Red Roof Innsunethical behavior


I am a 56 yr old nurse. I booked a room in Greensboro and was very excited about going to see the Eagles. The hotel was a 1.3 mi down the street, so it was walking distance. When my friend and I arrived to check-in, I was in desperate need to find a bathroom. They had no restroom to use, I had to get checked in before I could go. We went to the concert and had a great time. After walking back from the concert at around 11:30 that evening, we arrived at the room where my friend was close to wetting the only pair of pants she had with her. The key to my door would not work, she fumbled with it while dancing around until she could not stand it anymore. I took the key and automatically she had to drop her pants there on the sidewalk and go. As all this was taking place, the guard walks around the building and automatically said we had 15 min to leave the premises. I have never been so embarrassed in my life as having the police called and being escorted out, had been drinking and put out to drive back to Winston. The officers tried the card and could not get in either. None of the staff would even try my key. The police dept told us to contact corporate. We were put out on the street with nowhere else to go and had been drinking at the concert. All other hotels were full. I hate what happen but I think I at least deserve what I paid for my room that evening

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