Progressiveincompetent claims adjusters

R Nov 14, 2017

I am presently a policy holder with your organization, and I would like to advise you of a growing trend of complacency within your Claims Department. There have been several accident claims, between my wife and myself, that have been filed over the years, and apparently due to the lack of investigative skills by your Claims Representatives we have repeatedly been found at fault. I speak mainly of an accident that I was involved in on 9-27-16. I explained to your Claims Representative, in detail, how the accident occured, and that this explanation could be corroborated by the location of the damages to the vehicles involved. That even though my vehicle did strike the vehicle in front of me, that it was the second vehicle forcing its way into the traffic lane I was presently in, not allowing safe merging distance before or after his vehicle, that resulted in the accident when he slammed on his brakes before completely entering the traffic lane. it was dark, raining at the time, and the driver of the second vehicle also failed to use his turn signal before doing so, to indicate his intent. My vehicle incurred no structural damage, and other than a few minor scuffs, plus a 4-5"inch line of transferred paint, my vehicle received"No"damage at all. I explained to your representative, Seth, at the time of the incident, that I would accept no fault for the accident, and dispute any claims otherwise. It wasn't until recently that I found out that this accident was partly to blame for my premium increase, my wife was also involved in an accident that she chose not to dispute, even though damages to the vehicles involved indicated that the other vehicle struck the vehicle driven by my wife. I also found out that multiple, 6 total, personal injury claims of $5, 000 each were paid out regarding the incident on 9-27-16, whereas, there were only 2 individuals that complained of discomfort at the time of the incident. There was a total of 7 persons involved in this 4 vehicle accident, and I feel that your Claims Representatives are being frivolous with both your assets, and mine. I do not appreciate being indiscriminately charged with the poor driving habits of another, then being financially drained with additional premium costs for the same, nor do I find it acceptable for a poor driver to be rewarded for not properly protecting his passengers, The driver that was actually"At Fault" for the accident had multiple passengers. if you have any additional questions regarding this incident, my Policy Number is ([protected]), and I can be reached on my cell phone, [protected]. I would much like to speak with someone of authority regarding this incident, but definitely not the [censor] that has handled/mishandled it thus far.

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