Priceline.comhotel falsely advertised as a 4 star

J Jul 15, 2019

I am filing a complaint as the customer service was not provided regarding my reservation at Casa Faena Hotel in Miami. I called with concerns prior to going as it stated it was a 4 star hotel and it was no where near a 4 star hotel. I called and complained and price line reps were no help. There were several customer complaints about this hotel being broken down, not having a public ice machine, being small and dirty as well as NOT having a pool. The representative said that they were unable to cancel my reservation because i used the express deal. I told the rep that they advertised to book in one of several options for a 4 star hotel, and I just wanted to be booked in a 4 star hotel with a pool. I was told that wasnt a possibility. I had been searching for the best deal for the past week and saw the case faena hotel being booked in this deal each time I looked, which makes me think that this was the ONLY hotel being used for the express deal. I have been a Priceline member over 10 years and expect better customer service than what I was given. If this hotel is barely a 2 Star being advertised as a 4 star and Priceline is stealing from us! This was NOT what i agreed to and paid for.

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