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bad product and no refunds

In July of 2010 we decided to go with Primus for our telephone service. What a mistake. Over the phone they assured us that with a modem they could deliver a good and efficient phone service. We tried this out for about two weeks. When we dialed we got wrong numbers or a voice telling us that long distance applied, which was not true. Also we couldn't use the telephone numbers we had stored in memory as that would for sure give us the wrong connections. We were told we had to dial slowly. That too gave problems. After two weeks, on Aug. 3d, we cancelled our service.
We sent the modem back that same day. We had to pay
for the month of July and August, a total of $60.44.
Then in October were suddenly charged $180, 54 as according to them we didn't return the modem.
We phoned them and were promised a refund. To make a long story short, we have phoned them 5 times and still haven't received our refund., and it is December!!
After each phone call we were promised a refund.
I have been waiting for hours on their customer service phone line, listening to their annoying music. At one time they put me on hold only to find out 30min later, when I dialed again, that they had left for the day.
Don't deal with them!!!

very rude service

I telephoned Primus Canada whose customer I am for their triple value bundle. I've noticed they are never easy to get over the phone for any customer service. Today I got a male employee named Roger who was very rude and impatient and gave sometimes wrong information, then had an attitude if we asked him to repeat or clarifie something. Positively obnoxious attitude. You would do well to give better customer service or risk losing your clients.

totally useless company

I made the stupid error of trying to save money on my home phone and fell into the primus canada trap.
My horror story began in february of this year and is still ongoing.
Their "bell" technician arrived to change my phone lines over from rogers to primus (little did I know they used bell lines.. Had my fill of bell years ago). After spending 3/4 of an hour listening to the bell technician tell me how he could save me so much more money by switching my household over to satellite, bell internet and bell phone on a bundle, it turned out that he did not disconnect the rogers junction box that fed the phone lines to my entire house, he reactived a dead bell line that was in the former office of my house (which had been cut and dead for over 20 years), which only supplied that particular connection. He left the house without my knowing that this is what he had done.

Two days later, having received absolutely no incoming phone calls (and ironically enough, not having had to make an outgoing one), I picked up my phone to discover it was dead. I went to the phone in the bedroom.. Dead as well. Then to the hardwired old dial phone on the wall, which was as well dead. That was when I figured out what he had done.. That was the beginning of the nightmare with primus.

I will not bore you with the details of the countless hours of emails, sitting on hold for a customer service rep, listening to their excuses of "we sent out a technician and that's all we're responsible for so perhaps you'd like to call your own technician in for about $200 to rewire your outlets in your house and maybe we'll apply that to your bill to help you".. And then the promises.. The endless "no ma'am because this was not satisfactory, we will allow you to disconnect your service since it's only been 2 weeks and we will negate all charges and waive the $60 disconnect fee" and then the invoices.. The threaten to send to collections invoices.. The promises yet again by a csr that "no ma'am, your account shows that you owe nothing, we will inform the credit dept of that".. And then more invoices.. And "sorry ma'am.. But that was never completed and now we need to charge you the disconnect fee because you didn't give us 1 month notice".. And more time on hold, talking to csr's, promises of "i'll call you back this afternoon"..

Warning all.. Steer clear of this scam of a company.. I'm still fighting this and have 1" of printed out emails and notes dating back to day one.. And even as late as yesterday [protected]) was promised that someone would call me that day to straighten this out.. Nothing...

Run while you can..

I'm back with rogers.. Happy.. No issues.. So what if it costs a tad more..

bad service

The small business where I work had been using primus for long-distance and toll-free calling for years before I got there.in my position, I went through and reviewed all of the company's financial billing and eventually got to primus. Compared to other long distance companies, they had higher rates as well as numerous fees tacked on for little apparent reason; combined, I was able to save our company about 30% in phone costs by switching away from primus.

Unfortunately, primus didn't fully cancel the business account when I called, so we kept receiving bills. I called back again to cancel the whole account, and they canceled other numbers. But I got another bill for $4 and change. I called back and they said they had recorded the cancellation as happening on a later date than when I called (twice) so we had to keep paying. I told them that made no sense since other lines had been canceled and I specifically said to cancel all of them and not just some of them, so why would only a few be canceled and not others?

So i'm pretty unsatisfied with primus's incomptence and would not recommend them, unless you don't think you would ever switch companies if rates get too high.

I hope the last bill is really the last. But I won't know for another few weeks.

Resolved service

I was with primus canada for a year and a half and there service was terrible. The company is not capable of helping with consumer complaints such as internet interuptions and phone static. They have too many technicians who dont have a clue what they are doing. The only time they try to help with your service if you threaten to terminate contract. I highly doubt will be around for a long time as they have no idea what to do when presented a problems by consumers. I wqould not recommend this service to my worst enemy.

  • Ro
    Rob Blythe Feb 15, 2009

    WARNING!!! Do not deal with this company!!! I have had so much trouble with this company I could write a book on them. It started from the very beginning when I didn't receive my phones for a few weeks, I should have stopped my service right there. I won't go into all the other details but I will be changing providers as soon as my contract runs out. I have never, not even close, dealt with a company that had such horrible service.

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Resolved disconnect without warning

They disconnected my phone for 4 days without warning or phone calls while keeping 250.00 deposit in there account. Obviously the 250.00 deposit they collect from various costumers is just to make money on intersest otherwise they could have used it instead of disconnecting my land line without warning. Shame on you primus I hope people will see this and learn about your illegal practice.
Thank god we have the internet to voice our complaints and let know other fellow canadian about it.. Unlike the old days you can't just suck up peoples money the way you want knowing that we don't have the time and money to take you to court.

  • We
    Wendy Peters Jul 26, 2014

    My husband and I both have Primus email accounts and they have both stopped sending and receiving. At first, I thought it was because I was in another city but learned that my husband's account also wasn't working at home. In the meantime I can see tons of mail activity going in and out but I have no idea where it's going since it certainly doesn't end up on my Primus Webmail account.

    Could someone explain why this might be happening and how it can be resolved?

    Much appreciated.
    Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

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Resolved not working on a long distance

Well... I have primus as a long distance provider on many phone lines on of which is a fax line. The long distance fax line only works about 5% of the time, I have emailed and telephoned and all I ever get is a response that they will fix it.. It never has been fixed yet they still manage to bill us. I have asked that the complaint be accelerated to a supervisor three times and there is never one available and no one ever calls back.

I emailed this morning in response to an "i'll fix it soon email" that I wanted a supervisor to call me... Nada

I called (india) and was told to try the fax now and call them back... Nada. Called back and got (india) and asked for an excellertaion and a supervisor... None available but "one will call you within 24-48 hours" that won't happen.

Dismal service! They are about to loose a dozen accounts as a result!!

Resolved will not return over payment

I cancelled my internet and home phone service back in july after terrible internet service. I returned 2 modems to primus as instructed.in september, they proceeded to remove 124.67 from my bank account to pay for the modem. I called them, they said - "oh yes, you did return the modems. Sorry." my problem? They have still not returned the money. After several phone calls, I was told 2 - 4 months to get the money to me. "be patient"..."it is policy..."

I am furious!! They will not let me speak to anyone above a customer service supervisor. I feel trapped and without answers...

Primus sucks!!!

Resolved regular charges without service

Primus leaves off fixed charged automatically charged to the account whether or not long distance charges are used.

When I realized they were about to charge me $30 to cover $2- worth of long distance calls, I immediately cancelled the service. To be able to do that
Cost another $8-

This is penny-ante stuff — but this is the kind of outfit you are dealing with here. They've automated whatever they can — and they pick your pocket without even pretending to give you a service in return.

Any special offer these guys make is loaded. Read the fine print. They don't know what rendering value means. The supposed savings are bogus.

3 months of long distance service — during which I made 8 short calls worth 2.25 becomes a bill for $38. The primus experience —

Resolved stay away from them

Activated home phone service in october 08 via telephone call to primus csr. Never advised of any term committment requirement, never signed any term committment and never received any contract of service.

Requested and received calling cards but the cards were unsecure. If lost anyone could use them (no secret pin) and primus could not fix this.

We requested an unlimited canada/us long distance plan for which we were billed $19.95 monthly. Started getting bills including the $19.95 for the ld plan 'plus' charges for all long distance used in the month, as well.

Had to call 'every' month to get bill corrected, wait on hold forever to speak to someone but they were unable (competence) to correct the problem.

Finally cancelled the service out of frustration and am now being hounded for an early cancellation fee and $9.95 for long distance service used in the last month despite the fact that they were paid $19.95 for the 'unlimited' plan.

These people will not listen to reason and, I believe, think they can bully you into paying money they are not entitled to in order to stop the harassment.

Stay away from them!!! They are bad, bad news!!!

  • Ja
    jantien Dec 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish I had read this before I signed up.
    Now I have been waiting for two months for a refund of $180, 54 for a modem that I did return. Five times they have assured me I will get it but not the full amount. Only $168, ..
    Don't ask me why only so much or when I'll get it!!

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Resolved infringement of privacy

To say that primus' customer service is apalling is an understatement. They have absolutely no respect for the privacy (and safety) of their customers.

I signed up three years ago with primus and brought over up my already unlisted phone number. However, despite my payments to keep it unlisted, they published it in two consecutive phone books.

One year after I initially signed up, I discovered my number and address were printed in that year's phone book. I immediately emailed primus customer service department to which they confirmed that I had in fact been paying for an unlisted number. Nothing was proposed to rectify the incredible inconvenience of this misprint.

Documented via email, primus finally agreed, at a minimum to have my phone number and more importantly, my address removed from canada411. Ca. 7 months later it was still not removed from the internet. When I complained again and told them I would likely have to move because my address was now public (and even threatened legal action), I finally got my first apology. However, the only compensation they would offer was a $10 discount off my next bill.

Then, after all of the months of waiting for them to remove my contact information from the internet, I was told that it was up to me to contact canada411 to have it removed myself. They would not do it for me.

One month later, 8 months after I had informed them of their error, they published my phone number and address in yet another telephone book! That was after almost 2 years of paying for my number to be unlisted.

Over the last year, I have made multiple requests for a manager to call me. Although promises were made on multiple occasions, I have yet to speak with one. From the day I signed up, I continued to pay for an unlisted number until just recently when I was finally able to relocate to another address and cancel my service.

Most unfortunate that they could not have shown a little bit of remorse or sincere desire to rectify the situation. This happened to a friend of mine with her service provider and they handled it so well that she retained her phone service with them.

Additionally, if you have any desire to ever speak to any of primus' customer service reps on the telephone, you should expect incredibly long wait times to the point that you eventually give up and just deal with the issues you are have been handed.

  • Mi
    Michelle 22 Nov 10, 2009

    I was finally able to "resolve" this with a manager. To make matters worse, it was also uncovered that I was overcharged on my final bill. Unfortunately the most they would credit me was $50 for the huge inconvenience I was handed. Hardly makes a dent in the expense of moving in addition to the two years of fees I paid for unlisted service.

    It's too bad these big companies are well aware that the legal fees to fight them wouldn't be worth it in the end...at least not financially.

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Resolved won't pay for repairs

I bought an extended warranty when I bought my kia rio cinco new. The warranty company, primus care, won't pay for the engine repairs, 78, 000 miles, because I did not replace the timing belt at 60, 000 miles. Kia, is also refusing. Are there any class action lawsuits going on against either primus, or kia? Or, does anyone have any knowledge of leverage I can use against them?

Resolved bad services

Just want to share my experience with everybody with primus canada services in canada...
I supposed to switch my home phone service from rogers wireless to primus canada on aug 28, 2009. I supposed to have someone come to install the home phone on that day but the waiting time from 8:00a. M. To 5:00p. M. But finally no body show up then I called to primus canada on monday aug 31, 2009 to clarifly. Ann (from primus's saled rep) said they came already but nobody there. I was so angry already the first i'll been waiting for whole day but no one come (why they don't call me whatever). Ann's sound like nobody there. (like my fault) but why I called on monday if I wasn't at home. Second, her sound never give me a chance to say only she kept on talking. I felt it seems she give me a business more than I give... So she said have to be re-schedule for someone to come. How can I spend whole day to wait (not going out) again. Then I called up want to do a complait with a supervisor. But the process time I took 30 mins to wait each time until the supervisor name called mr. Savinver... I spoke to him not more than 3 mins then he hang me up. Although, the price from primus canada is better than what I had now. But after this I prefer pay more but I won't taking primus canada anymore...

Resolved unauthorized billing

Hey, i've been getting bills for long distance service from primus when I never even signed up for their service.

When I got the first bill, I phoned them right away and said that I had never signed up with them. His response, "yes, you did." after further "no I didn'ts and yes you dids" I said to offer me proof that I had ever signed up with them. He said that I had agreed on the phone, so I asked him to find such a recording as they record all such phone transactions and told him i'd wait.

After a few minutes he came back and said that there was no recording and then he said, "so do you want to cancel the service?" I said, "no I don't want to"cancel" the service because I never signed up in the first place. So he finishes off by telling me they'll be sending me a closing statement of what I owe.

I'm pretty sure what happened is that one of their phone solicitation people simply decided to sign me up even after i'd said no just so he could gain a commission. But, even with no recording of my agreement to sign up with them, they're still insisting that I did sign up.

  • Je
    jenipou Oct 19, 2009

    They did the same to me, now im getting a monthly E-bill, and all i did was call them for info on their services! they asked for my info for them to check if services were available in my area, and i clearly said i dont want to subsrcibe now, just want info on prices and such, and she assured me no problemes, I think im gonna have to take to court, its ridiculus!!! they are charging me and i dont have any services from them, a tech was never here, just me who called for info, i feel harrasssed to the fullest!

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Resolved fraud

Primus canada sent me an invoice for 12.05 which I paid for long distance that where suppositly made in july and august of 2008. After numerous phone call to primus canada in february of 2009, they said they would reimburse me the amount of 12.05 which have still not been received. Again other phone call where made in april and promises of reimbursement where made to no avail.

These long distance where not made as I have not used primus for at least 2 years and furthermore I was on vacation during these two months in 2008. It is not so much for the money, it's a matter of principale, they have agreed that it was their mistake and to where to pay me back.

Resolved harrassment

We used Primus Canada for couple of years and eventually cancelled their services due to too many dropped calls. I notified them of my intent asked them to send a final bill. I received one and paid it. Later, they sent another bill indicating I needed to pay final month payment because it was not included. I paid that too. I also returned their hardware as well. But, to my astonishment, I received a third bill supposedly for disconnection charges. When we signed up, I was told, if I was not satisfied, I needed to simply return the hardware and cancell without any further costs. Since then, I have spoken couple of customer service reps, a manager and a collection staff. I had clearly told these Primus employees that I did not agree to pay disconnection charges and ask to them to produce a document. They could not but refered to terms on conditions on their website. I continue to get an invoice from Primus and with interest charges, the amount has ballooned to $25. The bigger issue is that Primus has no sense of loyalty and business sense. I was a long-term customer who had given about $1, 000 to $2, 000 business per annum. They not only lost me but all my family, friends and business associates. Furthermore, I continue to talk about this. I am also considering blogging. If you have similar experience about Primus, please feel free to contact me at josh.s.[protected]@gmail.com.

  • Yi
    yippe Jun 28, 2009

    suggestion -copy/paste yr comment on this site as well -

    its canadas best consumer comments site
    see other complaints

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Resolved scam

I bought an extened warranty on a used car that had 22, 000 miles on it. Now it has 82, 000 road miles on it.[ I live in the country] I paid over $2100 for it in 2004. Iv'e only used it once, on a hub. Now the transmission is bad and they say until I can prove cause of failure, they won't pay for it. I've researched on the net and filed as many places as I can. If you are going to buy an extended warranty, get on the computer and do your research. I wish I had a computer when I bought my car.

Resolved poor customer service

I have received very poor customer service from primus as well.

I should've known to stay with my current service provider (bell) when it took primus 2 weeks to connect my phone when I moved to my new house. I called them to see what the problem was that took so long to connect my phone, and a recorded voice would always say that the hold period may be more than 40 minutes. It took about 4 phone calls to deal with this issue, and over 4 hours of my personal times to understand why a basic connection couldn't be made at the scheduled times!!!
Jeez... How dumb is this company!

To add insult to injury, this crazy company won't credit me the 3000 aeroplan miles they owe me on the pretext - hold for it - that I called an airmiles customer service line to start a new accuont!!!
So, according to a crazy manager, I don't fit the description of an existing or a new customer since they already credited my account with 200 airmiles!!!
So instead of just giving me 3000 aeroplan miles, the manager lectured me... And gave me so much attitude I couldn't believe it!!!
I never in my life got such poor service!

This company has no idea what good customer service is, and I am convinced they run their business out of a whole in the wall, because everytime I call, I hold for over 1/2 hour, and when I decide to e-mail, they take 2 or 3 days to answer me... How many people do they have working for them?

I am just waiting for july 29th to cancel my service with primus, just so they don't steal 99$ penalty fee from me.

Please please please please please please, if you are looking for a new telephone service provider, do not call primus. I don't care how much you can save.

The customer service is poor
The managers are very rude (monique)
They are thiefs

  • Da
    Danielle Brook Dec 22, 2009

    I also received poor service from Primus and was in awe at their treatment. Six weeks before moving I had organized to have my phone installed so that it would be in effect when I arrived due to the movers wanting a contact number. When I arrived, the phone was not working and they insisted that I wait for a day and try again. The next day I once again called since it was still not working when they told me that I was going to have to pay a service technician to come over and switched the phone over since Rogers had been installed previously. I asked them shouldn't that be included in my connection fee and they rudely said that it was up to me to know that the townhouse had been digital and that was going to be in my bill. Obviously I didn't know the previous tenants, so there was no way for me to know. The incidences just kept accumulating and 3 days later I told them to forget it since the phone was not connected and I would go with another company. They then told me that I would have to pay a disconnection fee. I lodged a complaint with the telecommunications board and did receive all my money back. It they hadn't been so rude regarding the whole incident I probably would have just paid and thought lesson learned but it amazed me how they ignored my concerns initally. They then berated me for not being aware of digital systems and attempted to bully me if I didn't pay for a service that never did work.

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Resolved customer service

I have been a customer to primus for a couple yrs now and I can not believe how bad their customer service is. They ended up taking out too much money from our account one month after telling us how much the amount would be, and now they are refusing to give us our money back and they are also refusing to pay my nsf fees that happened in my account. With them taking out over a hundred dollarsmore than I was expecting, my mortgage bounced, and I was charged 2 nsf fees that equal more than a hundred dollars.. They are refusing to give me anything back and now I am out over $200.00 because of this... Their customer service department isn't rresponding to my complaints, it's like they are ignoring them, and they just keep refusing to give me anything back.. They are not even trying to please me, they keep telling me it's my fault that I didn't have extra money in my account, so it's my problem not theirs... Why would I keep extra money in my chequing account when I should know how much the company is taking out... They just took out whatever they wanted and piss on me...
I am very discouraged and very angry. I have never in my life recieved customer service like this. I am going to comtinue to fight for my money, because if all companies worked like primus does, we would never sign up for pre-authorized payments... All I want is my nsf fees back which I beieve they shpuld be paying for because they screwed up, and my money back from the wrong amount being taken out of my account in the first place!!!

  • Ok
    oksana Mar 06, 2009

    Have you tried to contact Public Utility Commission, I am having a similar issue with them right now. They have downgraded a loooooooooooooooot. I used their customer service a couple years ago and it was totally different. I called them several times and they just keep sending me in circles. The last one said that he is not in the position to help me and no one else is. I noticed in November some changes such as suddenly switching their online system and deleting all my previous statements - these must have been warning signs. Looks like a fraud. I am now even more determined to have them solve my issue.

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  • Mi
    Michelle 22 Sep 24, 2009

    Don't expect them to do anything on their own to make you happy. They offered me a $10 discount off my bill after they published my unlisted phone number and address in the phone book (as if that would be enough to cover my moving expenses). They only turned around the publish it again the next phone book.

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Resolved criminal harrassment

In july of 2008 I signed up for phone/internet service from primus canada. They called back on the day of installation and told me they had been backlogged and could not give us service for 35 business days. This is unacceptable to I cancelled the service. I never had a day of service from the company, they have since sent me bills every month up to the present day. I have spent over 20 hours on the phone on hold and with 'customer service' agents (though I use the term loosely) cancelling and re-cancelling the services. I have confirmation numbers and emails from primus. Finally the credit card company issued me a new number and card so as to avoid any further harrassment from the company. We continue to recieve bills in the mail and harrassement notices, I have found and called the president of the company (who has since changed his phone number lol!) to try to get to the bottom of all this. Still I regularly get calls from primus agents requesting money for a service never provided. So at this point it is turning into a serious harrassment for us and I need to find a way to stop it... I have no idea how they got our new phone number. If an individual was doing this is would be a criminal charge, I see no reason this doesn't apply to primus as well,,, there are several website with 1000's of other customers experiencing the same issues with the company.

If we want to really affect this companies unethical business practices we need to all complain to the local rcmp office and they can and will do something.
First you need to fill out the formal complaint here…
http://www.recol.ca and save your file number, then call the local rcmp and give them the details. If enough of us stand up to these # at primus something will get done.
Good luck people, we must stand our ground against these criminals.
Btw the president of the company has changed his number, you can no longer reach the prez of primus on this number [protected]

  • Ps
    ps-u-suck Feb 11, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    also complain to the CRTC


    i am doing this everyday till i get a response, because i am going through something similar to your issue,

    my post link :

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  • Mi
    Michelle 22 Sep 30, 2009

    I am also going to look into this. They published my phone number and address in the phone book two years in a row while I continued to pay for it to be unlisted. The only compensation they would agree to was a $10 credit on my bill and I had to move because of the error!


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  • Ge
    GetTheBastards Jun 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, the Primus Canada are scammers and fraudsters!
    Too bad I didn't read this before I got scammed into their service which does not even exist!

    "Call the local RCMP"...? Pha! What are they gona to do for you as a small "regular citizen"?

    Obviously Primus Canada has some corrupted Protectors at “higher places” where the laws does not apply to them. At least Not in Canada!

    If you want something to be done Do it Yourself!

    Here is their office address:
    5343 Dundas St. West
    St. 400
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    M9B 6K5

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