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Real Property Management review: Rental House with Dog Feces - Vomit not cleaned by rental company

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My email to the rental company...

I would strongly advise you and your managers to review your policy of
inspecting homes before they go into the rental program. I have a high
degree of knowledge of OSHA standards and health concerns due to animal
feces imbedded into the carpet from managing several pet friendly resorts.
This was a safety hazard for my family and thus the reason why it had to be
cleaned professionally. The evidence was evident and should have been caught
by whomever you designate to inspect your rental homes. My carpet cleaners stated the carpet was never professionally cleaned rather only vacuumed. If the home owner is
unwilling to pay them I would strongly urge your company to cover our cost.
While it may only be a few hundred dollars, it is the principal that is at
stake here...

Should I not get reimbursed for this expense, I will take other measures to
collect. You cannot honestly believe anyone would move their family into a
home that had health concerns.

With that said, I have also not heard back from you regarding the water
damage caused by the washing machine overflowing. The longer you wait to cut
out the damaged drywall, the faster mold and mildew will grow (IAQ and
respiratory issues), thus again causing health issues for my family.

I normally do not take such drastic actions as my time is very valuable due
to my work but I stand for doing what is right and I hope your firm does the

Response from Rental Company

My name is Armin Tehrani and I am the property manager for this property.

The condition of this property prior to your move in passed and exceeded the HUD HQS. The carpet was cleaned and I personally was at the property about 2 weeks before you moved in. I didn't smell any odor coming from the carpet and carpet was in good condition. Although we acknowledge that the carpet had minor stain and was noted in the property file, there was no evidence as to what stain was caused by. You didn’t have an authorization from us nor the owner to hire a carpet cleaning company and therefore you are not due reimbursement. Your lease clearly states on line number 15 that the lessee acknowledges and accepts the existing conditions of the unit to be rented as is.

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the key word being “occupational”.

I have scheduled my maintenance crew to call your wife and schedule a time to take care of the ceiling either today or tomorrow.

On a final Note, your threatening and bullying emails are not acceptable, will not be tolerated and should they continue, will not be answered.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Apr 15, 2017 6:36 am EDT

We are having very similar issues with them and likely walking away from thousands of dollars. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE! When we viewed the house they claimed all rooms would be freshly painted. All they did was touch ups and the paint didn't even match. I keep hearing this Armin name. No one answers phones when I call or return calls. The house is still strewn with junk from previous owner. I always clean a house before I move in but not throw out others junk that they did not want to take! Additionally the fence in the yard was falling down. Completely rotted. My dog would have walk right if of the yard. They are refusing to make it right. Wants me to pay $1500 to replace the fence. I will be posting to every website and public place to insure every one knows what kind of conartists these guys are! Just wish I had seen these reviews sooner.

Apr 16, 2013 2:00 pm EDT
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This may not be the best representative story about RPM Capital but the company does suck. Armin is awful to work with and a repeat offender when it comes to back peddling and being a double talker. The Rockville, Md office is small but you would think it was the largest corporation in the country because NO ONE will be able to tell you ANYTHING about your property or an issue you may be having regarding your property. Tom Kenny is the operations manager and he is just as bad. Regulations need to be updated to put businesses like RPM Capital out of business. They don't know what they are doing. You might as well get a business license, Tax ID, business bank account and read the regulatory code yourself, and pay yourself the management fee! You’ll save yourself some gray hairs.
For tenants and property owners - a word to the wise record everything and document everything. Digital files beat conversation all day. Armin can put that in his pipe and smoke it.

Apr 12, 2013 2:53 pm EDT

WOW! You are absolutely right about the unreturned calls in relation to maintenance request unless you actually "HARASS" them by calling numerous (5-6 x's) before you get a phone call in response to the complaint. and YES, I have noticed the maintenance do not take the request seriously and YES they do try to get out of for filling/resolving the maintenance request issues by using the property owner as an exuse! and yes "THEY ONLY PERFORM THE BARE MINIMUM AT LEAST! and are very apathetic towards the tenent living with the problem." They want to make you believe that your request is not urgent or an emergency and that it can wait another week or two after you finally speak with them to get resolved.

Real Property Management Capital is ridiculous. They give you a dirty home and expect you to clean it (our carpet was filthy and turned our feet black) . They do not return phone calls. They do not repair most problems with the home unless you harass them with repeated phone calls, and then they do the bare minimum. I WOULD NEVER RENT FROM THEM AGAIN...EVER. No home is worth the headache of dealing with these unprofessional, incompetent, uncaring people.

Mar 17, 2012 9:01 pm EDT

DO NOT RENT FROM REAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CAPITAL! Located at 706A East Gude dr Rockville Maryland. I can do nothing but agree to the negative review posted about RPMC. I cant believe what i am reading above. RPMC is trying to protect them selves through malicious comments. Armin Tehrani( maintenance manager ) Tom Kennys ( company manager) are both A-HOLES! The staff theirs are very uneducated on how to handle day to day issues. there turn over rate is very high. for obvious reasons
We have been tenets of RPMC for many years. We have received nothing but rude and unprofessional service since day 2. ALL of our maintenance request have gone unnoticed for many weeks. When asked why. there response to use was " we didint think it was important. i can get past the rude and unprofessional service after now knowing what kind of people they are. my main complaint is their lack of communication and concern for the property. we have been in there office several time to discuss concerns THEY DO NOT RESPOND TO PHONE CALLS AND MEETINGS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. their response to that was " we dont have the time for meetings" when yet there is a huge conference table. once you sign your name to their contract. expect nothing but headaches.
If you are a tenet of RPMC reading this for the first time. you are not alone in your struggles.
Maryland Home Improvement Commission was very helpful. they provided us with Maryland Business Regulations.
The Maryland Attorney Generals Office was also very helpful with supplying info on how to handle such cases.
The Owner of Real Property Management capital Suleman Hooda can me reached at he wont care but at least he will be aware of the concerns with in.

To RPMC! hopefully you will take this post as constructive criticism and do something different with your company's attitude.
Sincerely! an angry tenet!

Feb 27, 2011 1:24 pm EST

It looks like the rental company did note the stains for the record thereby protecting both the owner and the tenant going forward. It appears from the comments at the end of the email from the rental company, that this was not the only negative email from the tenant.

Don't know why OSHA was brought into the conversation. It has nothing to do with residential rentals.

The carpet was cleaned prior to the tenant move-in. How does the tenant know what the stain was? Perhaps the owners spilled a soda, or a child spilled something? In any case, not a Saftey Hazard.

Email does not say why the washer overflowed. Was it mechanical, or was it the tenant that overloaded it? Washers dont usually overflow.

Tenant needs to know that after a flood it is common to allow open wall dry time before repairs are done so that mold does not develop. In any case, most states allows 30 days for repairs to begin. It also appears that the drywall repair was scheduled, so why the whining?

Tenants should also know that owners DO NOT have to make all repairs. There are minimums that apply in each state.

Someone spolied this brat really bad.

Feb 25, 2011 5:25 pm EST

It seems that the tenant is very unreasonable. As far as i can tell, if you don't like the condition of the property, you don't have to sign the lease. You sign the lease and accept the property's condition as is, which states in many rental leases.

Feb 25, 2011 3:25 am EST
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It appears to me that the rental company gave the correct response here. This complaint looks like a tenant just complaining about everything and anything, and looks like the rental company is really trying to solve the tenants issues.


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