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If you think you will just pop onto the Quicken website and get a quick mortgage quote or indication, think again. Offering your contact information will invite an army of various Quicken staff to "reach out to you" (ugh) with used car salesmen tactics and many annoying phone calls. My experience was that Quicken's rates are mediocre at best, and they are less than forthcoming with specific loan closing variables and cost factors. Why would anyone comply with the mountains of documents they want to finally arrive at a firm loan rate? Not me. I opted for a local vendor that I know, trust, and gives back to my community on a regular basis.


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    gene lucas Feb 19, 2014

    i received a letter from quicken loans about a va loan for a loan modification.when i called them they took all of my info and told me that there was an outstanding balance form a credit card company which shows on my credit report.i called the credit company who posted it and they tell me it shows 0.quicken loans tells me that it was from 1995 and since then i refinanced twice, bought two brand new vehicles.and that credit report never showed up.

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