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+1 800 392 4190(Sweepstakes Scams) 13 2
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Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com Complaints & Reviews

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / scam!

Lancomegirl101 on Jan 18, 2018
Every year you see the commercials. This year I decided to enter. BIG mistake! It's all about selling! I did fall prey and made 2 purchases. Nothing I purchased was over $12 since I am on Social Security Disability. Luckily I was wise enough NOT to give my credit card number but instead...

Pch Lotto / scratch off online games

Cdspin on Dec 19, 2017
Today I scratched 3 spots of 100, 000 dollars... Not tokens on a ticket. Then I was quickly redirected to purchases. When I win tokens it automatically tells me how many tokens I have "banked". There is something not correct about what just happened. I am stressed. I was so excited! How can...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / order I never placed

Sassykat1950 on Dec 6, 2017
I am being billed for a order I never placed, I will not pay to return it they can come get it... I have no idea who ever placed this but I guess this happen to a lot of people from what I read! How dare you bill me! You are running a scam on people and I am a victim, no thank you... So...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / unethical behavior

Erez M on Nov 15, 2017
Hello- this complaint is directed towards the people who run your minute mania games and particularly the Mahjongg minute game. I have been playing your games for almost two years now and during that time i have won the mahjongg game five time and received my price money, however i should...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / customer service representative for further assistance

Pearl Springs on Oct 29, 2017
I call publisher's clearing House phone line from time to time and prefer handing majority of my business after being transferred to a customer service agent and they are very rude and ignorant and unruly towards me always nearly every time around these procedures and protocols and aquired...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / not really a complaint/ just wondering?

Pam Hanika on Sep 8, 2017
Hi My name is Pam Hanika kpac3740@hotmail.com I am wondering all of a sudden I quit getting emails from you> so I cannot enter with the emails? Just wondering is it something I did or what happened? Do you just quit sending emails to people ? I would really like to keep getting them? I...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / loss of tokens

Deborah Mack on Sep 5, 2017
At 1:15 I checked my token total and I had earned over 374, 000. After 3 games of blackjack at 1:45 I checked again and I only had 351, 00. I lost 23, 000 tokens. How can I get those back? I play pch games everyday and this is very discouraging. The games are just for for fun I know but I...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / deviled egg tray (set of 2) quantity-1 $19.92 total

Terri Bartley on Sep 2, 2017
My name is Terri Bartley. I have been playing the PCH sweepstakes's for several months now, I was going through the orders and my finger slipped accidentally on the Deviled Egg Tray set of (2). When I noticed what had happened I pressed the X button several times but it still placed thi...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / attention

James Burneyjr on Sep 2, 2017
To whom it may concern Hello this is James Burney Jr. I was contacted by your companies lawyer for past due payment.. Im here to inform you that i sent those Elvis Presley dollar bills and C.D. music back to sender thru ups last month. So please forgive my debt. I beg of you to not sue me...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / product that I received

Cab0517 on Aug 28, 2017
I order 3 items customer id 017 9283 9597 order number 3057 1509 8429. One of the items I sent back, it was a shaggy bath rug. One of the items was a stick on instant lights. Well out of the pack 1 of them already quit working after 5 minutes of use. What is going on, I thought these were...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / this company is a joke!

Girish N. on Aug 28, 2017
Saying that this company is trustable is like saying nothing. It's strange at least. And of course one should be a complete fool to mess with them again. Everything we order is ALWAYS wrong and too expensive. The way they ship and deliver is ridiculous! And don't even look for ways to...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / I did not order these items and they are just charged and processed to me

gilted on Aug 14, 2017
Ch order number: 30571986801 Item name quantity price Gotham steel pan 1 $19.96 Cheese board & slicer 1 $19.96 Shipping address: Carol williams 6127 w kit dr Golden valley, az 86413 Shipping & handling: Sales tax: Total for this order: $9.99 $0.00 $49.91 I did not order or click to...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / sent letters regarding tokens

judy howton on Aug 7, 2017
I sent a letter to PCH with a New York address one month ago and the letter was sent back. On 7/24/2017 I sent another letter to a different New York address, the one with the 101 Winner's Circle, Jericho, NY 11753. I have over 3 million tokens and noticed that 23, 00 tokens have been...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / lotto

Hello there inquires or the norm. I've been playing frequently dailieiness is a life span to circulate around faith of upcoming wealth that always been in my future bugetarianess. Well I was wondering why it's only 2200 something winning 7, number in Mega 2.5 Million category? Since rely...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / cant redeem tokens in at 10.5 million keep sending for password no love

Motojetz36 on Aug 1, 2017
My e-mail is Motojetz246@outlook.com Can you please send help no phone my physical address is 533 west gurley st in Prescott Arizona 86301 Regards Chris Goshorn Good christain guy A men R6 rm 250 ford f150 And all that good stuff

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / pch blackjack

EX-Tex on Jul 21, 2017
I was playing Publishers Clearing House blackjack game going toward Presidential Status and had $29, 500 balance, the bet was $5, 000, and I won I should have had a balance of $34, 500. Instead it showed I had $24, 500. So, in effect, I lost $10, 000 on a bet of $5, 000 that I had won...

Publishers Clearing House / order number 305571663827

Mike Kane on Jul 13, 2017
re: customer ID 02287079160 I have written to the billing address several times that this order was never received and I continue receiving invoices. Please credit the invoice amount of $49.91 immediately. The order was for a pan and men's belts, neither of which I still want as they were...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / token games

PamelaZIP on Jul 13, 2017
Specifically the mahjong games. I don't know why I keep getting the message to install the flash player when I already have it installed with the latest version. I see notations on the Internet that when this comes up it is sometimes loaded with a virus. Everything that comes up on my...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / sweepstakes

Danny Velador on Jul 11, 2017
After years of trying to win some money, I decided I was never going to win, so I just played the games for fun. Two weeks ago, I matched 3 scratchers for $100, 000. Nothing happened. I wrote and got a response saying that at the end of the contest, I would be notified if I won. A few day...

Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com / unethical behavior --

Rich Clovia Hoefer on Jul 10, 2017
We are writing to let you know that we feel PCH is biased when choosing states to win "large monetary prizes" in the sweepstakes. We have been playing for 46+ years and our state, MONTANA, and our sister state WYOMING never wins big. If luck were $10.00 then maybe the twin states North and...

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