Raffaello-network.comraffaello network is not a legitimate seller of any of the brands on its website

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Raffaello Network is not a legitimate seller of any of the brands on its website. It is selling high quality fakes, models that often don't even exist in the true collection of the designer, so please check the real collection of the designer before buying.

If you go to this place anyway, at least you'll know that you will get a fake, and you will the judge of what price you want to pay for this.

My references are my from my own research, including contacting designers, and authenticating a pair of shoes I bought from Raffaello Network (logo obviously applied reverse, unusual hill, unusual tag, unusual label, and model number that simply doesn't exist). Please beware.


  • J
      Jul 26, 2012 - Wasted my time three times going back and forth
    United States

    I purchased an item and they canceled saying that we can not ship to your shipping address and we can only ship to billing address.
    1- why do you have the option of billing and shipping?
    2- Why they wasted my time three times going back and forth, ok we ship, next day, no we dont ship, again we ship.

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  • N
      Oct 17, 2013

    You are talking about the research . How are you soo sure that they are selling fake ?. Please can you provide any proof .
    Thank you . [protected] . I would like if you reply me back at my email address . I have a good experience with raffaello till now but from the last 2 tmes, I have been responded rudely by their live support . It seems, they dont care if they loose any customer .

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  • J
      Sep 22, 2017

    I ordered a Dolce & Gabbana bag from them and experienced no problems. I received my order confirmation right away, shipping confirmation after two days and the item arrived at my door from Italy to the USA in 4 working days. The item is new, as described and most importantly authentic. Therefore I am a happy customer. I also understand that sometimes certain items can be sold out, as they might only have on of them in stock. Of course Raffaello then has no other option but to cancel the item. They explain all this on their website.

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  • J
      Nov 06, 2017

    @Jill Archer Im sorry but you tell this to yourself because you paid for fake stuff. They mix items stolen from other websites with fake products, if you order something they dont have because there isnt any fake versions of it, they will cancel.

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  • Y
      Nov 21, 2017

    @Jill Archer was it authentic?

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  • J
      Nov 06, 2017

    Just stop it, look at the pictures of the products, I sampled a few and obviously they were fake. Secondly I talked to some of the brands and they are not affiliated buyers of the brands. READ AGAIN - IT IS 100% FAKE AND CONFIRMED.

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