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+971 42 959 755(Dubai) 11 7
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Office № 7, Floor - 11, Office Towers Al Muhairy Centre, Al Khalidiyah Abu Dhabi - UAE

Reliance Hub Services Complaints & Reviews

Reliance Hub Services / False service commitment and refusal to refund the money

Jul 20, 2019

I received an call to attend the promotional offer at hotel AVANI in deira by RELIANCE HUB SERVICE stating that you have been shortlisted for travel voucher . I have made the payment for the following service committed by the sales team ( Mr. Syed Zubair Mr. Hameed ) 1. Summer camp for...

Reliance Hub Services / travel package gifted

Jul 16, 2019

This company has very nice tricks to attract customers in the name of free tour packages and call families to visit their offices to collect it, but in actual that purpose is to tempt a person to buy a package from them. Baseline and front end have very good attitude to cheat customers. They...

Reliance Hub Services / balance refund

Jul 13, 2019

Though I have paid 40K Dhs in Nov 2017 with out knowing about the company based on their false/fake promises while working in Dubai, they made partial refund after many follow ups. With my bad luck got retirement in Oct 2018 and so asked Akther to refund balance amount before we left...

Reliance Hub Services / holiday package

Jul 11, 2019

I'm complaining about the reliance hub services in abu dhabi. I avail their product on may 2 and due to my financial status i need to refund my holiday package which they told in the meeting that i'm allowed to do it within 1 week with 5% deduction. I did request a refund after 2days then...

Reliance Hub Services / holiday packages and gift vouchers

Jul 04, 2019

From the time we met them I knew that this is something amiss from the way they way interaction, projection, and with the consistency in the offer. They were compelling to take the offer which was initially quoted for 24000 AED to 3000 AED finally. I was not even ready to pay a penny to...

Reliance Hub Services / I am complaining about the holiday packages they forced me to buy in giving many information and promises

Jun 30, 2019

Like all you said .. I have been also called for winning gold coins and travel voucher at marriot hotel Dubai After that they started saying about their company that they choose 65 families for giving holiday which they provide 3 5 star hotel packages. And many.more thing like...

Reliance Hub Services / reliance hub membership cancellation

Jun 15, 2019

I am Bhavika vadera and had taken Reliance hub membership of silver package 18, 000 DHS through credit card on 30th November 2018 and then immediately ( 15 minutes) requested for cancellation to which the sales officials said the machine is not working and we will reverse the transaction...

Reliance Hub Services / tricky trapping and poor service

May 30, 2019

I was enrolled with the services 27 December 2018.i was told Reliancehub will do every thing behalf of you.Now I was trying to redeemed my voucher for EID holidays but after many mails and messages no positive reply. I think I made very bigg mistake to block my 12500 dhs. I wanna back my...

Reliance Hub Services / holiday package

May 26, 2019

I avail their 10000 AED only paid 3000. i'm about to cancel the membership as they told it's refundable. I went to their office and they told me that after 4-5days i will receive the approval letter then they will issue a checque 30-45days. It's almost month but event the approval letter...

Reliance Hub Services / holiday package

May 26, 2019

Offer providing and collecting money from people They are company fraud company, They will contact every customer (without any lucky draw) informing them that they have won and they will mention your draw token number!, The guy will push and push so that you attend a 45 minute presentation...

Reliance Hub Services / not answering my phone and email regarding cancellation of membership and return back of money.

May 25, 2019

My wife filled the coupon outside madinat zayed lulu hypermarket and next day they started calling for gold coin and coupon. I invited by them to collect the gift voucher and coin and while attending the presentation I got I guess hapnatise because in normal senses I can't take such a...

Reliance Hub Services / staff of reliance hub

May 23, 2019

Today I received call from reliance hub and informing that you won gold coin pls come and collect with 45 mint presentation I went there as per given address one lady staff greeted well and given seat and she explained about some tours and travels and I m appreciate for her service it'...

Reliance Hub Services / the company's hotel package and flight tickets

May 20, 2019

The company or the mangers don't keep the work, they just take your money and when you ask them for the refund, which was an option given within a week, they say, they dont refund.. use our services.. they just take the money and will force you to use the servcies which we have to take. They...

Reliance Hub Services / refund my money

May 14, 2019

Hi, My name is Obaid shareef and I enrolled for the membership with Reliance Hub Services on April 2019. We haven't used any services and I had also requested for the refund since a month first they said they will refund ones they talked to manager after no answer call no reply after I...

Reliance Hub Services / refund of fake membership sold by akbar

May 12, 2019

Hi I am sunny Breja, I took this membership last month or can say fake membership because this company is just taking money and not responding for any services. I have visited their office also and tell them I want to cancel and need refund of my amount I paid but Reema said I will arrange...

Reliance Hub Services / cancellation of membership

May 12, 2019

My name is Manimaran, I have got call on 10.05.2019 saying that My coupon was selected for a gold coin and free holiday voucher and come and collect. Mr. Feroz explained about some packages and got signature in the application form saying that in case of job loss or in any situation I will...

Reliance Hub Services / request for refund

May 07, 2019

Hi this is naveed maheboob have took holiday package of dhs 6000 on dated 06/11/2018 (recipt no 0560), but unfortunately my visa has cancelled in february and I have submitted cancelation papers hard copy to mr pradeep and by e-mail to akhter and [email protected] on dated 18/02/2019, till...

Reliance Hub Services / reliance hub is not refunding my money from five months

May 01, 2019

On 30 nov 2018; we received a call from reliance people that my son has won coupons and gold coin by the voucher we filled in al wanda mall abu dhabi. They invited my family in one hotel. 45 to 50 mins (mr sohail and mir akbar - representative of reliance) kept explaining on the product...

Reliance Hub Services / travel voucher refund case no. rhs-dxb-100463

Apr 28, 2019

As per my initial visit at your location 04.01.2019, had opted for the package and paid AED.20K but on rethinking had called Mr. Noushad to cancel the package within 2hours time. As per conversation, he asked to come next day to process the cancellation. On 05.01.2019 had met Mr. Pradeep in hi...

[Resolved] Reliance Hub Services / unprofessional staff / fraud / scam / difficult to contact

Apr 18, 2019

I advise everyone to not deal with this company. They are unprofessional, not willing to help the client and most they don't provide a good service what you expect for the money you pay. First, I got a call from them that I won a gold coin and room stay voucher. They are too good in giving...

Reliance Hub Services / travel and tourism

Apr 11, 2019

I paid 2000dhs as 1.12.2018 later i came to know, this people are fraud and i asked for refund within 3days of payment. I paid the amount to Nidin and Prasanth. i contacted both of them and they gave another person contact number (akather and pradeep) After few days he directed me to...

Reliance Hub Services / holiday membership

Apr 08, 2019

Reliance hub is a fake company I will advice everyone to stay away from their fake speech . They will take your money after that their office number and agent who sale u the membership they will also not pick call. Like others I receive a call for lucky winner and all drama visit crystal...

Reliance Hub Services / membership refund

Apr 03, 2019

Dear Team, I was coaxed to take membership last August which indeed was a big mistake since I didn't do my groundwork on this fake& unprofessional company .They promised to refund the amount of 43, 000 aed by 45 days. After continuous follow- ups with Akhther & Pradeep received part of...

Reliance Hub Services / gift voucher and gold coin

Mar 30, 2019

I got a call from reliance saying that I have won a gold coin through lucky draw and said me to reach the Chorniche Hotel in Abu Dhabi.Once I went there they said that we have to attend 1 hr session of talk and only then they will give the coin, the talk lasted for more than one and a half...

Reliance Hub Services / cancellation of membership refund

Mar 24, 2019

As Reliance Hub convey the confirmation mail that I am eligible to get refund for cancellation of membership amount as 6175 AED cheque in 45 days (Since Jan 4th 2019). They send the confirmation mail for the same. Now almost more than 2 month, They just keep on saying that they did not...

[Resolved] Reliance Hub Services / fake travel packages

Feb 16, 2019

We had take the package in the month of Jan 2019 and immediatly we found that their services are not upto to mark and that their is something wrong. We had contacted the following persons to get our account cancelled and refund our money which they had taken. These are the following person...

Reliance Hub Services / travel agency

Feb 16, 2019

Absolutely a fake company After they offer us a free hotel anywhere from Asia, which we won a raffle voucher at kalidiya mall contains free 4 days hotel at Singapore, after I booked my flight to Singapore and send to them my travel ticket and voucher they told me that they don't have free...

Reliance Hub Services / I am complaining about for gift voucher

Feb 11, 2019

I got a gift voucher to travel anywhere in world. But now i call them for claim the offer but no reply from you. I send mail also but no response from your side. And i call the number in the gift voucher but no one responding. The gift voucher is valid for 1 year means 1 jan to 31st dec. I...

[Resolved] Reliance Hub Services / gift of gold coin in not as they announce

Feb 04, 2019

I got a call saying I have won the 1 gram 22 carrot gold as a gift, but they gave me a 18 carrot gold weighing 0.36 grams only, When I tried reaching they are customer care they said it is an system generated msg and they can do anything, and they are not bothered even if we complaint to...

Reliance Hub Services / refund our money as we haven’t used any single service

Jan 29, 2019

Hello reliance hub service please refund our money as we haven't used any single service, they made so many promises during contract but when they sent us welcome mail so many things were not mentioned and they are now denying, as we have seen so many negative reviews so we went their...

Reliance Hub Services / holiday package

Jan 17, 2019

Reliance hub service gives offer for holiday packages with some tactic ideas. Once we attend their meeting they give fake promises i got the promise like the membership can cancel any time with the payment back a few days later I felt bad their services so I asked them to cancel my...

Reliance Hub Services / travel package

Jan 06, 2019

Unfortunately I filled the raffle last Thursday and was called as lucky winner to receive the travel package.. The offers what they promised in the meeting was totally different from the offers they sent us in mail.. We were totally disappointed and the very evening we called the...

Reliance Hub Services / membership cancellation

Dec 19, 2018

Myself Ganesh joined your reliance hub services on 10-01-2018 on the promise given by MR.AKHTER that i can cancel the membership after 1 year with full refund of what i i paid. Now WHEN I CALLED YOUR CUSTOMER CARE FOR the procedure for membership cancellation as i am nearing to complete...

Reliance Hub Services / refund of initial amount

Dec 01, 2018

Reliance hub services' agent will trap you by calling you to collect gold coin ( hardly 50 Aed amount and gift voucher) and inform you to listen their travel packages and try to convience you make initial payment ( either 50% or 25% ) or block your credit card with full amount and pay in...

[Resolved] Reliance Hub Services / travel packages

Nov 16, 2018

Hi this is Jawad Ahmed. I visited Glabal Village in Indian Region there were 2 guys stud outside and take informations for Refrel draw of Reliance Hub Service and Yez dreams loyalty card service llc.i received a call from Reliance Hub service that my Wife like this Quoted: 12-Nov-2018 Good...

[Resolved] Reliance Hub Services / travel package

Oct 30, 2018

Super frauds. Already committed to refund the amount and now that the time has come to give the cheque the fraudsters are not responding to the mails. Bloody they are hiding their faces like cheaters. Finally I'm going to file legal complain against the scamster company. They got...

[Resolved] Reliance Hub Services / I am complaining about their fake company

Sep 07, 2018

I was called for collecting free coupons and gold coin. 45 to 50 mins they kept explaining on the product. Then I told them I cannot pay so big amount of 25000 dhiram and told no. They kept insisting and forcing in one way or other by giving offers. Then finally told offer is valid only...

[Resolved] Reliance Hub Services / holiday membership package cancellation

Aug 22, 2018

Hi, My name is Anoop Shet and I enrolled for the membership with Reliance Hub Services on May 25th 2018. We haven't used any services and I had also requested for the refund since a month but no one is responding. During the time of enrollment in to this package the staff accepted that they...

[Resolved] Reliance Hub Services / unethical behaviour

Aug 16, 2018

They are calling us you win gold 1 gram gold coin asking us to come. thay are saying that you take this vaction package they are collecting bulk amount they prefer cash if not thet are asking credit card if we dont have they are arranging from adcb bank and and they forced to pay we paid...

[Resolved] Reliance Hub Services / fake offer providing and collecting money from people

Jun 10, 2018

We have been offered for Reliance Hub Services and took money as an advance, however when we receive the official email from reliance hub no offered service were mentioned. This is a kind of scam. Please take serious action about this services and take necessary action against thi...