Protea Hotels / die wijngerd restaurant

Stellenbosch, ZA

Hi there

My family and I were there for lunch on 3 Aug. I am extremely disappointed in the way our complaint was handled as We asked for more sticky toffee sauce on our waffle, on tasting the additional sauce brought to us, both my daughter and I were nauseous and had a bad ending to our weekend.

When we complained to the manager, he asked if he could replace our waffles which was spoilt by the additional toffee sauce and commenting that the kitchen found nothing wrong with the sauce, I declined his offer.

I was extremely surprised to see that on our bill we had been charged for the waffles even though it was spoilt because of the bitter toffee sauce.

I paid the entire bill and asked our waiter to give feedback from the manager before we left. We hung around for an hour but there was no one who gave us feedback.

Is this the general attitude of ur restaurant, Ad we experienced similar service before.

I then wrote them an email on 4 August but up until now we have not received a reply from them

Mrs Stuurman

Aug 13, 2019

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