Warning!!! Scam alert!!! I have done business with pristine for years and spent thousands of dollars with them only for them to scam me. First, I have bought several mystery boxes and every single time I always get the bottom value low tier stuff. Not once have I gotten a top tier item. This last time I purchased a mystery box from a 1954 topps baseball set when I got my order it was 2 bowman cards. Once again the bottom tier of that set. The ironic thing is I saw all of the 1954 top tier cards being auctioned off on the site individually that were suppose to be part of the mystery set I was purchasing. After seeing this I wrote an email to pristine questioning why this was and how is this possible and that's when their true colors came out. They tried to tell me it was another vendor. Then it was they were out of my product the very day I saw the same auction I purchased on auction again, but they were out. Now I only a refund, I ask them why and their exact words were, "you can't get what you purchased now since you opened up the package we sent you." dumbfounded by this response I ask again for clarification. So what you're telling me is that because I opened the package you sent me I cant get what I bought in the first place and the lady said yes that's managements policy. Next ironic thing is you cant speak to management except through email. Go my opinion and what the evidence clearly shows is they don't want to send me another set of cards knowing I am on to their scam of sending the lower tier cards and selling the high their individually. That way they can go to court and say there is no damages. Basic cya legally! They also wont provide or share who actually got the top tier cards in the auction either! The only mystery about their mystery box sales is will you get something that has at value close to what you paid for so at least you break even. Currently I am waiting on management to rectify this situation and if not I plan on filing a lengthy complaint with the arizona ag mark brnovich concerning this matter. So if you have been screwed with one of their mystery boxes and would like to join me be sure to message me.

Oct 01, 2019

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