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July 2008 purchased 2 Digital Stream converter boxes from Radio Shack. Was assured they were compatible with myTV an d cable company(RCN) which went totally digital at the end of Oct 08. They don't work and are useless. I called RCN in July and they advised me that RCN will not being going digital in my area 19074. I called the government and they assured me the boxes I purchased would be compatible only to find out RCN is proprietary and only their boxes will work. I had to pay for a tech to get these boxes working to no avail and had to buy an RCN Converter box. Radio Shack will give me back the money I paid for them, but not the coupons I used. Radio Shack said they did not distribute the coupons, therefore, they can't return them to me. In July RCN told me that they were not honoring the government coupons, but as of November, they are. This is totally unfair to the consumer to be misinformed by the government, my cable company(RCN), and Radio Shack. I have two useless converter boxes and no coupons since only two(2) per household. At this point, since I can return the boxes to Radio Shack, I need two additional coupons to make up for the RCN box I bought, and to get another RCN box for my second TV.

I thank you for the opportunity to present my complaint, and trust you will respond to me with a solution to my situation at your earliest convenience.


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    thinkfirstnexttime Feb 15, 2009

    The boxes work fine for their intended purpose. They are compatible with your TV if you hooked up an antenna. If you have cable service, why did you purchase converter boxes. There have been countless tv ads stating that you only need them if you have an antenna as well. It also states that on the box and in the instructions. You were also informed when you originally ordered your coupons about how refunds would be handled. When a refund is issued, you get your cash back and the rest goes back to the government. Why should Radio Shack have to give you $40?

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    graceland222 Jun 23, 2010

    you're an idiot if you have cable you dont need a converter box. sjmple.

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