Progressivecustomer service


I realize all the fine print in your policies protect and give your reps the protection to validate such things as. But as a consumer a human being who does not remember the fine print what has been done to me feels like a sneaky greedy way to get as much money out of me as possible. After my son-was in an accident in my vehicle no one verbally told he would be added I had to find out after the withdrawal. I was told emails were sent that I did not see. And I think with the various times we did speak to the claims adjuster this should have been communicated as a courtesy. I will be canceling my policy and assuring you to tell everyone who will hear me that I do not recommend you for having no sensitivity to such matter. A $600 addition to my $340 all at one with out my consent is completely unethical and just completely dehumanizing. I was with American family for over 15 years and I will gladly be going back with very ill feelings about your company.

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