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Complaints & Reviews

money stealing company

I purchased tickets through Priceline.com. I did realize that to some degree there were no refunds but I didn't realize that you could not have changes made. I was checking on the status of my ticket through the airline carrier Delta to make sure all of my plans were as stated in my itinerary that Priceline.com sent me. Let me tell you, I was speechless when they told me that the reservations that I had made were canceled on Delta's computers. I spent several DAYS calling trying to get things taken care of. In the mean time, I needed the flight changed leaving from my destination a day sooner. The Customer Service Personnel told me that since I have had all of this trouble that when she figured out what had happened to my tickets being canceled that she would change my departure date to help make up for all of the trouble I went through. After I received no calls about anything dealing with the problems I was having, I called Priceline myself and found out that the tickets had been reinstated but the departure dates had not been changed as was agreed. I then called Delta airlines to make sure that it was reinstated and it wasn't. They had no record of a reinstatement. I tried getting a refund because I was tired of all of the hassle and even let them know I was turning them in to the Better Business Bureau and contacting my lawyer. Regardless of what I said, they did not care. They basically stole $250 from me and did not care. I believe that Priceline is the scam of century. I just can't believe they are legally stealing from people and nothing is being done about it.

  • Ma
    Marti beaudion Jul 26, 2013

    Priceline along with all the other companies who say they'll get you the lowest price possible so I booked my hotel reservations through Priceline.com. Let me tell you how pissed I was to find out that Priceline charged me $131.00 just to book me a hotel reservation with the Kona Bali Kai in Kailua Kona on the big island of Hawaii. When I got to the hotel I had to sing for the room and the paper work had the total price that the room costed for two days which was $191.00. I asked the hotel customer service agent if that was the total price of the room for the two days she said yes I then asked her why did it cost me $258.00 then. She said she didn't know that I would have to ask who ever I booked I through. I then got on my iPad and got the phone number to Priceline.com and called them. I asked the agent why did they charge me $258.00 when the room costs $191.00 for the two days the agent asked me how did I find out that the room really costed $191.00 for two nights she also asked if the hotel agent gave me a receipt or something showing me that total of $191.00 I told her that the total was on the agreement aperture I signed when I checked into the room. She then told me that she was going to tell me something that I wasn't sap post to know, that the hotel agent wasn't sap post to let me know their actual total that Priceline.com was the one who negotiated the deal and the $258.00 that I agreed to was between me and Priceline.com. It just pissed me off that Priceline.com didn't find me the lowest price possible because they added on $131.00 more than the actual price. I could probably see a $20.00 finder fee charge but not no $131.00 to find me the dammed cheaper hotel. Then the price line .com agent offered to comp me a $20.00 gift certificate toward me next Priceline.com booking. I just trip these
    crooks think after this ### that ill ever book ### through them again. I should've just call all the dammed hotels n the area p my self to find out which one was cheaper. Buyer beware Priceline.com doesn't get you the lowest prices they jack all the prices up along with their ridiculously high finder fee. And then tell you that that's the cheapest your going to get it. Everybody's a fricken crook now days the Internet it infested with thieves. Oh yah on top of all this the room they booked me only had one bed in it so three of us was crowded on the queen size mattress and one out of the four of us had to sleep on the floor. Priceline.com thieves ! Sincerely one angry terminally ill cancer patient!

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After many years of using priceline.com and bidding on hotels I have never been so upset. I have never had a problem till a couple days ago. They charged me twice for a reservation...after contacting them they told me I have to contact bank because they only have 1 charge in there system, I contacted my bank and they told me there is 2 charges and that priceline needs to fix it. I called them again and this time they told me that I have an authorization charge on my card that will be dropped within 48hours. Mind you I have never encountered this issue. It has been more than 3 days and the charge is still there! They are extremely unhelpful and all they could tell me is that they only have 1 charge in there system... I don't recommend this to anyone, its better that you spend the extra 40 for a hotel room that go through this headache. Now I am forced to contact an attorney...

online fraud

I purchased a tkt with the travel cancellation insurance to go see my grandmother who was ill in Europe. I had to anticipate the departure date as her condition was getting worse but priceline's difference in price for the new date was like purchasing a new ticket. So I bought a new ticket through another agent thinking I would get reimbursed for the first since I had travel insurance. My grandmother passed, and even though "death" was a valid enough reason for cancellation and they had the death certificate and everything, Priceline refused to reimburse because my grandmother was not an American citizen They told me I would have credit to use on a future flight by October 24th, but when the time came to rebook (October 13th) they told me my credit had expired in June. So, you're looking for a reliable agent, use somebody else unless you want to throw $850 away.

  • Jo
    Jon Oct 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was absolutely screwed by Priceline. I was only checking to see what hotels were available in a certain area & the next thing I know I was given a reservation in an absolute dump of hotel. I did not pick it & never authorized them to do so. NEVER use Priceline.

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hotel cancellation

Priceline refuses to refund money if you cancel your reservation and do ot collect the information they want about the cancellation call. You must have the name of the person you spoke to and the "department" they are in. They call and verifiy with the hotel. The fact that you did not stay there (which is all most hotels track - (check in or no check in) is not good enough. So in other words - the clerk you spoke to will have to remeber that she spoke top you - or you will need to remember their name. I even have a phone record that shows the time and date I called the hotel to cancel and several winesses!! But yet they both claim there was no cancellation call.

They owe me $189.99 for a room reservation I cancelled and did not use. They refuse to refund my money. In my opinion this is fraudulent. 1. They are charging for services they did not render while they (and the hotel) lie to keep your money. 2. Unless you can prove you called and cancelled they will asume you didn't call. Burden of proof is onyou. 3. They will conspire with the hotel to keep your money by making you call back and forth while one blames the other for the mistake, so that you can't even tell who you should be going after to get your money legally. 4. They registered and paid for my room under my name - using their address - without my permission.

Bottomline don't deal with Priceline or keep very good records and record your phone calls. I plan to take this to court if I must. $190 is a lot of money to me - not to them

  • Su
    SUSIE Feb 07, 2009

    I work for a hotel and get these complaints occasionally. The way this works: Third party companies, Priceline, Hotels.com, Expedia, etc list hotels on their websites. You go into the site and choose a hotel to book it. Usually the lowest price for one person is on the front page and as you enter further it will show the extra person(s) charges along with any fees and taxes and a total. It clearly states before you book the room that there are some major restrictions to cancellations and changes. Once you book the room, the reservation is sent to the hotel and the hotel is given the third parties information, not yours. Only your name and preferred room type (never gtd...you could get one bed for 4 people) is sent to the hotel. Your address and credit card info is kept by the third party company. The hotel in turn bills either a credit card given to them by the third party company (not yours) or direct bills them. The hotel only gets a portion of the amount you are chargesd. The third party companies keep a portion and all service fees they may charge. It never does any good to contact the htoel to cancel or dispute because they are not the one that has charged you. The third party company is. Hotels in general would prefer not to use these companies but because so many people booking rooms use them, they have no choice or they would loose a lot of business.

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card not working (discover)

First request via E-Mail. No response.

Tried to make a resveration, thru "Priceline" for a hotel: Keystone Boardwalk Inn
and suites 250 Winter St. Keystone SD . Trip # [protected]

The hotel advised me that "priceline " was having a problem with my "Discover Card 4180. Discover says. No problem at there end.

I request to know just kind of a problem "Priceline" is having.

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bad customer service

I tried to approach Priceline.com regarding changing my itinerary - I used the contact information they provide, including email and phone numbers... their email response was untimely and their phone system consists of prerecorded messages that take the caller in a continous loop... it seems as though this is a deliberate attempt to make it difficult for a customer to talk to a live person, but that is for you to decide... I accepted the fact that I wasn't offered ideal requested seating, but I could not get over the fact that Priceline.com had the nerve to ask a paying customer what their meal preference was when there was no intention of providing a meal... they asked for a meal preference PRIOR to the customer actually paying, which serves as an incentive for the customer to make the purchase... I expressed that my meal preference was vegetarian/non-dairy... in turn, I received crackers with CHEESE - is this what to give someone who requests/requires non-dairy food (not mentioning that this was not a meal!)???

  • Bu
    BUD Jul 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I made the hotel reservation through priceline. The hotel could not find my reservation through priceline so hotel billed me and so did priceline. Although Priceline did not have anything to do with the reservation, Priceline called hotel. got my money back from hotel, but would not match rates. WARNING, it's cheaper booking on your own than through priceline. I'll never use them again!!!

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  • Tr
    Treflo May 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    An error in the name section of a ticket for my daugther was made. I used her maiden name.As soon as I selected send, I tried to stop the transaction. Calling the company was a joke. They promise to call me back.They never did. Everytime I call them they played games. I ask to speak to someone in the United States.They put me on hold. Someone came on the phone and pretent he was in the US. What a very BAD experence. I pray we will be able to us the ticket when the time comes.

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boycott them

Priceline.com has a terrible policy of keeping your money for a lengthy amount of time when they have made an error! I attempted to rent a car for two weeks, using my debit card (About $350). Unfortunately, I paid for the car at priceline.com, but was unable to pick it up at the rental car agency. Priceline admitted to their mistake of connecting me with a company that does not allow rentals when using a debit card. You think to yourself, "simple enough. Please return my money to my debit card and I will work with the company next door, who will take my debit card.” wrong!! Priceline still has my $350 and refuses to give it back in a timely manner. I'm told I may have to wait 10 days to 2 weeks while priceline verifies that I did not pick up the car. Umm, won't a quick phone call take care of this? In this economy, if you're renting a car for that amount of money, then the other money you have is budgeted for your * gas! I did not have enough to do another 2-week rental and to put gas in the car while priceline holds the money hostage! Tomorrow makes 10 days and I still don't have the money back on my card! I understand that companies have policies, but companies should also consider the human factor in their business. People need their money! Having a policy that basically allows a company to keep a customer's money when the company has made an error is absurd. I did everything right by noting that I would be using a debit card as I bid on my car at priceline; yet, I have to pay for the company's error. I could understand if they kept the money a day or two while they made sure we did not actually rent the car, but two weeks!!! Join me in sending a message. Boycott priceline.com!

  • Ma
    Mark Jul 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    bouycot priceline ###, ill never use em again!!!1

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the worst company

Priceline is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They tell you lies then when you catch them they blame you. I made reservations for a car and realized after they had been made that I needed to change the pick up time. That’s ALL I wanted to do. Priceline sent me an email saying and I quote "your dissatisfaction has been noted please do not expect any responses to anymore future emails because you wont get any" unquote. The rental company says a change would be fine but Priceline won’t allow changes. They say that the partners won’t allow them but it’s the partner that told me they would welcome any change within 3 business days. Priceline are liars and cheats, do not use them it’s not worth it.

  • En
    Enraged Customer Feb 26, 2011

    This company is the biggest joke known to man! They make your life as hard as they possibly can to the point that it's literally cruel. They will test your patience so much you'll eventually feel you've lost your sanity. They took over seven hours of my life that I'll never get back.

    First off representatives must be put on the floor the first day on the job and told "wing it" because there is ZERO consistency from one agent to the next. Also, the limited training they DO receive must be simply, "Make the customer's lives hell. Don't care about their needs. Never actually assist, always come up with a new problem, fee or changed policy instead" True story, I've talked to 17 representatives (6 managers) in 2.5 days and they are still giving me grief. (I'm not asking for anything I didn't purchase, not even a courtesy for all their wrongdoings and for wasting my time.)

    I bought insurance and had to cancel my flight because my immediate family member died just before my scheduled departure. At the time they said I'd have credits for future use. Upon rebooking, it seems my credits were closed by Priceline on accident and no one's been willing to reinstate it. Even though I'm in no way at fault, they've been 100% uncooperative in fixing their mistake. They will lie to you, tell you wrong information without reviewing your record, act incompetent, put you on hold endlessly, hang up on you, transfer you to the wrong department or to an extension that rings forever, make you wait on "partner airline approval" for days and never keep said promises documented in "the notes." At this point I almost believe "the notes" are just running checklists of all the different problems they can create for you. -"I see here last call Oliver hit her with this excuse. Check! Upon transfer Maria uncovered this new issue. Check!" One representative, Norman actually yelled at me!

    In 30 years I have never written a complaint on a company. This is my first and it's fueled by sheer outrage that I was treated so poorly. Please take my advice and NEVER do dealings with Priceline! No matter how hard you try, they will never make it right. I wanted to believe they had to... After all they were the faulty party, fixing things would be the right thing to do BUT unlike other companies, that's not the standard with these folks. It really is sad a company like this is still in business. Save yourself, spread the word and maybe one day they'll get what's coming to them. If you have any questions, I can be contacted at [email protected]

    Thanks for reading and take care!

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  • Un
    unfairly treated customers Apr 29, 2011

    This company is one of the worst if not the worst I have ever seen!!! I booked a hotel and paid over 1 month ago and suddenly they emailed me sorry we have to cancelled your book. This is not only a breach of contract, it is also a bait and switch! After an hour or more flighting on the answering machine- they told me they cannot help. After several more hours after I left I voice mail to the VP Lisa Gillingham, her assistance called me back saying " sorry we have to transfer the company's operational risks to customers and we cannot help you further apart from refund or put you in a airport hotel over 40 mins away from the downtown area. What kind of response is this!!! I only need a hotel within the same area...

    I never complain to a company, never voice my angry, but I am going to court with this company for the good of mankind!

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fraud and scam

I booked a hotel room from the priceline.com web page, using the name your price feature. I requested 2...

cancelled hotel reservations

I booked four nights at the Rodeway Inn in Virginia Beach through Priceline for $354. I also booked my flight out there though Priceline on United. Due to weather delays in Kansas City and Chicago, I missed my connecting flight to Norfolk. I was originally scheduled to get into Norfolk at 7:44 pm, but didn't touch down till 12:52 am on a later flight, which had been scheduled to get in at 10:57 pm. It too, was delayed due to weather and grid lock in Chicago.

I had a ride waiting at the airport and went straight to the hotel. When I got to the hotel, there was a sign on the door saying that anyone not checked in after 10 pm would have there reservation canceled. Being that no one was there, the office was dark, and my cell phone wouldn't work in Virginia Beach, I went around the block and got a room at the Days Inn. First thing the next morning, I went back to the office at the Rodeway Inn and they said they had canceled my entire reservations when I didn't show up and to call Priceline, because they didn't have access to my credit card info for a refund. They were very nice about it and not until I called Priceline did I know there was a problem.

I talked to two different ladies at Priceline. Each of them, not caring in the least about my troubles or my $354. They said it was standard "Industry Policy" to cancel reservations and Priceline would not be giving me a refund. They told me that I should of called the hotel when I was going to be late. I responded, who would of thought that a hotel on the Virginia Beach strip would close at 10 pm in May? No where, did it say anything in the reservations about having to be checked in by 10 pm or the entire reservation would be canceled. It never even crossed my mind to call the hotel. I figured thats why I had a paid reservation. I asked to talk to someone above them, and they told me to email my complaint through the website, which I did. It has been over a week now with no reply.

I don't recommend Priceline. They definitely care more about their bottom line then right and wrong.

scam and rip off!

On 3/28/08 I purchased a vacation package over the phone from Priceline.com for my honeymoon. I believed all...

charged $82.15 in fees on $100 car rental

I rented a car through Priceline.com and was ripped off with extremely excessive fees. $82.15 on a $100 total auto rental. Their website asked if I wanted to rent a subcompact at $18 / day or a midsized at $20 / day, or full sized at $23 / day, etc.
I picked the midsized at $20 / day for 5 days and the bill was for $182.15 - What it can't be??? I called priceline.com and they said that I had agreed to their terms and the $82.15 was for taxes and fees. No, it did NOT include damage waiver, insurance, age additions (I am 52) or any legitimate charge.

$82.15 fees on a $100 car rental ! ! !

Typically taxes and fees should not have been more than $15 to $25.

Priceline.com ripped me off and I will NEVER use them again.

  • Ge
    Georgeann Casey Jul 25, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bid on a full-sized car through Priceline for $65/day, which seemed steep but there was a Mormon event in Salt Lake City at that time so I agreed to that price for 4 days. Imagine my surprise when the bid came back at a cost of $384.70 for 4 days ("taxes and fees" undisclosed ahead of the bid) rather than $260; it was $124.70 over the supposed "Best Price Guarantee". If Priceline had revealed the true price, $96.175/day, before the bid there is no way I would have rented from them. I phoned them and was told by 2 people that the $124.70 could not be refunded. I call it deception and fraud.

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  • Qu
    Quien Lo Sabe Feb 07, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Are you surprised? Priceline.com is a Mormon company. MORMONS lie, Steal, cheat, etc. They LOVE money and will do whatever it takes to get it - even illegally. They are cult of white collar crimesters. Looks like they ripped off one of their own.

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scam and cheating!

In 2005 my husband went on Priceline.com and booked and paid for a room at a Hilton Garden Inn in Carslbad, CA. I sat next to him and watched him enter everything and it all looked ok. They charged us $129.00 per room per night (3 nights) for two rooms ( one for his parents) , a total of $774. When we got to the Hotel, the manager asked my husband for his Federal Government employee I.D. card. My husband said he was not a Government employee. He said priceline gave us the Government employee rate and without an I.D. we had to pay $199.00 per room. I showed him the confirmation sheet we had printed, which had no mention of this. He left and came right back with a fax from Priceline that had a line that said I have read and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions and privacy policy with my husband's typed initials in a box.

At that point we knew we had been scammed but had no choice but to pay the $199. rate, which came to $420. more than originally quoted.

I sent a letter to Consumer Protection and all they did was send a letter to Priceline, who of course denied any wrongdoing and claimed my husband stated he was a government employee---he did no such thing! We received a letter back from Consumer Protection saying we had the option of contacting an attorney.

I don't know if Hilton is involved in this scam also but suspect they are-- they seemed too ready with a response when we questioned them about Priceline. I would not recommend going through Priceline or staying at Hilton to anyone.

  • Ih
    i hate complainers Apr 13, 2008

    Its quite possible your husband accidentaly booked a government rate via priceline which is possible and thats probably why they were asking for government employee id. There is most likely no scam here.

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  • Tu
    Tuperdi2 Sep 21, 2010

    As a hotel employee, do not book through 3rd parties... If you book through the hotel directly you will get the most accurate information, and all information would be provided to you by an employee of that hotel. 3rd Parties get commission when booking reservations, so of course they will promise you the world. When you arrive at the hotel your stuck to deal with whatever situation the 3rd party puts you in. Don't pay someone to do a job you can do easily...

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undisclosed baggage restrictions!

I booked a flight to from Minneapolis to Berlin with a layover at Gatwick in London. The international flight allowed me to take up to 2 bags at 70 lbs and a carry on bag. I brought 1 bag at 70 lbs and a carry on. After arriving at Gatwick after a long journey I re check my bags. The ticketer at the connecting airline Air Berlin told me that they only allowed 1 bag up to 30 lbs and no carry ons. How can this be? They told me I needed to pay an extr 150 pounds to send my bags on to Berlin. I would even mention returning home. Why would priceline book me on a flight through a carrier that does not support any sort of international bag restrictions? No where on any of their documentation did it say something like this could happen. I spent hours talking to cs reps and got no where and I ultimately almost paid the cost of the flight twice because of it.

consumer overcharge!

I went online to Priceline.com looking for price saving on a hotel. I booked two nights at Holiday Inn, Savannah, GA for $213.94 (or $106.97 per night). When I checked in hotel I told them I was only staying one night--they billed me $88.92 for one night--$18.05 less than Priceline's "savings" per night.

When I requested reimbursement for both nights from Priceline since the hotel had charged me, they had the hotel refund the charge for $88.92 and refused to reimbursement me for the 2nd night (which I had canceled upon check-in)

So I ended up paying Priceline a total of $213.94 for a single night.

The hotel charges $88.92 per night totaling $177.84, so in effect Priceline's "savings" results in costing the consumer $36.10 more for a two-night stay.

  • Al
    alex dang Apr 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a very similar event happen to me too. This time I stayed at a Ramada outside of Yosemite National Park. I paid $92 for the room through Priceline.com. Upon checkout, I was given t he receipt and it showed up as $62. You can imagine how annoyed I was at overpaying $30 for a room.

    Furthermore, I found out that when you pay for the hotel through Priceline, it isn't your card that is used to pay for hotel. In fact, it's that you pay Priceline. Then Priceline pays with their own "credit card" for the hotel.

    However, I do realize that this what you'd consider internal pricing between the hotel and Priceline and that really, the hotel shouldn't give you a receipt that shows you what Priceline pays.

    To everyone reading, please make sure from now on that if you book through Priceline, that you check the hotel's own website and rates first.

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  • 20
    20kats Dec 05, 2008

    It's called a surcharge. Middle men and women do not work for free. Go directly to the hotel or airline and tell them exactly what you want. They sometimes negotiate too. Good luck.

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hotel room reservation problems

On 6/28/07, I reserved a hotel through Priceline and was charged $77/per night through “name your own price.” I had initially bid $60, but was told by Priceline that if I added $17 more, they could try again. Since my intention was to get a room with 2 queen beds, I was okay with paying $77.

That same day, I called the hotel and the management told me that the room reserved was for a room with a king-size bed costing $69/per night. Note that I paid $77 through Priceline. The hotel refused to give me a room with 2 queen beds. At that moment, I called Priceline and was told by Wallace (a customer service specialist) that the hotel wasn’t supposed to tell me the figure of $69. After he spoke with the hotel manager, he was told that if I paid $6 more, I would be able to get the room that I wanted. According to the hotel, the total would come out to $75. Again, I paid $77.

The next day (6/29/2007), I sent over an email to Priceline’s executive services and after several email exchanges with someone named Ryan P, I was told that there was nothing they could do about this. I requested a refund or be able to get a room with 2 queen beds for the price I had already paid. This, I believe, was very reasonable under the circumstances. This same day, however, the price went up to $85 for both the king and queen room. This was the reply I received when I mentioned that the hotel says I paid $69. The hotel manager (the same person I spoke to earlier) now does not acknowledge or deny the fact that she told me this figure earlier.

Today (7/2/2007), I sent another email asking for them to directly address this issue and also asked to be escalated to upper management if they could not do anything at their level. I was told not to expect any response to any further correspondence. I was also told the following:

“We wish we could provide the answers you are looking for; however, these policies are directly tied to contractual agreements with our travel partners. This in turn allows us to continue to offer competitive pricing and subsequent savings to our customers.”

Now, as I see it, I received no such competitive pricing or any subsequent savings. I replied back asking that I be able to speak or write to Ms. Gillingham, the VP of operations and customer service. So far, I received no reply, as I was told by Ryan P.

I’m stuck with having a King bed for two adults (non-couples) to share.

  • Tr
    Tracey Apr 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Okay let me give you a little insight from someone in the hotel business. First off 99.9% of hotels hate priceline, hotels.com, expedia, and all other 3rd party reservations. Nothing against the guests themselves, but those companies tend to make promises that they can't keep. They can't guarantee a certain bed type, when they book your reservation, it is booked as a "House Reservation" meaning whatever is available upon check in. If you want to guarantee bed type book with the hotel directly. In regards to pricing. The hotel should not have disclosed the rate that priceline is paying them to you, but unfortunately it happens once in a while. The rate they gave you is what priceline pays them. What you pay priceline is of course going to be higher, they have to make money off the reservation. Bottom line if you have requests book with the hotel itself, if you have no preference for anything then book with a 3rd party. You get what you pay for.

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  • Pu
    PULAOKHAO Mar 06, 2010

    Due to system error in priceline computers, if you update your offer price to a lower price, it may still keep the original higher price. To avoid this, if you ever change anything in your offer [place, type of car or hotel, price, date, etc.], log out of your account, close your browser and delete all temporary files and history from cache and open your browser again and log in again and only then re-submit. This happenned to me and I called them at 800-774-2354; got customer service in Guadaljara in Jasilco state in Mexico, and after being put on hold many times, they finally agreed it was their fault and cancelled my reservation at no charge [initially tried to charge me twenty dollars cancellation fee but i had to fight against it]

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  • De
    Debra Albrecht Nov 11, 2013

    Priceline is terrible at customer relations. They do not help resolve problems they make you work hard to get your refund when a mistake is made and the hotels do not like when you book with third parties. I experience with priceline was the the worst of any travel booking I have done before. I would never use them again and would not recommend any one book hotels using third parties.

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no money reimbursement!

I purchased airline round trip ticket to Ohio and the flight was delayed and canceled. So, I did not take my trip. I was told that I could not be reimburse my money back. First, I was told that if I call the airline back the next day they would give me a future flight the day I choose. They tried to put on a flight with Continental Airlines but they were full and had no more seats, then around 8:00 pm they said that they had a flight at La Guardia Airport that departs at 9:15 pm but they said that I might not make it because I was at United Airline In Newark New Jersey. I would like to know why do I have to loose my money because they did not have a flight for me.

Beware people!

  • Ri
    rider May 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I thought the same.

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  • Wi
    Will Sep 09, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You should get a travel credit on United good for one year from the date of the original flight or when you canceled your flight altogether. If you still have the e-ticket number, call united airlines and see if you could use the value of that ticket towards a new reservations.

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priceline enables bad business attitude towards customers

I booked a hotel on Priceline using the "name your own price" feature. When using this feature, Priceline...

unfair advertising practices

Dear Consumer,

Do not use Priceline.com. If for any reason you must change your date of travel, you will not get a refund or for that matter you will lose the entire cost of your airline tickets plus their service fee. I had to have surgery on a scheduled flight date and was told that I was not able to get a refund or change the ticket date.

Be advised ....no where on priceline.com's website does it say that it does not allow changes to a reservation, that means, airline ticket, hotel, etc. They instead have a hidden icon that you must click on that says 'travel insurance'. I feel this is a tricky way to get away with murder on consumers.

So, do not use priceline and also complain, complaign, complaign to the fcc, to whoever will listen. Look it's us against goliath, but we know who won that battle!

  • Sa
    Sal Barcia Jan 20, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Priceline cannot be trusted. A few weeks ago they processed a charge against my account despite the fact that an incorrect security code was provided to their website by an unauthorized user.

    Priceline claims it does not historically save your security code. The fact is they tried twice to process this charge against my creidt card, once unsuccessfully. They then apparnetly searched my record of purchases, found my security code, and supplied it to American Express without my authorization.

    On many phone calls, they finally told me they will on occasion process a charge without a correct security code, but also told me they would not tell me what those circumstances are.

    This is criminal behavior, and PRiceline must be avoided.

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  • Sy
    Sydney Mar 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not use Priceline. They bill you for a rental car and then the rental car company bills you too. So you get double billed. And Priceline has no customer service rep you can talk too. It's all by email. What a horrible way to run a business. Never use them or you will have problems with no way to fix them.

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  • Pa
    paulette yearout May 12, 2008
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    Verified customer


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  • Jo
    John H. Mar 31, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used priceline.com for the first (and last) time about a month ago to purchase 3 round trip tickets from Seattle to Austin, Texas for a friends wedding. At the time of the purchase, I was not certain of the departure date - so I wanted to buy refundable tickets. Although the priceline.com website was very clear about stating that any tickets bought through their "name your own price" outlet were non-refundable, they were not clear about whether tickets purchased throughout the rest of their site were non-refundable. After digging through a lot of material on their website, I came to the conclusion that the tickets could be refunded (minus $150) as long as I canceled in a "timely manner". This made sense to me so I purchased the 3 $350 tickets (for a total of $1050).

    A few days later I was realized I was going to have to change the departure date from Seattle to Austin to a day earlier. I called customer support and they attempted to help me. Unfortunately, the cheapest alternative to what I already had was $700 and I didn't want to spend that kind of money. I confirmed that I would be able to cancel the tickets and looked at other websites to find something cheaper.

    I purchased a $350 replacement ticket for myself from another company (Expedia) that left Seattle a day earlier than by priceline.com tickets. (The remaining 2 tickets did not need to be changed so I left them as is.) I then called priceline.com and told them I wanted a refund for my ticket. They informed me that the ticket was non-refundable and that they would hold the money for a year and that I could use it during that time - but after a year the money would be gone. I told them that I felt that was deceptive - that I had been informed that I could get a refund for my ticket, that I didn't purchase non-refundable tickets - that their website STILL said that I could cancel the tickets and only be out $150. They replied that they would have to "listen to the tapes" of the person who informed me that I could get a refund - to verify that she actually said that. I was informed that they would call me back if 5 business days.

    5 business days came and went without a call. I called them back and they apologized for not returning my call when they promised. I was also informed that they had not yet listened to the tapes. Additionally, I was now told that my were non only non-refundable - but that I could no longer cancel them - meaning that I was out the full cost of the ticket. I told them that I had made 2 previous calls to cancel the tickets and that this was unfair. They apologized and I was told that they would call me within 3 business days. I confirmed that they had my correct phone number.

    It's now 8 business days since they were supposed to call me back. I have heard nothing. I don't know if they ever canceled by ticket. I don't know if I have $350 credit at priceline.com. I don't WANT $500 credit at priceline.com. Their site is very deceptive as to the nature of the tickets. At no time were people rude to me on the phone - everyone was very nice and/or apologetic. I was never rude to anyone on the phone. However, it seems pretty clear their job is to get you off the phone and hope that you go away. I was promised twice that they would return by calls - but no return call was every made.

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price difference on airline tickets

I am on a fixed income and so money is tight. Went on-line to see about buying a ticket to fly to Michigan to...

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