Rca Opal m4304 Mp3 playerit froze and then cut off and never turnt on even when on the charger

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Let me start off by saying All Rca products are a bunch of bull crap and a sorry excuse for a bussiness. Last december my mom brought me an mp3 player because my other one was broke. ok well thats all good and well jus the day before yesterday i put it on pause and it shut off in 2 seconds whe usually it doesn't turn off until almost ten minuates after you press the pause button. Well i turnt it on and it jus keep saying Intilizing... And stayed this way for 11 to 15 min. Then i tired of waiting then i turnt it off. and when i tried to turn it back on it would'nt turn on i tryed putting it on the charger and everything. but it would'nt even go to the charge up screen. then when i finally got it back on it said Intilizing... for 2 hours. then said that the battery was low. then i put it on the charger again it jus kept saying Intilizing... after that i left it to take a bath and when i came back it was off and never turn back on again. my feelings are hut so bad i play on being an inspiring music artist one day and that really hurts i've only had the darn thing for 3 months. And i really love my music and my mp3 player. SO TOO ANY BODY THAT NEEDS ANY KIND OFF ELECTRICAL DEVICE OR MUSICAL INSPIRATION NEVER!!! AND I MEAN NEVER!!! TURN TO RCA PRODUCTS!!!


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      Aug 05, 2010

    I purchased an opal late last year and encountered the same issue. At that time I thought it was just a bad unit and returned it to walmart, who let me trade it for a new unit. I have had the replacement unit for about 4 months and have put music on it here and there. It has been on my bed stand for a while so my daugher picked it up and was listening to it. All was good until she put more music on it. It was pretty full to begin with - so when she put more on it - sure enough it locked up. I will never buy a rca unit again. ps rca was bought out not to long ago.

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