Progressiveauto claim


My car was involved in an accident that sustained front end damage. Nothing too major. I took it to my Ford dealer collision center. I did not have rental care reimbursement on my policy at the time although I have since added it. It took the adjustor 4 days to make it out to the shop. No work could be done during that time because apparently Progressive has to approve literally EVERYTHING that needs to be done. The adjustor went to the wrong dealership. We then started the back and forth of every single bolt that needed to be replaces, the adjustor had to come out to approve. He/she sometimes didn't show up or was late in coming by a couple days. My car took a unprecedented 25 days to get repaired due to this cat and mouse game progressive played. It should have taken at the most 10 days. I am fighting to get them to pay the car rental bill which was close to $900.00 for the time over the approximate time it should have taken had we been dealing with any other insurance company.

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