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I was extremely disappointed and devastated by the Qatar Airways staff at the Douha airport; it was one of my worst experiences with the airline; they were extremely rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional. I had a baby with me, and we missed our flight to Dallas because our first flight got delayed cause they decided to wait for 20 people at Dubai airport who had issues with their paperwork. When we arrived in Douha, my baby and I struggled, and I spent hours negotiating with the rude staff to find me a convenient solution, they showed no pity for my predicament ‘holding my baby crying for hours’. I initially booked a bassinet seat on my flight from Douha to Dallas because the flight duration was 16 hours. I paid extra money for that.

The only solution they offered was to put me on the next flight at 8:00 a.m., in an aisle seat, and they mentioned that this was the only option we had like take it or leave it! How can I spend 16 hours on my lab with a baby?

What if there were no seats available on the next flight?

Here is a list of my concerns:

1. They do not provide hotels.

2. They refused to upgrade me to business class on the next flight as compensation for the bad experience and inconvenience of my flight being delayed. The staff said it was fully booked, but I was able to upgrade and pay triple the price to handle this situation. They must not lie about this.

3. They took two hours to get me my baby stroller, which meant I had to hold my baby for two hours and couldn't comfort her. We were so exhausted because it was 1:00 a.m.

4. After all, I tried to contact customer service to try to get a refund for the $1800 upgrade charge, but the customer service representative refused and stated that they don't offer such compensation, and she later ignored all of my replies, and the claim case isn't even closed!

I wish we could raise our concerns to upper management or have the option to escalate our cases, but it appears that the company is in disarray.

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