Proactiv Complaints & Reviews

Proactive / dark spot remover also customer service

May 27, 2019

As much as I have loved Proactive I think that the "new" dark spot remover does not work the jell burns my skin so bad the old dark spot corrector was great I really don't understand why they would change it I'm asking to PLEASE go back to the old formula I've been a loyal customer for...

Proactive / 40,000 missing diamonds for home design game on my kindle

Dec 16, 2018

I ordered proactive with visa c.f. Ending in 2822. That order did not go through. For 51, 000 diamonds. I got a new c.f. Ending in 3554 and when I reordered a week later the coins promised were 91, 000 diamonds, but they only put 51, 000 diamonds. I contacted them by email and sent...

Proactive / proactive

Jun 07, 2018

I ordered a proactive product about 2 years ago and never did I let them automatically take my credit card information and they did so for the following year I was getting packages that were being payed off my bank account without me even noticing when I called and argued about this issue...

Proactiv / proactive damaged my daughter's face!

May 14, 2018

My 13 year old daughter started using proactive for about a week and a half to 2 weeks.. We got the proactive because she had bumps on her forehead that bothered her appearance and she wanted to get rid of it... Well a week or two went by after using proactive and she broke out really...

Proactiv / service

May 05, 2018

i hate their customer services...first i even cancelled my order, membership still charge me.i even returned their products then now they charged me shipping fee..are you kidding me!!!??? and those customer service, they jist repeat same answer and never tried to resolve issues and showing...

Proactiv / horrible customer service! avoid at all costs!!!

May 04, 2018

The company has the WORST customer service I have ever seen, literally. One cannot update or change any information on the account page, and talking with the online chat reps or phone reps is pointless. They promised to place my account on hold in December 2017, but never sent a...

Proactiv / a charge for $199.27 showed on my debit card statement. I did not order or authorize this purchase.

Dec 10, 2017

A charge for $199.27 showed on my debit card statement. I did not order or authorize this purchase. The charge was made on 11/30/17. Please reverse these charges immediately. The length of this report has no bearing on whether or not I receive a response. My next step is contacting my...

Proactiv / unethical behavior / charging after 2 cancellations

Sep 11, 2017

I first ordered the trial pack back in Jan of 2015. It was ok, not worth paying for, so I cancelled the account. In April of 2015 I got a package from them and since I did not return it, I paid even though I didn't order it and the account was cancelled. Re cancelled the account. In July...

Proactiv / unethical behavior and unauthorized charges

Sep 11, 2017

I ordered my 11 year old niece a trial kit August 20th, September 6th they charged my card for $70 worth of product! It caused my rent check to bounce and cost me an additional $110 in fees. They told me that "I knew" that I would be charged every 4 weeks, except it wasn't four weeks!...

Proactiv / service complaints

Jun 13, 2017

I have just experienced the worst customer service ever from a proactiv customer service staff based in the UK. Not only did she yell at me she also hung up on me. Please ensure that all calls are actually listened toin order to deliver good customer service. I am a first time customer...

Proactiv / terrible delivery service

May 26, 2016

I have ordered many times from Proactiv and really like their products, but I can't say the same about their service! Their delivery service is the worst ever and their customer support is absolutely ridiculous and unhelpful! Ordered some products and it took them over a months to deliver!...

Proactiv / cleanser and spinning brush

Oct 09, 2015

Warnings need to be included with the Cleanser which includes the granules, and use of the spinning brush. The first time I used it, it flung some cleanser into my eye, causing an injury to my cornea, which caused pain/burning at the time, and within a week, I had "floaters and flashers, "...

Proactiv / burns to my face

Sep 17, 2015

I am getting a lawyer to sue Proactiv for dollars. I applied the proactive to my face on 09/10/2015 since then I have had burns to my face and I cant put on makeup so ridicule is so easy for those who look at you I haven't been to work all week lying as to why I could not...

Proactiv / customer service

Feb 13, 2015

I had an account with proactiv for about a year. Last july, I canceled that account. I was canceling the card that I had the proactive on. The proactiv rep notified me that I still had a $39 balance on my account. I said no problem... Take the $39 from another account here's the number. Ok...

Proactiv / unable to unsubscribe

Jan 21, 2015

I called 3 months ago to cancel our subscription as ProActiv DOES NOT WORK! I wanted to send the prodcuts back but the representative on the phone convinced me to keep the box at a discounted rate so I wouldn't have to go through the hassel of returning the products. I agreed but told...

Proactiv / scam

Jan 10, 2015

I'm ashamed to say this, but I fell for their scam twice. The first time, I'd ordered the 3 month supply from them and paid monthly. At the end of the third month, Proactiv informed me that I still owed them the total amount for the 3 month supply. This came as a shock to me...

Proactive / unauthorized orders and credit card charges

Jan 08, 2015

Do not give proactive your credit card number!!! I placed a one time order to proactive and paid my bill via credit the next few months I received another shipment that I did not order. Without my authorization, proactive charged my credit card for a product I did not want or...

Proactive / customer service / product return

Oct 22, 2014

I purchased product from the Proactiv Kiosk at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, WI -- in August we purchased a bottle of Xout for $65.00...again in August (8/13) we purchaed other product and the clerk (Precious - and yes that's her name) said I could bring back the bottle of X-out for my...

Proactive / vending machine-mays landing, nj

Dec 21, 2013

The vending machine at the Hamilton Mall said they could not contact my bank for the visa card used, so it cancelled the order, however the bank DID approve the transaction. I called Proactive and explained the situation and they advised if I did not get any product and did not receive a...

Proactiv / fraudulent billing

Dec 20, 2013

I started ordering Proactiv a few months ago. I received 2 packages in total. After that, I called them to tell them I will no longer need their product. They somehow convinced me to remain with the company, explaining that there would only be a shipment every 6 months. I agreed to that...

Proactiv / awful customer service

Nov 05, 2013

The phone operators are very unprofessional when it comes to account info, billing, blah blah blah. I called to put a hold on my account back in maybe sometime in June, the lady told me that the last payment I would make is in October, and I would receive that last package. Then be billed...

Proactiv / telecommunications

Oct 28, 2013

I'm a firm believer in the product itself, but the customer service is horrible. Telecommunication is unfortunately very unprofessional, as every time I call in to place my order something always goes wrong. I've been ordering from them for almost 8 years, and every time I call...

Proactiv / being charge for product that was canceled

Jun 06, 2013

My son order Proactiv March 2012, after receiving his order he realized that Proactiv signed him up for a 3 month supply. He tried to cancel the order but Proactiv shipped him 2 more orders. I sent the items back and Proactiv is still trying to charge my son for those orders. He called...

Proactiv / denied cancellation

Feb 06, 2013

I placed an order online with Proactiv today at 10:30am. By 3:30pm I called the 800 number to cancel the order and was given a complete run-a-round. I was told I had to let the product be shipped, they will charge my credit card, and then I can return it. I placed the order 6 hours ago, I...

Proactiv / scam!

Oct 11, 2012

They continue to charge you, even after you've begged them to stop ! Their product doesn't work. When you contact their Customer Service Dept, they ignore you. When you post something on their Facebook page, they ignore you. When you email them, they reply with a blanket email...

Proactive / rip off

Oct 01, 2012

I signed up for one time only online and ended up paying more than what they offered me. Then i called and talked to a customer service representative . I told the representative about this situation and the representative told me that if they didn't sell it for good, they...

Proactiv / proactiv is a scam for cancellation policy

Jun 27, 2012

Proactiv Cancellation Scam! I wanted to cancel after 30 days of using the shipment (small bottles because 1st month trial supplies) because it made me break out even more worst than before. After calling them and talking to your "specialist” Robert, I somehow let Robert convinced me to...

Proactiv / ripped off

Jun 18, 2012

I ordered the initial kit from proactiv and not only did it make my skin worse, THEY RIPPED ME OFF!!! It is almost impossible to cancel (have to call in and wait on hold forever) and even after I did they sent me another kit, or at least so they say. I moved from the address, which is one...

Proactiv / overbilling/no cancel policy

Jun 02, 2012

Signed up for a one time purchase, but paid with card. Ended up being an every month purchase for $60+. They over withdrew my bank account, wouldn't let me cancel, and told me I was responsible for shipping anything back. The 60/90 day money back guarantee is a lie. They don't...

Proactiv / overbilling

Jan 03, 2012

On December 3, 2011, I placed an on-line order for the Proactiv Kit for $35.95. The next day I received an e-mail stating that my card was not accepted. I called in and spoke to a representative and he told me not to worry that the order would still be processed. On December 5 I was told...

Proactiv / refusal of money back

Sep 25, 2011

Proactive is absolutly the worst company I have ever had to deal with. For starters, their product DOES NOT work and their automatic billing is the stupidest thing I have ever head. You can change the frequency but you can't just decide to order it when you want. After I cancelled my...

Proactive / taking money from my bank

Jul 11, 2011

i ordered some trial tablets from proactive for which i had to pay postage which i did i had read the terms & conditions and knew if they didnt work i could cancel within 14 days but i didnt receive the trial tablets so i had forgotten about them but when i looked at my bank statement the...

Proactiv / didn't order but have been charged

May 17, 2011

I ordered proactiv online because I saw advertising on tv that it is only about $19-20 for 3 steps acne treatment. However, I ended up ordered about $30 something bucks because I decided to get an extra item. On my proactive account stated that my shipment frequent is 90 days or (3...

Proactive / keep billing you - without your knowing!

Apr 29, 2011

I own two websites and shop online daily, so I don't consider myself somebody that can be easily duped by a website! And yet, somehow, I got tricked into Proactive. I'm a careful online shopper - not some old lady that can be tricked into donating money to a Nigerian Prince via...

Proactive / fraud

Apr 15, 2011

Do not order ProActive. I have now cancelled twice. I filed a fraudulent complaint against this company with my bank. However, they tell me the only way I can keep them from future charges is to cancel my charge card and get a new one. I am furious! When I placed the initial order, I wa...

Proactiv / fraudulent credit card charges

Apr 06, 2011

ProActiv continued to charge my credit card after cancelling product. The company is unwilling to refund charges and Francine actually informed me that I needed to dispute their unauthorized monthly charges with my bank. I reported this activity to my credit card company as FRAUDULENT credit card charges by this company!!

Proactiv / charged twice

Mar 29, 2011

I ordered the proactiv 3 step system and paid 19.95, however, I was charged again a few months later in the amount of 27.94. I did not purchase anything, so I don't know why I was charged.

Proactiv / unwilling to fix their mistake

Mar 14, 2011

I ordered Proactiv for my roommate who did not have a debit card. I received her first box and it did not work for her. I received an unwanted second box. Because I never signed up for receiving more than that first box, I did not know I had a 60 day money back guarantee. Working 3 job...

Proactiv / product is more then what they say

Mar 08, 2011

I have nothing good to say about Proactiv, nor their business practices. I bought a 30-day trial for $32.57. I felt safe to try it because on their site it says you can cancel if not satisfied. My daughter started to use it and she had little results. On 2/08 I notice that my credit card...

Proactiv / misleading billing practice

Mar 07, 2011

This company's website and billing is extremely misleading or cannot be trusted. I ordered the Proactiv 3-Step System for my son for $19.95. Without my consent for reordering, additional shipment and bigger bills just continue to arrive. I finally wrote to them to request that they...