PradaPoor quality shoes and zero customer service


On two occasions, I have bought Prada loafers and they have been of a very poor quality. With the first pair, the insole was completely ruined and falling out after a few wears. I took them back to the store and the assistant said there is nothing they can do, and the damage is normal!! They could send them back to Italy (a 4-6 week wait), but the assistant said it was very unlikely that they could do anything. With the second pair, the stitching came apart after a few wears. This time I decided to have them sent to Italy, as I did not want to lose money on yet another pair of sub-standard Prada shoes. I elected to have them REPLACED with a new pair and delivered to my WORK address, and requested a phonecall when they were being dispatched.
After about 6 weeks of hearing nothing, I called Prada to find out what happened to my shoes, they said that they had been delivered to me weeks ago!! I repeatedely called the store, but nobody ever picked up - this went on for a week. But after a few very angry emails, they decided to speak to me. They implied that I was lying when I said I had not received my shoes, questioned the names of the people that live in my household to try to match it to the signatory's name on the parcel (as if I don't know who I live with!!!). They also said that their couriers would never leave the parcel with anyone else apart from me, as Prada is a very important contract and it is against protocol. These discussions went on for 3 days! It turned out that they had delivered them to my HOME address and, as I was at work, had left them with a neighbour. When I opened the box, they had REPAIRED the shoes, not replaced them as requested. While I am happy that at least something was done, it certainly was not worth all the extra hassle, effort, and phonecalls, and what is the point of giving the customer choices if their requests are not followed??? The store assistant never every apologised or changed her accusatory tone, even after she found out that what she had told me was rubbish, and that I wasn't actually lying. I wanted to write a formal complaint, but of course they have no complaints procedure or any complaints contact whatsoever!
This is a terrible company, with no comeback if something goes wrong. They have absolutely ZERO customer service, and if you are lucky enough to get through to them somehow, they are simply rude and obnoxious.
I certainly will never buy anything from Prada ever again, and will spend my money elsewhere.


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      Oct 21, 2014

    I too have lots of Prada shoes. I bought a pair and I actually haven't worn it since my purchase, yes the perils of a ton of shoes. When I wore it though which was after a year, it was a shoe with a button. I just walked in it for under an hour and the button popped loose. I messaged them as I was busy to go to their stores in VA. The email response was quick but then bouncing the email to the assigned department they said would take about a week. Not good in my book. as well as Burberry retail stores offer excellent customer service. To think Prada is one of the most coveted brand in shoes and bags but as to wearability? Burberry, Gucci and YSL for me. Prada is just for show or short walks. I try to avoid the brand when I can but buy when I truly like the design. I hope they get back to me soon.

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