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dark spot remover also customer service

As much as I have loved Proactive I think that the "new" dark spot remover does not work the jell burns my skin so bad the old dark spot corrector was great I really don't understand why they would change it I'm asking to PLEASE go back to the old formula I've been a loyal customer for years and I really need the old formula as for customer service it is horrible I know that everybody needs to work everyone has bills but how can we get what we need when we can't understand them nor can they understand me outsourcing is not a good thing to do when you have a business like this to run that another change that I ask to PLEASE change...C Jones

40,000 missing diamonds for home design game on my kindle

I ordered proactive with visa c.f. Ending in 2822. That order did not go through. For 51, 000 diamonds. I got...


I ordered a proactive product about 2 years ago and never did I let them automatically take my credit card...

proactive damaged my daughter's face!

My 13 year old daughter started using proactive for about a week and a half to 2 weeks.. We got the proactive because she had bumps on her forehead that bothered her appearance and she wanted to get rid of it... Well a week or two went by after using proactive and she broke out really bad!! She now has liver splashes and bumps all over her face, skin is very irritated and burns, eyes are blood shot red, her skin tone is uneven, she doesnt even wanna attend school because shes ashame of her appearance.. I called proactive and their response was... What do you want us to do! Well I know what im gone do... Im getting a lawyer! If your products are no good, dont advertise it, dont sell it! Dont continue selling products tht is messing up people's images! My poor child has to go out in public like this and me as a mother I will do what ever I have to do to make it right for my child!!

proactive damaged my daughter's face!


i hate their customer services...first i even cancelled my order, membership still charge me.i even returned their products then now they charged me shipping fee..are you kidding me!!!???
and those customer service, they jist repeat same answer and never tried to resolve issues and showing their irritation.
and some of them, yelled at me too.

i hate proactiv..once become member..even cancelled will always get a bill...

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horrible customer service! avoid at all costs!!!

The company has the WORST customer service I have ever seen, literally. One cannot update or change any information on the account page, and talking with the online chat reps or phone reps is pointless.

They promised to place my account on hold in December 2017, but never sent a confirmation email (I stupidly trusted their word) and continued to send shipments. When I tried to cancel the account after the automatic shipment in April 2018 that I never agreed to or was notified about, I encountered HUGE problems. Beginning with the online chat rep, I reiterated dozens of times that I did not want to continue the product before the rep finally agreed to cancel. Then, all I got were promises that the account was canceled but no confirmation email has been received, the account page remains active with future shipments and charges listed, and I am unable to delete my credit card info or update my account profile. The repetitive refrain is that it takes "24-48 hours" for any update or email to send, which is simply a bald-faced lie in this day of computer technology, but even if a lame Proactiv practice, it has been well over 48 hours with NOT ONE EMAIL CONFIRMATION or update to my account page.

I asked to return the shipment and got the run around there, even though it says a "60-day money back guarantee" right on the home page. I am still waiting to be reimbursed for the returned product and am not holding my breath. Other minor annoyances include having to reset my password EVERY single time I log in, and that the sending a message via the contact page is super glitchy.

I will admit that the product is good. I just do not like automatic shipments, so only gave it a shot as a reduced price offer. I've trialed many products this way and have never encountered such troubles with canceling. I cannot stress strongly enough how BAD, BAD, BAD Proactiv is from the customer service standpoint! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

a charge for $199.27 showed on my debit card statement. I did not order or authorize this purchase.

A charge for $199.27 showed on my debit card statement. I did not order or authorize this purchase. The charge was made on 11/30/17.

Please reverse these charges immediately.

The length of this report has no bearing on whether or not I receive a response. My next step is contacting my credit union and if they cannot get this reversed I will contact the Better Business Bureau.

unethical behavior / charging after 2 cancellations

I first ordered the trial pack back in Jan of 2015. It was ok, not worth paying for, so I cancelled the account. In April of 2015 I got a package from them and since I did not return it, I paid even though I didn't order it and the account was cancelled. Re cancelled the account. In July of 2015 they sent me ANOTHER unwanted package from a twice cancelled account charging me $138.41 USD (I did not give them a credit card thank goodness). This time I got smart and didn't even accept it from the post office, just returned it straight to sender. For 2 years now I have been fighting them, they have wrecked my credit by bringing in a collections agency.
I got another letter today saying I owed this money and I have had ENOUGH! I called them and they were rude and unwilling to help, spoke to a supervisor who said we didn't get it back, you owe us and the collection agency will get it. I am freaking out by this time. Then LIGHTBULB...TRACKING !!! I called back and spoke nicely and asked for the tracking number. I was told they use Landmark Global to send packages and I got the tracking number. While they were on the phone I was on my computer tracking the package. Low and behold PROOF I sent the package back and they received it!!! I took screenshots of the proof and kind of lost it. I demanded another supervisor and he tried to tell me I had 6 months to dispute the charges!! Are you KIDDING ME?!?! I told him I had proof, he didn't care. It was only when I threatened to sue and add pain and suffering for the 2 years of hell they put me through did things finally change in my favor. Now, they say my account is clear and if I want to order again...LOL as if i would ever order from them again...they assured me that they would contact the collection agency and set things right. I said if I got another letter from them, or the agency, I was suing anyway... Of course nothing else was done, the 2 years I spent fighting were worth nothing to them. Do Not Buy from Proactive!!! PLEASE

unethical behavior / charging after 2 cancellations

  • Lm
    Lmelton648 Oct 04, 2018

    They keep billing me after they said they won’t! How can I make them stop? I guess that I will just have to pay?!?!

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unethical behavior and unauthorized charges

I ordered my 11 year old niece a trial kit August 20th, September 6th they charged my card for $70 worth of product! It caused my rent check to bounce and cost me an additional $110 in fees. They told me that "I knew" that I would be charged every 4 weeks, except it wasn't four weeks! Incredibly unethical. Plus, they included all of these products like body wash that I never selected. Totally just padded the order. I have disputed the charge with my bank, but it's too late for my rental fees. So angry at them. They could care less when I called. The sad part is it works for my niece, but I'm not doing business with a company that uses predatory billing practices.

service complaints

I have just experienced the worst customer service ever from a proactiv customer service staff based in the UK. Not only did she yell at me she also hung up on me. Please ensure that all calls are actually listened toin order to deliver good customer service. I am a first time customer overal I have had the worse time of my life since dealing with proactiv since last week. I will never attempt to buy anything from them and I will tell my friends and family how badly I was treated by customer service team. I am very disappointed because I had high expectations seeing all the ads on t.v. I thought it will be a great experience. So far I am in tears and highly dissatisfied. Worst company ever and horrible customer service staff in the uk/Irish based company

terrible delivery service

I have ordered many times from Proactiv and really like their products, but I can't say the same about their...

cleanser and spinning brush

Warnings need to be included with the Cleanser which includes the granules, and use of the spinning brush...

burns to my face

I am getting a lawyer to sue Proactiv for dollars. I applied the proactive to my face on...

customer service

I had an account with proactiv for about a year. Last july, I canceled that account. I was canceling the card...

unable to unsubscribe

I called 3 months ago to cancel our subscription as ProActiv DOES NOT WORK! I wanted to send the prodcuts back but the representative on the phone convinced me to keep the box at a discounted rate so I wouldn't have to go through the hassel of returning the products. I agreed but told him to cancel all future orders as the product does not work. Big surprise- I got another shipment in the mail of ProActiv. I called again and big shocker- they have no records of me canceling my subscription! They refuse to credit me back my $84 saying it's past the 60 day money back guarantee. I even spoke to a supervisor and she did nothing but essentailly said I had to pay for their mistake. I am refusing to pay them another dime so it looks like they're going to put that $84 on my credit report. THIS LOUSY COMPANY HAS MADE A BILLION DOLLARS AND WON'T EVEN CREDIT ME BACK $84 EVEN WHEN I AM SENDING 2 BOXES OF PRODUCTS BACK TO THEM!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!! My daughter sees an acne specialist now who worked with the dermatologist who was developing an acne treatment that the two founders of ProActiv STOLE before he had the chance to patent it. They didn't stick around long enough to see the results of his finished research- and that's why ProActiv doesn't work!!!


I'm ashamed to say this, but I fell for their scam twice. The first time, I'd ordered the 3 month supply from them and paid monthly. At the end of the third month, Proactiv informed me that I still owed them the total amount for the 3 month supply. This came as a shock to me since my bank account clearly showed the charges that had been made and Proactiv had indeed gotten paid. After giving them this proof, they somehow determined that the charges on my credit card had actually been made on behalf of some other person that had received shipments from them - someone that I had no idea about. I told them that either they'd made an error or this individual had somehow gotten access to my card through them. After some back and forth with the so-called customer service agent, I was informed that I would not be receiving the money back and that I would still have to pay for the shipments I'd received.

Stupidly, a year after all this went down, I decided to give them another try and went ahead and ordered a one-month supply using my paypal account. It was to be a one time order and nothing more. Well, months later, I received notification from paypal that I'd authorized a payment to proactiv for $39.86 (which I definitely did not do), and what's worse, no shipment actually followed this charge. What the heck?! Not again, I thought. I called proactiv and they informed me that they could not find my account and so there was no way to resolve the issue. The so-called customer service rep named Brian stated that he couldn't help me. He gave me a fax number, but couldn't provide me with a phone number of anyone who could indeed help. Right now, I'm sitting in limbo wondering if another unauthorized charge will come in next month with not even the product to show for it.

unauthorized orders and credit card charges

Do not give proactive your credit card number!!! I placed a one time order to proactive and paid my bill via...

customer service / product return

I purchased product from the Proactiv Kiosk at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, WI -- in August we purchased a...

vending machine-mays landing, nj

The vending machine at the Hamilton Mall said they could not contact my bank for the visa card used, so it cancelled the order, however the bank DID approve the transaction. I called Proactive and explained the situation and they advised if I did not get any product and did not receive a receipt the transaction would reject and the money would go back on the card but they couldn't do it for 5-8 days. Now it's 3 days before Christmas and I don't have the extra money to purchase another product. They were unwilling to do anything to help. Their customer service didn't care about my problem. It was not my fault and I am being penalized.

  • Lh
    L Hanson Jun 02, 2014

    Friends: DO NOT order from this company! If you do, you will receive month after month of automatic withdrawals, financial anxiety and ruin and terrible product in trial size bottles. You will not be able to withdraw your orders. It is a huge waste of money and you will lose all control of your own money. Proactive is HORRIBLE.

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fraudulent billing

I started ordering Proactiv a few months ago. I received 2 packages in total. After that, I called them to tell them I will no longer need their product. They somehow convinced me to remain with the company, explaining that there would only be a shipment every 6 months. I agreed to that.
They withdrew $22.95 out of my account a month earlier. When I called them to explain I did not need it and it was only supposed to be sent at the end of the following month, they said they don't see any charge. I asked for a fax number so I could fax them a statement. The number did not work, someone picked up. I called Proactiv again asking for another fax number so I could send my statement to get this cleared. The representative spoke with me as if I was stupid. She even asked: "Who picked up a fax number? Was it me? Is this the number you called?!" So I became irrate. I don't really care who picked up, the point is I haven't been able to send the fax. So I started writing emails to Proactiv, both on their website through their form and to a general email address.
I called Proactiv again, for the third time. Explained the situation again. I told the representative I didn't need this product and I want my money to be refunded. And also that I will not pay to send back a package that they sent in error. He attempted to apologize, said he would "make an exception in this case and send me a label so I don't have to pay for shipping." The refund process?! 4 to 6 weeks! And now I'm wondering if they really sent this package, if there will even be a product to be shipped back to them! If I receive it, I will be sure to get both a tracking number and a delivery confirmation. If I do not receive it, but they continue to bill me, after I specifically said multiple times that I wished to cancel my account, I will get in contact with an attorney. I cannot be dealing with this nonsense all the time. It is both nerve wracking and time consuming. At the end of the day, it simply isn't worth it. I don't care how good your product is, you will lose customers with shady billing practices. I will never order Proactiv again!

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