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5343 Dundas Street West, Suite 400
Canada - M9B6K5

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+1 877 704 4269(Sales) 2 1
+1 800 370 0015(Technical Support) 3 3
+1 800 806 3273(Customer Care) 1 4
+1 877 422 6171(Wireless Sales) 1 0
+1 888 502 8380(Business Sales) 2 0
+1 888 501 8430(Business Care) 2 0
+1 888 222 8577(Business Support) 1 1
+1 800 340 4919 0 0
+1 888 865 1234 0 0
Web: primus.ca
Work days:
Mon8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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Primus Complaints & Reviews

Primus / absolutely garbage service

G Rane on Aug 4, 2017
Hi, New account holder here. Primus Internet service is horrendous . these guys force modem to reboot automatically numerous times in a day. is this what I am paying for? whenever you are in the middle of doing something there goes modem in restart mode and has to wait 5 mins until line come...

Primus / landline phone

elsie connell on Jul 26, 2017
I am writing this complaint for my 84 year old sister at her request.The name is Irene Dossett.The phone has not been working since last Thursday, July 20/ 17.Irene had been trying to get help from Primus, but instead of helping, Primus cut off her phone service .The bill was paid up to...

Primus / internet & customer service

Robrob24 on Jun 27, 2017
After numerous phone calls with technicians and customer service representatives, my internet is still cutting out and works when it feels like. Not to mention I am always being left on hold for a minimum of 25 min to 38 min and when I select a call back I never get a call back. Being a loyal...

Primus / residential and business

M an upset customer on Jun 27, 2017
June 27 - this is my third call to Primus and this time to ask why I was charged cancellation fee when my service has moved from Residential to Business. It was confirmed twice in the past that no cancellation fee will be charged, yet it is on my credit card account. It is because I wanted...

Primus / customer service

Joe92 on May 16, 2017
Hi i have been with primus for 3 years I stopped for 4 months because we moved and when we got back to them they gave us a date for installation, their technician never shows up without even calling us I called them to see whats up And the rep was so rude and vulgar And he hung up the...

Primus / Home phone

MaryAnn Fleury on Apr 24, 2017
I have been on hold for 1 hour and 20 minutes and have not yet heard from a live person. I am trying to cancel my mother's home phone as she no longer lives at that address. NoW my phone is out of power and I cannot call back!!! This service is utterly unacceptable. .I am very busy and...

Primus / Customer service

Abdul Saqib on Jan 3, 2017
My internet is not working since two months. Modem needs to be replace. Its not turning on. I keep calling customer service technician. First they hold me for two hours. I request for call back many time I just got call one time. The guy told me call us at night when I call them at night...

Primus Canada / Customer service

paul kaye on Jul 26, 2016
...changed services in may and in july i was invoiced for a non return of their modem...i used their return kit to mail back their modem on may 19th.. i also was astute enough to get a tracking receipt from the post office... ...but trying to get to customer service to convey this information wa...

Primus Canada / internet service

Melanie Williamson North on May 31, 2016
5 weeks ago I called and ordered internet, after a long process they said it would be 2-3 weeks, the box will be sent first and then a technician would come...I explained that I have a network marketing business I run from home and that internet is crucial asap, I was assured that they...

Primus / Permanently Poor Services.

Arie Liman on May 16, 2016
On March 14 I applied to Primus to move my services. Primus refused because they don't have services in the needed area. I applied to other internet provider and paid $165 include Modem. After my research I proved to Primus that they do have services and back to them. I staid couple...

Primus Canada / High speed internet

Reviewer72907 on Dec 11, 2015
Poor internet service that was down more than it worked. Constant lack of internet reception that was down for over a week at a time. You call and they couldn't even tell you when it would be fixed. Promised a credit but never followed through and kept billing me for 3 months after...

Primus Canada / Poor Internet Connectivity

Reviewer67586 on Aug 15, 2015
BEWARE! Primus’ affordable price and unlimited internet usage may be appealing, but poor internet connectivity is a deal breaker. I was originally subscribed with Rogers’ Internet, Cable and Home Phone. I decided to cut the cable and rely on Netflix and free OTA broadcast...

Primus Canada / left our port in the air

fadia pahlawan on Mar 14, 2015
I requested Primus phone and internet service in February for it to take effect in March. I called 2 weeks before the starting date to ensure them sending me the box and the technician on time, they could not confirm and advised that someone will call back shortly.. that never happened nor...

Primus Canada / Ordered 7.0 Mbps service getting Only 0.03 Mbps

John_Smith_Bad_Service on Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 As a Costco member in Mississauga I noticed that Primus Canada representative was promoting their services. It captured my attention and I learned that I buy and receive a 7.0 Mbps (download) service for 32.99 / month + tax. I was happy and exited thinking that I got myself a very...

Primus Canada / Internet Service

Gunner86 on Sep 25, 2014
The worst customer service ever. Took me almost a month just to have my internet running. The internet is very slow and the connection is always disrupted. To make things worse when you try to contact Tech support you could be on hold for over an hour. I once called at 3:00 AM EST and i...

Primus / overbilling

ruth3305 on Feb 12, 2014
more than incompetent service..it borders on a scam when it comes to overbilling. Cancelled long distance service in Sept and they are still billing my credit card...cancellation fees and monthly service. They are not interested in listening to facts, and seem to have a policy to do...

Primus Canada / Poor dishonest service

Sean Fordyce on May 10, 2013
On April 1st I booked a move within the same city, Ottawa. The date for the phone and internet to be moved was April 22. As of May 3 we had no phone. Internet was working at the old address but not new address. Since Primus is a reseller in this location move was to handled by Bell?. They then...

Primus Canada / Worst Service

Keitaicity on Jul 4, 2012
Over one year ago and after our 3 years contract ended with Primus, we have switch the internet service to Shaw (cable). As per Primus return equipment package, we have send them back the Internet Modem. and they indicated they have received it. One year later they call me and tell me the...

Primus / Over Charge my account

Barbara Armatowicz on Jan 29, 2012
I was a Primus customer and my account number was 110880257. This number is still on my son's name, even thou I have called 8 months ago and ask to switch to my name, because he left 8 months ago and he is living with his father. I switch my service from Primus to Camway . My last...

Primus Canada / Beyond Incompetent! Disconnected my phone!

Zagg35 on Jul 3, 2011
4 days without a phone with Primus. They have lied and backtracked to cover their incompetence. They disconnected me by mistake and now have jacked me around with fake service calls(had to *** work etc.)and still not fixed. A Bell line tech called me and told me that they disconnected me and all...

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