Hydroxatone Complaints & Reviews

Hydroxatone / Scamming, by sending free samples, getting c/c # charging $95

Apr 28, 2016

Pop up ad came on while i was using another site, offering free samples, payment $1.95 for postage. When i received goods & read small print on bottom of (this is not an invoice) phoned to cancel as they stated they would take $95. From my a/c every month & send more products. I was cut...

Hydroxatone / Unlawfully charging my credit card without authority from me.

Apr 28, 2016

This company offered a free trial of their product Hydroxatone for a $1 contribution towards the freight. They have now put a charge through on my credit card of $101.60 without my ordering their product or agreeing to a supply of their product. Please follow up on this complaint urgently a...

Hydroxatone / No product- but they took my money?

Apr 02, 2016

About late jan. 2016, i get e-mail saying i didn't 'complete form?? so i did for s&h of $1.99 i would get a 30 day supply of their face cream- i got another e-mail in a cple days 'confirming' item sent ! then a few days later another e-mail sayin 'sorry about this but we r 'out of stock ...

Hydroxatone / Deducted hundreds from my bank account

Feb 12, 2016

Hi, I am extremely disappointed and upset by the experience I have had with Hydroxatone and Bellaplex. I ordered the $1.99 trial of Hydroxatone, expecting a sample, but received 2x full size containers plus a toner and other products which I didn't order or ask for. I trialled the (1...

Hydroxatone / ACM Tryhydrolyze

Feb 01, 2016

Buyer/Consumer BEWARE. No such thing as a free trial. When I ordered the product, the sales person never stated that I had to return the product, just cancel. So I did and they have been charging my credit card ever since. I filed a dispute with the credit card company and waiting for the...

Hydroxatone / Hydrolyze intensive under eye treatment

Nov 16, 2015

I ordered a 30 day trail of the product and didnt want any more of this product. A $68.95 was taken from my visa card in august 2015 and another $68.95 was taken from my visa card in september 2015. I called customer services and was told my money will not be refunded. Now i have 3...

Hydroxatone / Advised that this was free barring P&P

Aug 14, 2014

I recently completed a survey instigated by Nat West Bank which advised at the end I would receive a free gift. I was then advised that as long as I paid £2.95 P&P that I would be sent the FREE Product. I received the goods along with a delivery note which I took no notice off as I...

Hydroxatone / Won't stop taking payments from credit card

Jun 29, 2014

I had ordered Hydroxatone wrinkle cream the trial order, first I did not receive the order then they charged my credit card 69.95. I still have not received any of the product and I have 2 more charges on my credit card for 69.95 for a total of 209.85. I phoned them to inform them of all...

Hydroxatone / cant cancel via email or ph

May 17, 2014

brought my supposed 'free trial' a month ago, unaware till i actually clicked order that they would be billing me 79.95 a month. it said i had 30 days to cancel.neglected to tell me i had 14 days to return which i just found out now. i just went onto the website...

Hydroxatone Bb Cream / refund

Jan 23, 2014

Like others here I requested the free trial. I was not crazy about the product after using it for 2 weeks it for 2 weeks. I packaged the remainder of the product up and sent it back with a not not to charge my account as I was returning the remainder well before the 30 days they say you...

Hydroxatone / 30 day trial

May 20, 2013

(Continued from 1st. message). The next time I looked at the HYDROXATONE, I knew I was way beyond the 30 day trial date. I could not help it! I am sending the HYDROXATONE back and I beg that you do not charge me for this. I live on Social Security and will not be able to buy groceries if...

Acm Hydroxatone / TAKING MONEY

May 18, 2013


Hydroxatone And Bellaplex / can't cancel my order

Apr 04, 2013

I first tried the product as a free trial with only payment being shipping. Since then I have been receiving two jars of the cream, Hydroxatone, and two lots of the bellaplex each second month. I have tried three times to stop this but they continue to send and continue to debit my credit...

Hydroxatone / Failed to refund

Mar 19, 2013

I decided to try hydroxatone and Bellaplex for the trial price of $1.99 per product. When it arrived in two seperate boxes I was charged over $20 dollars per box in duty. After a week I decided the product wasn 't worth the high cost of importing it to Canada so I phoned to cancel...

Hydroxatone And Bellaplex / Harrassment, False Charges

Feb 20, 2013

I returned my supposedly free sample of Bellaplex and Hydroxatone! after I saw a $69 charge on my credit card for product I did not receive. I I called them telling them I had not received product and did not want to receive any product. They told me that it was necessary to return the free...

Hydroxatone And Bellaplex / Deducting from my account without authorization

Feb 07, 2013

Hydroxatone and Bellaplex are huge scams and the products do not work. I foolishly provided my VISA number to, obtain a free sample and them without authorization, they began sending product and charging my VISA account with two, payments of $69 EVERY month. I have to cancel my VISA card...

Hydroxatone / Scam

Jan 27, 2013

I thought I was old enough to know better, Pulled in to a big scam by scam artists, A free trial was all I sent for, not a monthly subscription, not a go ahead to take money from my bank account, without my say so, I'm unemployed and a free trial was a pick me up, Not Making me feel... / Expensive free trial


I ordered a trial face cream for a $1.50 and postage from Came to $5.00. Just got my credit card statement and have been charged $69.04. I’m on a disability pension and can’t afford these charges. This is a scam as I didn’t and wouldn’t ever pay so much for a face cream.

Hydroxatone / cancel order


Order risk free 30 days Hydroxatone anti wrinkle cream, you pay $1.99 shipping, Then they charge you every month $69.95 each for 2 more jars of cream, have rang them to cancell the order, and they say that it will cost me $150 to return the jars of cream, so they are telling me that I have...

Acm* 800 - 6722259 Nj Amt 12. 95 United States Dollar / charge money from my VISA without my consent


From Internet, I apply free sample from this company. weeks ago I received the sample of Bellaplex. Upon trying .It doesn't work for me. . I've called them : told them< Since your product doesn't work for me.PLEASE Stop sending me again and, don't charge money...

Hydroxatone Bellaplex / cant cancel my order


I am sick to death of trying to contact these people. I am from Australia, i have moved home several times since my original order, i have been homeless and have TRIED several times, different methods of contact to cancel my orders which are two SEPERATE orders. One delivery and order... / Stay far far away from this company


This company advertise on FaceBook and offer a 'Risk Free Trial' on their products. For a few dollars you can try them out ~ allegedly. The FAQ's ask "how can you afford to send them so cheaply?" The answer was, because we are so confident you will love them, you will buy...

Urban Nutrition And Hydroxatone / unable to cancel my account


I have phoned and i have emailed and I am still yet to speak to an actual person. I want to cancle my free trial as I found it done nothing. my main problem ios that I am a solo mum of 4 boys ages range from 13yrs to 1 1/2yearsold. I want my mony back i am more then happy to send back the...

Hydroxatone / Bellaplex / goods not received


my account keeps getting debitted each month and i am not receiving goods. hydraxtone on my credit card statement as at 20/06/12 as at 22/07/12 has not been received by me. also bellaplex cream = how do you dipense it? container is around 4" long and dispenser is about half inch long so...

Hydroxatone / unlawful billing


I bought a $2 sample of this wrinkle free product, it came to me in 2 one ounce jars, not they have my credit card no...well screw them I cancelled my card...they are getting nothing more. I sent them a note first time they tried billing me $73 and told them all I bought wa...

Hydroxatone Am/pm And Bellaflex / taken money from account


I had ordered the free trials for Hydroxotone and bellaflex and received them i have since sent them emails tried to call and nothing was heard from their side.I let them know before my 30 days that i do not want them and that i want to return them and not want anythin to be sentt to me a...

Hydrolyze And Hydroxatone / Being overcharged before trial expires


Prior to the expiration of the "Trial Period" which really wasn't a trial period, I was charged over $200 for this product. I called to cancel and was told that I would not be refunded because my "Trial Period" had expired. It was for about 7 days instead of the 30 days. Besides, I...

Bellaplex And Hydroxatone / Taking money from bank account


I saw an ad on the Internet for both products: they were offering free beauty creams and you had only to pay for postage of $1.99 . My goods arrived with a excess postage charge of £52.80 to pay for postage, I declined the goods and they were sent back to the USA. In this months bank...

Bellaplex / Hydroxatone / Scam Company


I would like to warn all ladies out there that they should NOT under any circumstances give Bellaplex or Hydroxatone their credit or debit card details. I foolishly did sign up for the attractive looking trial offer and since then I have had my accounts fleeced by over $250.00 and the...

Acm'hydroxatone / CHARGED FULL AMOUNT


I sent for the free trial at $1.98 and after trying it I called the company and was told to mail back the item and I would not receive any more charges. I did this and just found out from my credit card company that I was charged $69.95 for somethin I never received because this charge wa...

Acm Hydroxatone / charged


I sent for a free sample on Sept 7th and paid 1.25 The sample came but as I was to be charged £25.80 customs duty I never picked it up from the post office. UK. One month later I was charged £46.03 on my credit card. Please refund this and do not send any more. It could be that in...

Hydroxatone / receipt 2 boxes that I not demand


I am command by internet a trial for hydroxatone cream. Today, 4 October 2011 . I receive a package at: Postes Canada come from the hydroxatone. I am pay $28.70 for CBSA POSTAL IMPORT. When I open my package, there are 2 pots of cream that I not past the command. A trial for hydroxatone...

Hydroxatone / Bellaplex New Jersey Usa / taking money out of my account


Back in August 2011 when on the internet a advert appeared for Hydroxatone/Bellaplex free trial $1.99, with no strings attached. I checked reviews on this product and the reviews were praising the results of this wrinkle cream.Hydroxatone. I am a senior citizen 65 years old and although...

Acm Hydroxatone / taking money no product


i have had £45.69 taken out of my account without the products being sent to me .this has to stop and i will be trying to contact the provider in no uncertain terms to request a refund off my money.this has happened twice once whilst i was away so have not had time to deal with it a...

Hydroxatone / agree for $1.00 NOT $79.99


I agreed for a $1.00 (one dollar) from my checking account thru my ATM card number, but this morning when checking my bank account this company lied to me and took $79.99 (seventy-nine dollars and ninty-nine cents). They did not leave a phone number to discuss the problem. This leaves me...

Hydroxatone,urban Nutrition / cancelled orders


I cancelled my order for both hydroxatone and bellaplex and received conformation of such.In the post today 12/09/2011, I received more of these products.I am worried that money will be debited from my account without my authorisation. As I am in Australia this is very concerning as I feel...

Bellaplex And Hydroxatone / skin care product


dear sir / madam i submitted a required perscription of this product on a 30 day trial which i cancelled and returned product to this address as it burnt my skin i have been charged £86.89 p off my bank account which i cannot stop and cannot afford to pay or lose this substancuial...

Lashatone/hydroxatone / eyelashes


I used Lashatone and my eyelashes fell out. Furthermore, my eyes swelled . Has this happened to anyone else. If so, please email me at [protected]

Acm Hydroxatone / Charges


This advert along with the Bellaplex (both cream supposed to work wonders) is a total scam!! They try to hook you in by asking such a small amount for the product, i, e, £1.60 then to my embarrassment have added a delivery charge of £25.00 !!! What a disgrace and what a con... STAY AWAY FROM THESE PRODUCTS...

Acm Bellaplex / Acm Hydroxaton / Unauthorised payment


Ordered 2 x sample for $1.99 (£1.50) each. Samples never received. SCAM: Payment taken from my credit card for two separate payments of £44 each without my authorisation and without ever receiving any product. I have no way of contacting the company for a refund. This i...