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B Sep 27, 2018 Review updated:

I know i am not alone. The Progressive commercials with Flo and Jamie and the talking box have wore out their welcome in out homes. We have started hitting the mute button or changing channels. Progressive it's way past time for a new, fresh, less annoying commercial! Not sure the demographic group you are trying to target but I bet it's annoys EVERYONE!


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      Nov 10, 2018

    The newest ad is pathetic, this country already have enough disrespect but to let kids see this latest commercial of a grown kid being destructive is way over the top.

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      Jul 19, 2019

    All I can say is Flo MUST go!!!

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  • Progressive's commercial with the poor guy on a date with the rudest woman in the world is terrible. It doesn't even make any sense. What demographic could they possibly be trying to reach? Rude women or possibly pathetic guys who will date rude women? No one wants to relate with this commercial.

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      Oct 24, 2019

    What? WHAT will it take to get those ridiculous commercials off the air? I have grown to hate those idiotic commercials with such a passion that I actually change the channel whenever one appears -- which is about every twenty minutes on late night television. I hate them so much that, honest to gosh, I am considering switching my insurance from Progressive to Allstate. What's with that **** pricing tool?? It's [censored]ic. Flo has gotten on everyone's last, LAST nerve and if that's not bad enough that girly-man sidekick of hers is even worse. Your commercials are incomprehensible and INSULTING. Not even a four year old could find them amusing, yet this is what you're trying to boost sales with?
    I hate your commercials -- ALL OF THEM.

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      Nov 09, 2019

    The Progressive Insurance commercial with the "Motaur" saying he is drinking gasoline (out of a soda cup) needs to be taken off immediately. Those "motaur" commercials are bad enough, never mind kids thinking it would be ok to drink gasoline. Really poor and careless judgement on Progessive's part.

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      Nov 12, 2019

    The commerical with the half man/ half motorcycle drinking gasoline is setting a bad example for the younger generations. A young child can see this as okay and try it themselves, with fatal consequences. How irresponsible of an insurance company.

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