A Aug 11, 2018

To whom this may concern:
My name is Alex Alexander, I have been living 3 blocks from the racetrac on bellchase hwy in Louisiana for the past 15 years. When the racetrac opened I was very excited. I buy 2 packs of Marlboro lts. Daily and a gallon of milk 3 times a week. I use my phone via Samsung pay to make purchases, it's very rare for me to carry my wallet thus I will not have my ID with me during the time of purchase. I'm under the impression that the afternoon cashier at 8/10/2018 (around 4pm) will use common sense and see all the grey hairs on my head and face to not ask for an ID. ESPECIALLY after selling the minor in front of me a swisher cigar. Maybe it was because they were of the same ethnicity and race, who knows?. So after I called several times asking for the manager trying to explain the situation, I was rudely hung up on. I AM FURIOUS!!! I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO GO ON IN MY COMMUNITY. I have witnesses to the incident, so I urge you to take action before my legal team and I do... thank you...!

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