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I work at the Real Canadian Superstore in Winnipeg for about 3 years now trying to pay for my school and a car.

I started in the garden center then they moved me to produce. In the garden center after one week my boss quit and my new boss didn't talk to me at all or say anything to me. They transfer me to produce when they closed the garden center.

In produce if a customer has any kind of complaints my bosses will hide or they will tell them to go to customer serves make a complaint about an employee. One of there flyers had 10lb bag of white potatoes on sale a few days later they put in the paper that it was a misprint. When that flyer sales ended the next day a customer came to me and ask were are they told him that it was a misprint he said in a loud voice "no its not its in your flyer" I showed him the 5lb white potatoes and he still wanted the 10lb so I got my boss and he told him my name and he should go to customer serves and make a complaint about me. If the boss likes you he doesn't care how your tables are or how the quality is. A customer has a complaint about the quality it will get blamed on a person who is going to school.

Another thing is they find cleaning anything is a waste of time and money. The only time there is any cleaning is when there is a food inspection at any store in the city. We just had a federal election so I email all the big party's about how clean it is there. All party's sent "Thank you for your past email in support of healthier Canadians and they sent there platform'

There is also alot of talking negative about us to even the new employees by the bosses, full timers, and the people who has been there for 10 years +. Right now they are talking about that I'm gay, I wear makeup, I watch gay porn, having people tell me that this guy wants to go out with me no that guy wants to go out with me, get that ### out of my butt. The head boss is now telling me that when I quit there will be a party here.

The only thing loblaw cares about is your money nothing else. They don't care about there employees or there customers just the cash.


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    buddhasbuddy May 10, 2009

    Just today I was standing in line at the Self Serve Checkout when the man ahead of me was having trouble scanning watermelons. He stood there for ten minutes waiting for an attendant. I tried to help him, being familiar with the machines, but I too was stumped. I noticed at Customer Service there were five employees standing at the counter chatting. I approached them and said that the man needed help. The clerks looked at me pathetically and in a soft voice said "Oh really? Well we don't know what to do." I looked at them a second and I said "you mean none of you at Customer Service can help us?" They put their hands in the air and shrugged their shoulders saying "no." The man finally got help and left.

    Then it was my turn. I scanned all the items with no problem till I tried to scan a potted plant. The computer told me the item requires attendant assistance. I waited a bit, looked around, and finding no one I took the plant to Customer Service. I handed them the plant and said "the machine required an attendant, there was none you can keep this." As I handed the clerk the Plant she said to me in a very sharp voice "Well this is Superstore, this is the way it is here." I took her name and I intend to seek action for this.

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    buddhasbuddy May 10, 2009

    When I worked for Superstore I was in Loss Prevention. I caught an Employee stealing and I arrested him. He attacked me with a knife and I suffered a knee injury from the incident. Due to the trauma to my knee and psyche I went off work for a while. During my time off I never heard from my manager, the store manager, nor the district manager.

    One day I called the office and my supervisor and I were speaking. I asked him if he had heard from my manager. He said yes and added that she was seated right beside him. I asked to speak with her and he claimed she was not ready to speak to me. I never heard from her nor anyone till my supervisor called me five days after the incident. He stated that the store manager saw me limping through the store. He stated that the store manager believes that if I can limp through the store to shop, then I can return to work.

    The company's disregard for my safety both physical and mental, and their lack of support and communication during that traumatic experience caused me to file my immediate resignation. I have never worker anywhere were I have been treated so poorly as at The Real Canadian Superstore.

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    seah Sep 21, 2009

    To buddhasbuddy---Im a cashier at a superstore and to be honest with you not everyone is trained on how to use you cant just go up to the nearest cashier expect them to be trained...And any ways ONLY stupid dumbasses use U-Scan. U-Scan is the stupidest thing to come out it takes away soooo many jobs, so that inturn an all ready very rich company can get just slitly rich and cut all our hours.

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    seah Sep 21, 2009

    And also some one cant just take over for the attendent...their responsibility is U-scan for thier shift...the other cashiers have to watch thier tills...we cant just go back and forth between tills...And PS watermelons arent scan theres a code for them only if Stupid people could look them up on the U-scan machine...BTW its 4032

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    buddhasbuddy Sep 23, 2009

    To Seah - I apologize that my comment was not accurate enough. The situation was that the customer was unable to pay as the system would not let him without an attendants assistance.

    Secondly, I did not mention in my complaint that I approached a cashier. If you read my complaint again you will notice that I went to CUSTOMER SERVICE. The roles and responsibilities of employees in this department is obvious enough in the department's title. If an employee in customer service cannot assist or satisfy their customers, they need to call or find someone who can (supervisor or manager). If they do less than this they are NOT DOING THEIR JOB.

    Good Business 101--Never let your customers leave unhappy. Always keep them satisfied.

    Thirdly, be careful when you refer to your customers as "stupid". Whether I choose to use the U-scan or not is my right and you must respect/accept that. If you feel that your employer is treating you unfairly by implementing the U-scan perhaps you should look for another job. It is not the customer's fault.

    Finally, should you choose to continue to call people stupid, you should be careful not to display your own ignorance (spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors) when you post comments on-line.

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    lolwtf May 23, 2010

    The comments on are while most likely have some merit behind them, are indeed as someone else stated; "Stupid" . To the original poster who comment on cleaning, I find your claims obsurd. I worked as strictly a /Cleaner/ at Superstore for five years, so the store doesn't "shrug" at that.

    Loss prevention guy, props for doing your job and all, but what exactly did the employee take? I used to take [censor] off the shelves, (Band-aids, gloves, etc) that a department was out of, in the beginning - I never knew how to "scan stuff out", I woulda got physical towards you as well. Guy probably wasn't even "stealing".

    Don't get me wrong, there were many thing's about the store that annoyed me, but you people are whining about pitiful stuff that could have easily been resolved if you weren't so blatantly stupid. (Putting loss prevention guy aside, it's never cool to get stabbed.)

    Customers don't deserve half the kindness their shown most of the time, aside from the genuinely nice customer. Take the ones who "demand" to know where something is, it just so happens that well, you don't know, why would you? You don't work in whatever department it's in, but ok! hold on.. lemme check the product listing, Then they get pissed off, call you stupid, complain about the store. In all honesty, get the [censor] out then. One, two, hell a dozen customers going to another store isn't going to hurt the company that bad. Want employees to respect you.. well, respect them.

    Anyways, grow some balls people. It's a minimum wage job (most of the time), nobody cares what you're trying to support, or pay for. Shut up and work, or get the [censor] out.

    .. and no, I don't work for them anymore.

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    Indrid Cold Jun 26, 2011

    ok i work at a superstore and I'd like to think i could belong here. I work nights to avoid daytime middle management and am writing this in frustration of unprofessional practice(s). But here are some of the things that are now making me consider going elsewhere for employment.
    1) do you have your middle management coming up to its various employees and saying "do you know im your boss now, do you know that i have power over you?" (has happened a few times in the last month by more than one person)
    2) every time your employee is able to prove you wrong with your own rulebook you change the rules to make sure it doesn't happen again (has happened continuously in my store, almost weekly)
    3) throwing peoples livelyhoods to middle managment that doesn't ever last in our store for more than a year usually (put your house and car in the hands of someone that doesn't like you and has a definate agenda that you don't fit into and jumps to "i have power over you" when your trying to solve a problem that had NOTHING to do with that...sound odd...i assure you i scratch my head)
    4) throwing different departments (to the dogs for lack of a better term) to lower management levels (again with agendas, megalomania, stating to people around the store "do you know i have POWER over you?") who only got this because they were NOT in power over those people (and yes, they had a whole dept. in my store changed over to another so that 2 other middle management guys can have power over some people in the store that were not currently under ther jurisdiction...uber pathetic huh?)(like to come to work to be pushed around for fun? i don't my whole problem in this is [again to reitterate]
    5) management eroding peoples civil rights in our store (how may you ask? By changing the rules to state that you are now no longer able to voice opinions, talk amongst each other or comisserate over the latest new fist tightening. even talking on breaks of before or after work is now prohibited [more and brutal things than this that i just don't want to get into]...absolutly hilarious but true)
    6) stating no bathroom breaks
    7) making fun of imparements of employees by management

    and the list goes on and on and on with our store and is getting worse by the day not better. The distinct lack of professionalism displayed by the middle management regularly is ASTOUNDING and they are NOT afraid to threaten your job for ANY problem they might have with you. not only will other management be covering for them but changing rules in their favor so they cannot be held accountable for the next (predicted) time such a problem ensues.

    i would like to show 3 rules of tyranny people:

    Any power that can be abused will be abused.
    — Tyranny Law #1

    Abuse always expands to fill the limits of resistance to it.
    — Tyranny Law #2

    If people don't resist the abuses of others, they will have no one to resist the abuses of themselves, and tyranny will prevail.
    — Tyranny Law #3

    ps - i probably won't reveiw or respond to this so keep in mind this is from the other side of the coin and someone that doesn't currently hate working there (just when middle management is local do they make you miserable for kicks).

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    Indrid Cold Jun 26, 2011

    yeah the filter here is brutal and i hope you can read through it but if not not some of it is for instance will not (contraction came out as won't)
    does not (contraction came out as doesn't)
    - - - seems to come across as &mdash (thats hyphen) and so on, hope you get the jist, but up top, "i have power over you" is what was typed. (ttyl)

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    Indrid Cold Jun 26, 2011

    ie ie ie - blocks where there now they aren't, disregard yeah the filter comment

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    LearnToWrite Oct 19, 2011

    Your writing is atrocious and you are paying to go to school? Good luck.

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    peter fong Jun 10, 2012

    i buy one wmelon, and he charge me 2

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    AreYouForSerious Sep 10, 2014

    ### happens. People make mistakes. You mean to tell me you've never made a mistake? Take your receipt to customer service and get a refund and get over it.

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