O T Dec 04, 2019

    Hello How can I contact you ? I also lost money so need to plan an action plan against these fraud company

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  • 3t
    3TJW Dec 12, 2019

    Have you lost your money for a false service? If yes did you file a compliant.

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  • Fr
    Frankie M. Dec 29, 2019

    Hello..your number was not shown since its will you file complaint?please send me a message..thanks


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  • Fr
    Frankie M. Dec 29, 2019

    @Frankie M. 0 5 6 9 9 6 0 4 5 2

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reliance hub services cheating company.

I also had very bad experience with this company. One day I received a call from this company and they said...

rhs-auh-000819 (bronze)

Worst worst worst company in the world I have seen in my life. Very worst company in the world, thi...

Reliance Hub Services

travel and tourism

I have very bad experience with the company, I have paid dhs. 15000 as membership fee and they (Sreedhar and...

fraud and customer service

Worst service experience provider in the travel and tourism industry. Request for hotel booking at least two...

promise to refund money if not interested anytime

Got a call from reliance hub raffle draw winner gift collection After long discussion promised me to pay...

tour package

I took membership last July. After reading these reviews
I cancelled within 2 days and sent cancellation mail, got reply from Faran for the confirmation. I paid through my credit card . During the discussion agent said we can cancel any time within 7 days. I cancelled within 7 days. But these people are have not paid since 2 months. I lost my 25K AED. But these people are not scared for anything . Probably one non local acting as local and promise to pay the amount. But he too cheating and giving fake assurance. Who can help me and what we can do next to get these people in to jail? Otherwise these people will keep on cheating others.

reliance hub services packages

I too had a very bad experience, trapped by way of lucky draw coupon in Safeer Mall, Shabiya 9, Abu Dhabi. Initially introduced themselves to be representing ministry for promoting tourism. They had offered discounted visas, flights, and events every month.
I had tried booking flights, visa but at same or higher rates only when compared with internet.
Haven't received any entry pass for functions in last 6 months (promised to give events at-least one per month)
I have the contract and the offers send by email. Now the people who had canvassed left and seems lost money. Doesn't know whom to contact for complaints and have no time to chase down this. Understand once committed can not get the money back as well.


service complain of reliance hub services

HI, I have taken a membership from Reliance hub services but the contract was not completely ready i have...

I am complaining about the package of reliance hub services.

We paid for 6500. They said we can start availing the 4 pax free plane ticket going to georgia, and also we...

no refund - fraud company

I had paid 27, 000 AED to this company by both credit and debit cards. After one hour of signing the contract...

not abiding by the contract and not providing required services on time

After signing the contract during an event that was held by Reliance Hub services on 20 July 2019 Mr. Altaf...

holiday membership cancellation

My name is Abdul Nazar, me and my family went to meet the reliance hub representative in March 2019 after I...

did not refund amount

I had availed a service of AED 3000 from Reliance Hub Services on 26th July 2019.They had assured I can...

Reliance Hub Services

cancellation of membership from fraud company

Reliance hub team contact us by phone.that we have won gold coin and holiday voucher.They invited us to...

Reliance Hub Services


They lie. We went to USA and booked hotels through them and when we went there we came to know that they cancelled the booking. When we tried contacting them they kept on lying. Every state we went our booking was cancelled we got in a lot of trouble because they never reply on time we had to book hotels for the same nights which were extremely costly due to the urgency. Worst experience. Kindly don't waste your money on them.

  • Al
    ALI007 Oct 04, 2019

    claim refund

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  • Fr
    Frankie M. Dec 29, 2019

    Have you claimes refund? Im trying to contact them but their tel number was already unavailable. The agent was also out of reach now.

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long time waiting for the approval for the refund

Last March, 2019, my husband received a call from this travel agency and claiming that he won a gold coin and 3 days accommodation voucher and they invited him to get his prize, so we went to the hotel wherein they will meet us. I don't know why suddenly we encouraged to get the membership, we paid 13, 000, and they explained to us what's the inclusions in the said membership package. Unfortunately, last August we need financial assistance because we were so much in need for the budget of school tuition fee and for the house rental fee. Then I realized that we need to withdraw our membership from that Reliance. So I sent an email requesting for the refund since we haven't use any of the inclusions in the package. No one replied me, then I called them they told me to wait until next week for the approval, I waited until 2 weeks and called them again. they told me they still waiting from the management. Until we decided to go their office, Natasha and Shirin gave us a promise that they will call but until now we are still waiting for their call, it's already almost 3 months. And honestly, it's really hard to reach them, most of the time they will not answer your call. We really need the money so I'm still hoping that if we report it to the authority, they will give back the refund.

  • Sa
    Sangeeta Das Sep 29, 2019

    Hi ., Have you got your money back? how much time it took and how much they diducted? I need your help pleaas.
    reply me on mangi662 at hot mail dot com

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  • Sa
    Sangeeta Das Sep 29, 2019

    If they do not pay then whats the next solution?

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[Resolved] hotel stay package services

Hello I bought hotel stay package from the company with Aed 5000 for 21 days stay While giving the package...

fake promises and denying refund

We paid 6000dhs for a package in which they have said refund possible anytime. Now when we asked for a refund, they refused to pay our amount. so we asked for a Georgia trip for the 6000dhs, so the company is asking extra 2000dhs for the trip which is a comparatively huge amount. Fake promises were given by the company. And also they are charging a huge amount for the trip we enquired for. Please take serious action about these services and take necessary action against this company. Kindly help us to get refund of our paid amount

fake promises and denying refund

We paid 6000dhs for a package in which they have said refund possible anytime. Now when we asked for refund...

worst customer services / paying a large to

Worst travel agency I have encountered. To think that I paid 15, 000 AED for their services/package. I would expect paying this much would have an efficient customer service response but I've been chasing them for weeks now to use the package to korea but all i get was "will update you". To those who where scammed by this company let us take action and complain.


Me and my wife was invited to collect the voucher and gold coin which was selected in the draw. When we went...


My sister purchased a family packaged an paid 11k aed last year. Last month they emailed the company that...

[Resolved] refund

I have been chasing reliance hub services from last 2 and half months for the refund, but until now there has been no positive response from there end. Mr.Farhan has stopped recieving my calls and replying to emails also there landline number there is no one receving at the other end. I have paid 3000 aed was promised refund after 45 days, as of now there is just fake promises. Kindly refund the money back as i m in need for my wife's treatment. Fear GOD atleast.

  • Resolution Statement

    This complaint was updated in a hurry. Had a conversation with the customer representative and I was satisfied with there response.

[Resolved] travel service / fraud / cheating people

I would like to warn you guys, they are really fraud, they cheated me by offering a trip. I have paid my full...