Complaints & Reviews

non payment of sale proceeds

I sold a rare piece of Michael Jackson memorabilia though Julien's and have not been paid the full sale price. I am still owed a significant amount of money and Juliens have not provided any indication on when I will receive the full payment for the sale of my item. It's been almost 3 months since the auction. What's the point of "selling" an item with Julien's if you don't actually get paid for it? I now have to take legal action to recover what I'm owed. The worst part of this is that they have admitted to knowing the buyer has a history of not paying on time, but they allowed them to register and bid in the first place- why?? This has been a shockingly bad experience and to think I'm actually being charged by them for their ‘service' is a joke. I would never sell anything with Julien's again, let alone anything of value.

Juliens AuctionsThis auction is rip off

Juliens Auctions is real rip off. I have also tried to buy some stuff from the auction, but the owner ripped me off. She asked to pay for the entrance fee, for bids and when I almost won the item, she took money from my card. When the auction was finished, I noticed that this company took money from me. I called them and said that it was mistake. I requested to return money back three times and they still haven’t done it.