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Rainbow vacuum cleaner is another company that exploits young job - seekers. They tell the young job applicant they will make lots of money whether they sell the vacuum cleaners or not, and they tell them they don't have to get customers. All the new employee has to do, they say, is learn to do the demo, and the customers will be provided. This is all deceit. The new hire has to come up with every single customer, usually family and friends, and if the new hire has a conscience, he will figure out after about two tries that he's really imposing on people to do this job. After a week he realizes that they really really won't be paying him anything after all, unless he can actually sell the things, and it's really hard to sell them because they're amazingly expensive. My son was faithfully going to training sessions and doing demos for two weeks, and they are only going to pay him $50 because he didn't sell any vacuum cleaners. This company is just another exploiter of young inexperienced people, like kirby. Steer clear.


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    Jean Harper Oct 09, 2017
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    I just left rainbow and as many ppl stated I was miss informed about all the information. Told that I didnt have to sell, which I asked many times cause that made no sense. When i finally left after a month and no leads because no one I knew had the money to buy it, i was sent off with a nice come back whenever. The next day I received a text from my sales person in ohio that if I did not return the shirt immediashir I would be charged $60 and that it was not my property to keep. Mind you I had left about a month ago and had completely forgotten the shirt. I have college and a new job along with a eldery parent i take care of so I couldnt leave that moment. A week later i start to receive messages about how I'm just to lazy and the like. I explained and she told me that my life wasnt as important as that shirt. Extremely rude and i felt very uncomfortable going back to return it. Also has anyone asked their sales why the vacuum is so expansive? I was told it was made in the usa and out of a small bag of recycled plastic. They wouldnt tell me why it was 2400 to 3700

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  • Da
    Dantonio Jul 31, 2017

    I'm pondering looking into selling Rainbow Vacuums. I've cleaned residential and commercially over the years. My sister has owned a Rainbow for years, that's how I first learned about them. In my opinion (and I've used MANY different vacuums in all my years of professional cleaning) the Rainbow is hands down, the best!! They are expensive (I personally haven't been able to afford one, but I will someday) but they last forever. The average vacuum lasts approximately 3 or 4 years maybe. So at $200 - $300 a pop...figure it out. Then add in the cost of vacuum bags. I've always bragged up the Rainbow without making any money, I would hate to find a distributor who isn't on the up and up. But I'm older and I don't trust many people and now I know what questions to ask, thanks to these reviews.

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  • Ed
    Ed Holloway Feb 25, 2016
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    Ask? And read the fine print you get what you put in don't be lazy and expect all demos to be given to you.the branch I work for is new and short staffed. I was told they will have demos for me if I wanted them but it wasn't true.I realized my boss ran two differant business and he was a hard working very busy man and the rainbow store was new and had no staff to help get leads for demos. I didn't cry and quit. I asked him to show me how to go about getting leads by going door to door. I don't have to depend on someone to get me demos now I get them myself I book two a day myself I case someone cancels I got a back up plan. This is not hard at all if u try and if you have demos you will sell cuz the rainbow cleaning system is great and they like it. Now I'm making $$$ and other reps are not I have no sales experience before rainbow.I like to say I'm not a saleman I'm a demonstrator and they buy if they want it I really don't care cuz I know I will sell bottom line. So stop crying people success is not for people who don't try get out and get some.

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  • Ar
    Art Bouskos Dec 04, 2015
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    The Hayward branch selling Rainbow is a total scam. You go to meeting, demo's and they say they will give you money and leads...all total bs! They just want you to sell to family and friend then leave.

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  • Bl
    Blondie1470 Aug 07, 2014

    I'm considering taking a team leader sales position with Rainbow cleaning systems and I was told that if I do well in my territory that they will open an office for me. Do you know if this is true or has anyone been told this?

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  • Ra
    Rainbow Man Oct 30, 2013

    First I have to question people who can't spell. Fiance instead of finance and thee instead of the. No wonder he didn't do well. The office I work in Las Vegas has been honest and forthcoming. Only a fool or an idiot would think they could get money for doing almost nothing. This is like any other job. You work then you get paid.

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  • Ga
    Gail Gibbs Jul 21, 2012

    Well, if you are making that kind of money in 4 days on only 6 machines, then I do believe the costomer is paying waaaay too much for the product. I think it's rediculous to spend that much for a vacuum. It is way over priced and the sales people are just that, good salesmen that can talk an Eskimo into buying ice cubes!!!

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  • Cj
    Cjade98 Jul 10, 2012

    I hate hearing about your experience. I have been selling rainbows since jan of this year and I have personally made almost 15000.00. I have earned a cruise to mexico and just this past week I did 8 demos and sold 6 earning me almost 4000.00 dollars due to hoiliday week promos. I have a full time job and 4 children so my time is valuable and if it was not worth it for me I would not do it. It is solely based on how the distributor runs his office. There are basic standard rules they need to follow tho. It is a quality machine that everyone sbould at least see. I mean think about it... I made $3983.00 in 4 days this past week and only showed 8 demos! Sold 6 combined with my comm and holiday bonus but where else can you do that? Not to mention I didnt do anything with rainbow for may and june. I love it and it has gotten me completely out of debt not tomention putting good extra money in my pocket.

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  • Re
    rexairscamexposer Jun 06, 2012

    You speak the truth!
    I am not from Texas and I understand that each distributor runs their business independently; however, my story is very similar. The beginning of this year I found myself unemployed after 15 years with thee same company. I was a District Sales Manager and have over 20 years’ experience in sales. The local distributor of the Rainbow Cleaning System in my area ran a newspaper ad and Internet ad stating they had many open positions at a new office they were opening; these openings included sales, delivery, set up, marketing and managers. I responded to the ad on the Internet job board and received a phone call that same day. I went to the office thee next day and had an interview with the regional distributor, Greg Longacre. The interview was quite short and was really more designed to see if I had reliable transportation and if I would be willing to demonstrate their product in customer homes. I agreed to come in the next day for training. I got there and met thee trainer, James, we talked at length and I expressed my interest in management, although I was fine withe starting in sales. I let James know that I was not going to do demo's for friends or family until I was convinced that this product would be something they needed and something I truly believed in, his response was that they had a marketing department and that all of my leads would be from incoming inquires (unsolicited), referrals and other marketing programs. On my second day of training James told me he was planning on making me a trainer, I would go out with new sales people, run thee demo's for them and I would receive $450 for each sale! What a deal, all I had to do was what I do best, sales, and I would make a lot of money and thee company would pay me $500 per week even if I had no sales, salary for training new sales people and running demo's! James also said this to me, he wanted me to learn everything I could about this business and he would teach it all to me, then in a few months he said he would help me open my own office, work side by side with me for 30 days, hire sales people and at the end of that time I would have at least $30, 000 in my pocket, after all expenses were paid! Now my mother did not raise a fool, so I did question this, but James had a way of making you believe that this would happen. So even though I did not believe I would make $30, 000 a month, I did see the potential of maybe making about half of that, I would happy with that!
    So I started to bust my butt, learning thee demo, honing my sales pitch and running a bunch of demo's, learning thee finance procedures and working 15 + hours a day, 6 days a week. Now I did get paid my $500 salary for the first 3 weeks, then on thee 4the week I got a check for $200, James told me they had money tied up in expenses and he would get me thee rest next week. Then that next Saturday when I was supposed to receive $800 I got nothing, so thee next Monday I asked for my money and got another B.S. story about expenses. Now I had sold 9 Rainbows by this time, but only two of those were cash sales, thee other 7 needed to be financed, well that is a story all by itself, but because the people I sold thee Rainbow's to needed financing and had bad credit, I did not qualify for commission on those deals! Well needless to say, when I did not get paid the next day, I just cut my losses and quit this company! I actually got hired into a "real" company and have since done well. Now I share this only to let people know what type of companies Rexair has for distributors. And to let people know that Rexair has set them self-up so that they are in no way responsible for what its distributors do and they claim not to know!
    What I am going to share next is a detailed list of some of these "scams" I personally saw during the six weeks I worked for this distributor!
    First of all, I want you to know that I do believe in the Rainbow Cleaning System, I think it is an amazing whole home cleaning system! It is a product that anyone with bad allergies and asthma should really have. My issue is not withe thee product, it is withe thee way distributors do business and thee deceptive practices they employ to dupe potential buyers and new sales people. Now when you are unsuccessful selling thee Rainbow. thee distributor tells you that sales are not for you, but the truth is, they do not want you to be successful, and that leads me into the first deceptive practice.
    Hiring: The sole purpose in hiring new sales people is only to sell Rainbow’s. Here is how it works, they place a newspaper ad and stat that a “local manufacture has openings in the following areas, sales, marketing, set up, delivery, warehouse and management. “ Now when potential people would call we were instructed to give out very little information, just set up a time for them to come in for a group informational meeting, with individual interviews after that. While in the group meeting you are told you would receive a salary of $528 per week, paid every two weeks as long as you ran 12 demo’s during that week. During the interview we only tried to figure out if they knew enough people that would be willing to buy a Rainbow and if they had good transportation! If they did, they were invited to come to the training class, 3 days of training that started on Wednesday and then on Saturday you were supposed to have about 10 demo’s set up for the weekend. You were told you did not have to do a thing, a trainer would do everything and you just sat there. The goal was to gather as many referrals as possible from their friends and family, sell a few Rainbow’s and then make sure the new sales person gets frustrated and quits.
    Talent Scout: This program is used when a potential buyer says they cannot afford to purchase a Rainbow right now. When you got this objection, you asked them if they would like one for free? All you have to do is this, supply the distributor with 30 people who would allow you to do a demo in their home and at the end of the 30 demo’s you would receive a free rainbow, and we would send a trainer with you, so all you had to do was sit there! Sounds great, but this is how it really works, the buyer agrees to fiancé the Rainbow with a 90 deferred payment, they provide 8 or 9 people willing to have a demo, and if the sell any along the way they would get $300 per sale and at the end of 30 demo’s they would get another Rainbow that they could sell for $2379 and payoff their Rainbow. Well 30 demo’s is a lie, it has to be 30 qualified demo’s, married, home owners and good credit in order to count, the goal is for you to get frustrated and just deal with the financing. Also, if you did happen to sell one and it needed financing, you did not receive commission, neither did your trainer! The only one who makes money on a financed deal is the distributor, in fact I saw a worksheet that showed that the distributor made at least $300 dollars on every deal, but made as much as $1000 on cash deals. What they did was they sold the deal to a finance company of a reduced cost based on the risk the buyer presenter. So if they had bad credit, they sold these contracts for about $1400, that is a thousand dollar profit for the finance company plus interest they get and the sales people get nothing.

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    wronged in Denton Mar 27, 2012
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    We have gone through the experience and I'm telling it like it is. We did internet research first, which gave no cause for caution, then had the experience. The experience really gave the lie to what info is out there concerning recruitment and what new hires are told versus what they actually have happen. Please state exactly what I said that is in error and explain why you think it's in error. A general unqualified and unsupported assertion never convinces any thinking person, especially when there is a first-hand report as a counter-testimony.
    My son was told he'd make at least $2500 a month without having to come up with any customers on his own. He spent two weeks with them, doing everything right as possible, and earned $50 after having had to come up with every one of the good-hearted acquaintances to give him an hour or more of their time to hear him talk about a vacuum cleaner only asthmatics would pay $2400 for. (That's the "special" price.) He found out the "$2500" was coming only if he sold enough vacuum cleaners.
    So, was it different for you? Did your manager come up with all your customers and you didn't have to ask family and friends? And were you paid that $2500 as a salary, plus commission? Convince us that you are being honest. You are apparently one of the very few successful ones.

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  • Zr
    Zr0w69 Mar 26, 2012
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    This is a false statement and you should really research the business before you make statements like this!

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