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Purolatordude, where's my dell?

So I ordered a nice new computer off of Dell Canada for a really good price, albeit a long wait for production, understandable because it incorporated the latest highly sought after technology.

However free shipping puts me at the mercy of their own affiliations as far as shipping company goes (not that they offer any options beyond free ground shipping. However I had certainty to count on; an estimated delivery date which SHOULD HAVE been a certainty from the get go. (Infact it was only 1 day off from the first "delivery attempt" by Purolator.

I was vigilant, checking out the window every minute or two for my oh-so precious cargo. When on one check I spotted the Purolator truck down in my building's loading zone. Without hestitation like a child on Christmas Morning I ran downstairs without stopping to put shoes on or anything.

I hung my head out the door probing the truck with my eyes, the driver nowhere in site, expecting him to pop out the back of the truck at any moment, instead after about 30 seconds of waiting he appeared in the cab of his truck, started it and drove off.

Confounded I went back to my apartment and checked the door for a sticker, none(understandable, after all it is an apartment building.) There were no messages on my answering machine so I refreshed the tracking info I had on my computer screen.

The packages had all been scanned. "Scheduled Delivery Appointment Required." so I wrote down their hotline number so I could phone it the next morning after work.

When I arrived home later that night; still no telephone messages and the packages were rescanned upon arrival back at the depot with "Scheduled Delivery Appointment Required.".

The next morning I woke up bright and early and called the customer service hotline the minute it was open and quickly snuck my way through to a representative. (7:30am). I mentioned having the appointment required tracking status and asked if I could just set it up so I could go pick it up at the depot, preferably today.

So the nice lady(who sounded like she had just woken up.) worked her magic on the computer system. I was told they either already were at, or were on their way to the Winnipeg Square depot. A fairly inconvenient location to have to pick up 3 large expensive boxes from but I figured I could manage.

So I went back to my computer and reloaded the page to track my packages and low and behold at 7:40am they were scanned onto a truck for delivery!(Despite being flagged that a scheduled appointment would be neccesary.)

Just as my blood began to boil my phone rang, but I was too infuriated to answer so I just let it ring out so I could listen to the message after. It was a call from the SARGENT AVENUE depot, to let me know that they couldn't get my package off the truck on time and that it was sent out for delivery to my apartment address.(Even though it was supposed to be going to the Winnipeg Square depot, instead it was sent for another delivery attempt despite it being flagged for scheduled delivery.)

So here I am now...maybe they will actually attempt to deliver it today while I'm home or maybe they'll actually keep it in one spot so I can go pick it up tomorrow, the adventure is sure to continue.


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    studmuffin589 Dec 03, 2009
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    Yeah, I totally agree to what all of you have been saying regarding Dell Canada's poor customer service and technical support. I solidly recommend that everyone avoid this company like the plague and take their business elsewhere!

    I placed my order over a month ago and it still hasn't arrived. They never responded at all to two separate emails that I sent. And when I phoned last week, they couldn't tell me at all when the item was actually going to ship. This company has no idea at all how to properly treat customers, and they have gone steadily downhill over the past year. They also have a tendency to bounce you around from one person to the next while you wait for a long time on the other end of the phone. Well, the good news is that today I finally cancelled my order. Never again Dell, never again. You have lost my business for good.

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