Red Roof Innsred roof inn quality of service terrible

C Jul 03, 2019

I arrived with my cat and was given a room and key. As I always do, I brought my cat in first; you do not leave a pet in a car, especially when you've been driving for seven hours. I also lugged all my stuff in-- there were no carts to help me. Since I'm moving cross country and this is my first stop after leaving San Antonio, and the Red Roof in Van Horn, TX had good reviews on, it never occurred to me that I should check the entire room *before* I brought in the cat and my stuff. BIG MISTAKE!

Turned down the bed; the sheets were wrinkled and had hair and debris on them. Washed my face, found the washcloth was FILTHY. Went to turn on the a/c and saw orange crud all over the windowsill. Turned on the lights by the bed and found the WALLS were covered with dust. Covered. I called the front desk. She offered to move me to another room, two doors down... Do you have amy idea how difficult it is traveling with a cat, who's never traveled before? No. It was traumatic enough getting everything in the FIRST room... I decided to sleep in my clothes, after I had a shower, and on the side of the bed that looked unused. Or less used.

The shower. Mold all around the grout, and the drain bars description. So yes, I took pictures. But I didn't take a shower. I'll be driving to Arizona tomorrow in the same clothes I arrived in.

This is absolutely the WORST motel experience I've ever had. Even the mirror isn't clean! Why should I think anything else is? And no one offered to help me move to another room; in fact, the girl at the desk was completely unconcerned.

I doubt you'll be any more so. Expect a lot of negative reviews on every platform imaginable. If I owned a business (and I used to) I would care about my customers. Which you folks clearly do not.

red roof inn quality of service terrible
red roof inn quality of service terrible
red roof inn quality of service terrible
red roof inn quality of service terrible

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