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I was contacted by David Wan and then by Zachary Lederer in regards to refinancing my home, the last conversation was on Friday after 5:30 pm with Zachary which he gave me incorect information. I called Monday Morning at 8 am to cancel the process and asked for a refund which of course got the total runaround till 1:20 pm when after the sixth call I demanded to get one of them on the phone. Talked to David Wan at 1:20 pm which assured me he canceled the application and I would get a total refund of my $500 becuase nothing was done due to it being after hours on Friday and it being a holiday weekend. He also indicated that he could not give me a confirmation number but I would get an e-mail within three to four hours.
Of course I did not get any e-mails confirming anything, I have sent them an e-mail asking for the confirmation again.
Please look into this, I can tell you I will never refer anyone to even atempt to do business with this company from what I am going through and i didnt even get a loan from them...Please e-mail me at [protected] or call me at [protected].


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    ms. fratt's nightmare Aug 21, 2018

    Called on aug. 1, 2018 and spoke with amanda fratt. I provided all information needed to receive a quote for a mortgage loan. after "reviewing" the information for me and my husband, she stated emphatically "I hate to tell you this, but you will never get a home loan"... I advised her we already had a pre-qualification letter from our credit union, but it was for a conventional and we wanted to see what the fees on an fha looked like. our credit union does not offer this mortgage type. she stated "well, I know this will be heartbreaking, but it will never go through"... can you imagine that??? how incredibly stupid, insensitive and unprofessional... but, uhhhh, today, I received a "mortgage package" from ms. fratt requesting signature to continue with the approved loan amount... wait... what???!!! nooooo, not ms. never... well, I am hoping management reads this... not only were we approved for our conventional, through our credit union, but the appraisal and survey are completed and we close on 08/30/2018!!! so quite frankly ms. fratt can go phuck her self!!!

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