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L Nov 30, 2018
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Trying to repair an issue with our Reliance Flow max has been a living nightmare. We are residence at a condo in Brampton and
our condo flow max, which heats the home and our hot water (serviced by Reliance) has not working fully since Wednesday (November 21). We have no hot water and/or heater since that day. We have a 20 month old baby in the house. We are authorized users on the Reliance account and we make the payment monthly as well.
We called Reliance on the same day (Nov 21) and some one named Carlos (his phone # [protected]) came in and made what we now know as a temporary fix (he didn't know how to fix the problem) and it worked till Saturday (Nov 24). Reliance started to drop the ball from the get go. At this point they should have realized that a temporary fix was not enough.
We called Reliance again and only got an appointment for Sunday (Nov 25) morning. A technician who came made one phone call to reach us (we live in a condo and he wasn't able to get entry) and when we called him 5 minute later he didn't response to the call. When we tried texting him, he said he was already in Bolton. It's a miracle he could have made it that far with in 10 to 15 minutes. Once again we called Reliance only to get another appointment for the afternoon. This time Steve( his # [protected]) came in. He is by far the best technician who came and the only one who tried resolving the issue. He noticed that two parts needed to be replaced and he ordered the parts. He knew what was he doing and he tried his best to fix the problem.
The parts only arrived on Tuesday (Nov 27) afternoon. Even that was after several calls to Reliance and finally getting in touch with the Customer Resolution Team). That same evening Steve (same technician as on Sunday) came in and was able to fix the problem. Our heater and hot water worked fine till Wednesday (Nov 28) afternoon.
We called Reliance again and a technician named Cuong Luu (phone # [protected]) came in on Thursday (Nov 29) morning and said the transformer needs to be replaced. He said he will find out from their ware house if a part was available so that it could be replaced the same day. He said he was going to informed us as soon as possible, but failed to call for 2 hours with any updates. When we contacted him after 2 hours he said he was still looking for the contact number (It took a Reliance technician more than 2 hours to find his own warehouse contact number). It was very disappointing answer.
We called back Reliance, only to find out no parts have been ordered. We were transferred to another department and was advice the part will only arrived on Friday (Nov 30). After long conversations with several agents we were promised to have the part delivered the same day (Nov 29).
The parts did arrive in the afternoon and it was back on the phone with Reliance to get a technician to come and resolve the problem. We were given a 4 to 8 appointment window. A technician named Manjeet Warraic came in around 7:45 and said the wrong part has been ordered by the technician who came in the morning (Cuong Luu). He (Manjeet Warraic) left without resolving the problem either. He promised to have the parts ordered (again).
We called Reliance again and a call center agent who identified herself as Paula (and also a manager) said she could not do anything at that point. We asked to speak to either a manager (either call centre and/or service) or a resolution. She figured hanging up on us was her best choice of decision.
We called Reliance again and asked to speak to a manager and for a name of the manager as well. We were told by the female agent that she did not know the manager's name and she only request a call back. She then transferred the call to someone named Naveen who claimed to be a supervisor.
Naveen, was the worst agent we have (till to this day) spoken to at Reliance. He was childish in his approach. He kept repeating the same thing (which sounded like reading from a written script). He basically called us stupid and his suggestion was to have the hot water tank replaced. He didn't even take the time to find out the problem wasn't with the water tank. It sounded as he was trying to make a sale than trying to see how he can help. We were simply wanting to get it time with a manager or a supervisor. He too resorted to hang up on us as well.
After being on call for hours on and not getting any proper response we called Reliance back again to figure if the order for the part has been made. A call at 12 AM (Friday Nov 30) to the call centre was answered by Husssain who said he can't do anything at that point and didn't give proper response either. He finally gave a contact number to their parts department.
At this number an agent named Chantel said, we called after hours and she can't help. Why are all these people working after hours and why is Reliance having them answer call (after hours) if they cant even provide simple answer). She finally said that we were banned from calling them and only the unit owner can call Reliance. (I wonder if she would say the same if our bill is not paid).
So here we are Friday (Nov 30th) morning full 10 days since the problem started and we are back at square one. We have no idea as to how to get the problem fix and have a working heater and running hot water. We have been staying at hotel (because of our baby) and I have missed four days of work in order to be home to receive parts and wait for technician. Hope Reliance can get their act together and have this issue resolved once and for all.
This complaint is being reported to (not limited to) both CP24 and Ontario Ombudsman's

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