Readers Digestsweepstakes fraud


I received a letter allegedly from Readers Digest Ref: # RDT57-R988, addressed at 1125 16th Ave. Roosevelt, NY. 11575 Phone [protected]. It had my correct name on this ‘official looking’ sweepstakes letter saying I won $265, 069.00. I also received a check in the amount of $3, 780.50 from Bristol West Insurance Company, the check appears to be real in every way that I can tell. I was instructed to call the above number when I spoke to a male Mark Covila & a female named Erika Cohn who stated I must activate my claim by depositing this check in my bank account. I am a retired police officer so I called Readers Digest first who stated that I did not win their sweepstakes & that they think this is a fraud. I called Mark Covilla back & asked him what’s was going on but he just got nervous & hung up. A search of the Internet reveals that Mark Covilla has been dong check fraud in the mail for some time now & there are other victims of this crime.


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