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There is some slight activity coming from this company when it comes down to resolving complaints, but so far it's neither timely, nor relevant., LLC

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[Resolved] PuppyFind / false advertisement of puppies for sale

Sep 08, 2019

PuppyFindThe puppies identified are not for sale. When you contact them, they are convincing and talk you into sending them money thru Zelle for a down payment. They then provide excuses on as to why you cannot pickup your puppy. They offer refund and even send you a screen shot of the refund...

PuppyFind / french bulldog

Aug 01, 2019

PuppyFindpurchased two Frenchies from Sandor Nagy Registered in December/18. Still no papers. Last email he said if I write a good review on PF he will send papers. This man is a scammer. I have all my emails to prove so. Please put my review back up of "1". Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded...

PuppyFind / selling sick puppies

Jul 28, 2019

We purchased an Alaskan Malamute puppy from Rocky Mountain Malamutes AKA Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers in Dolores Colorado for $2, 150.00. The pup was flown into South Dakota and arrived at 2 PM. He was the coolest little guy you could dream of and we loved him more every minute. The pup...

[Resolved] / purchase of puppy

May 04, 2018

I recently purchased an American Eskimo cross breed with a Shiba Inu. The ad did not state that it was a miniature but that is what I got. I fully intended to buy the regular size breed so I stayed away from any ads for the miniature breeds. Now I find that breeders will false advertise in...

PuppyFind / breeder sold me a deaf puppy with vision problems

Dec 16, 2017

PuppyFindPurchased a puppy from breeder VIOLET BINEGAR of East Peoria IL 12/15/17. Confirmed DEAF within 24 hours of pick up by my personal vet 12/16/17. The dog also had vision problems that were never disclosed in photos or the add. We paid Mrs. Binegar $1000 cash. She will not refund, nor...

PuppyFind / english mastiff breeder

Sep 04, 2017

On aug 7 me and my husband found a breeder on puppy find. Com, her names Kimberly McNeil Morin, we followed her facebook page and liked what we saw. So I messaged her and she seemed very professional and nice. On aug 17 she informed me that the puppy we had picked had passed away and we...

PuppyFind / puppy scam

Jul 06, 2017

I inquired about this puppy bulldog selling from a woman named Bonnie Craig asking $2500 for this puppy including shipping. After not recieving the puppy or any shipping info we stopped payment, luckily, they continued you try stalling us with saying they had bad weather and such. After...

PuppyFind / laura warren, valentino warren aka warren picazzov aka picazzo

Jun 29, 2017

Dishonest, disreputable people. Sold a puppy with parvo, and then said they weren't responsible because I took them to the vet myself. Kept saying we could come to a resolution but it was all a con job. This happened June 2, 2017, so they are currently active in ripping people off. It cost...

Martha Elaine aka Elaine Orman / pomeranian "breeder" in california close to fresno

Jan 01, 2017

Martha Elaine aka Elaine Orman[protected] phone number Closest airport- Fresno Email [protected] This Martha woman acts extremely friendly and nice in the beginning. Very responsive to emails, explains about dogs even sends videos with a girl who plays with them. Once buyer is finally committed to buying dog..., LLC / advertising stolen property

May 31, 2016

I contacted puppyfind with an attorney letter that a woman in MO named Abbie Whatley was selling stolen property involved in a civil suit. Puppyfind initially suspended her account and a day later let the woman sell my puppies. I also must add that they allow the seller to take down... / the owner of the puppy didn't show up

Oct 18, 2015

I have found the puppy on The owner agreed to communicate only via email. She didn’t ask me for money and told that I could pay. When we would meet. Ok, I agreed and meet her in New York. She told me the flight details and never showed up. I’m glad that she didn’t ask me to pay upfront, but I want to warn other people as well. / sam or wilma

Sep 12, 2013

I purchased a puppy on Sun(8-25) and took the puppy to the vet Thursday. This puppy not only has stage 2-3 heart murmur but also parasites. Don't mind parasites but the murmur will be too expensive to treat. I should have known not to go through with the purchase when the puppy did... / harassment/slander from linda kaiser

Jul 27, 2013

I wrote a Negative complaint after purchasing a pup from Linda J Kaiser way back in Feb. 2012, that had Kennel Croup & Severe Ear Infections, in which I returned the pup to her, not to recieve a dime back after I paid her $450 for, $100 in supplies & $94 Vet bill within 2 days of having...

PuppyFind / scam

Jun 03, 2013

A complete scam. They will not allow you to post a negative review of a breeder. They get commissions on the dogs they sale. Stay away a complete scam!!!

PuppyFind / worthless

Jun 03, 2013

I've tried to post a negative review of, a breeder on puppyfind, who sold mea defective dog. I was promised a refund by the breeder and when that didn't happen I posted a negative review. Puppyfind quickly removed the negative because they get a commission of...

Akita for sale / shipping pet from another country

Apr 16, 2013

Be aware of this rev edwin and mrs. Lola I googled the number and several different types of complaints came up. From: rev edwin To: Sent: monday, april 15, 2013 9:49 am Subject: Thanks for your interest towards my puppy. May the peace of the lord be with you. I quite appreciate... / supports irresponsible breeders and censors buyers

Dm advertises puppies and dogs for sale by what they claim to be reputable and responsible breeders. Unfortunately once you make a purchase through one of their advertisements, will NOT allow you to post a rating of your experience with a particular breeder that i...

Debbie Mason - Puppy Find / bad breeders - puppy mill!!!


*warning* We purchased a puppy, supposedly a pure breed, siberian husky from debbie. Koda is absolutely a beautiful puppy inside and out. Awesome personality. However that being said... What a nightmare it has turned out to be and it will be ongoing for her whole life. It started with... / lies false advertisment


PuppyFind.comLaura and Valentino Warren Picazzo and scam artists, dogs not in this country as claimed, they will not let you see the puppy they will only bring to you BEWARE. These puppies are NOT cared for well, no championship or AKC, CKC or anything as claimed, no health certificate, the whole ad i... / please beware on this site and really all sites like this


Please beware on this site and really all sites like this. We brought a puppy last year, a Shiba Inu, she is beautiful and sweet also comes with health issues! Sites like this is heaven for puppy mills. I brought it from a seller who promised me that her dog had a litter and wants them in... / puppy scam


Bought a dog for $200 after I got a call that I need to send $100 more via Western Union to get my puppy! Don't believe them! / fraud


I have contacted puppyfind over the past 2 years. I emailed them 02/25/11 and stated they had over 150 bogus adds that read 300 with shipping included., every page I went to had a bogus add. They didn't even spell right. Puppyfind does not do anything regarding the fraud they let the...

PuppyFind / scams


I almost fall for a scam on this website, beware of I'm posting three e-mails to arise consciousness on buying puppies through this website - YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! 1) E-mail -> mureen brown <[protected]> So lucky for you to have mailed me at...

PuppyFind / very pleased


I have successfully bought three beautiful Akitas. They all came from wonderful breeders I found off of Puppyfind. The breeders I found most certainly weren't the first ones I emailed or spoke with. I went through several potential scammers. I plan on breeding my akitas and posting them... / scam


I had a negative experience with breeder who advertises on the Puppyfind site. The breeder was was in Memphis, TN, an 11 hour drive from my home. A kennel representative, or "puppy placement counselor" offered to send the puppy with her daughter to Nashville, TN to complete the...

PuppyFind / bought two champion bloodlines


I have bought two beautiful champion bloodline Akitas off puppyfind and have had no problems. Don't be so gullible! Wire money? No. Meet? No. Ship? No. Go to their house and meet the parent and see the pups environment? Yes. Hello? Of course I ran into a few scammers. Believe it or...

PuppyFind / scammed... out 300 dollars


I found a "local" person claiming to have a Japanese Chin puppy, When I contacted her Kristy Philpot, stated the owner became a missionary and could no longer keep the puppy happy, if still interested contact Rev. Thomas F Hogan. I did and was pleased to find the puppy still available, I...

PuppyFind / rip off


I signed on to and most of the puppies I researched the web site kept asking me to sign up to get complete details regarding puppies listed. Once I signed up and got complete details I found that every listing ( golden retrievers )in my home state was outdated. The most...

puppy find / false advertising


I recently bought a puppy from puppy find. Despite all the negatives surrounding the site. I have used it before, and found an outstanding quality Cane Corso female puppy. From a very reputable breeder I had heard of in the cane corso community. I have even seen "Redrock Cane Corso"... / entrapment


This company is using illegal tactics of entrapment to refuse service to paying advertisers. I was told today by Sheila that they call people and pretend that they are fake customers to gain information about the business and see if they wish to deny the ability to advertise on their site... / reviews

La allows negative reviews be placed on seller's account without notification to seller's that they are there. So the negative review is there for the public to see even before the seller gets a chance to tell their side of the story or prove their case and many time... / stay away from


I notified 46 times regarding scammers on there site trying to steal monies from people. people from Africa mostly, and 42 times they have sent me back the same stupid we do all we can do emails in return. the 4 emails from them were (why don't you get lost and go to... / sells sick pups & doesn't provide proper papers


I purchased a puppy from puppy find .com and a so called breeder named Lynn Overy & John Steib who runs Northern lights goldens they claim the buss. is out of Adelphia NJ. but they are actually out of Mexico NY. the puppy was sold to me as a AKC registered pup with a 2 year guarantee, and... / account illegally terminated-class action lawsuit


My account was illegaly terminated for no legitimate reason. If you have had this same problem please contact us ASAP as I know many others who have also had this same issue. I have been a loyal monthly customer for over 6 years and have not violated their terms of service in any way. They...

PuppyFind / debbie mason


Please read before adopting a puppy through mason! I have recently adopted a puppy through debbie mason on and within the first 48 hours of having him I have come to discover that he is in very poor health and will need intensive care to be nursed back...

PuppyFind / support puppymills


I bought a puppy from a "breeder" on puppyfind. I got scammed by that breeder. After trying to get the breeder to respond to any of my phone calls & emails unsuccessfully, I got a little peace knowing that I could leave a review of that breeder. I did read their reviews before buying the...

puppy find / deception on advertisement


An add on puppy from breeder audrey heath for a dog named pom pom stated 100.00 with restricted papers and health certificate we agree to purchase and to make the trip to pick said dog upon arrival dog was there (although much older and larger than pics in problem) but no... / deleting of negative reviews


I posted a negative review on about a rottweiler breeder in Decatur, Illinois named Kelley Brooks. I puchased our puppy on 7/14/09 based on the fact that she offered a health guarantee. We went to her house and picked out our little girl. We took her to the vet 2 days later...

PuppyFind / response to a complaint puppy sales


We have sold many puppies via PuppyFind and via other websites and occasional a puppy gets sick. We have always attempted to be just and reasonable with Lee Ann Dove. The first puppy that we sold her passed away months after we sold it to her for some unknown reason. We never received any... / will take your money


I recently placed an ad on to sell my American Pit Bull Terriers. They kept my posting up there long enough to collect my 19.99 for upgrading to a full membership then suspended and closed my account for supposed fraud. I am still trying to figure where the whole fraud piece...