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I bought a pair of boots from Prada Istinye Park store in Istanbul on 27th of December. On new year’s night I wore my new boots but before I could even leave the house the zip was broken. 1 week after my purchase I took the boots back to the store. After seeing that the boots were not even worn once they offered to give me a new pair but unfortunately they didn’t have the same size in any of their stores. They said that they can send the boots to Italy for repair or give me a check which I could use in the future.

I told them that I paid 700 Euros and didn’t want any other product or could wait for weeks for repairs. I travel quite frequently and told them that I would want to have a refund as I would be travelling soon to Amsterdam and London so I could purchase from there. I was told that they can’t do refund as it’s against Prada policy. I informed them that according to the law, I legally have a right to ask for refund within 1 month of purchase without any excuse. Her response was more surprising than the incident, she said “when we gave the boots they were in good condition”. What could a person possibly do to a zip of a boot without wearing it??? The whole attitude and experience is unacceptable. The sales people in the shop were incapable of handling issues or even a logical discussion. I’m extremely disappointed, the reason I choose to shop from Prada is to get good quality product and service which unfortunately I received none.

I will be filing a complaint to the consumer rights department as well.


  • Sk
    SkateLaw Jan 19, 2010

    I've had a very disappointing issue with my Prada eyewear (blistering lenses) and a friend had the same experience. I get absolutely NO reply from any Prada email contact, retail store contact, or phone message.

    VERY DISAPPOINTING! Will never purchase Prada again.

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  • La
    Larry May 23, 2011

    bought trial pack of e-cigarettes ... ($14.95) received another unwanted order today (May 23rd) the first order was defective ... do not want more and returning to shipper ... now will have to fight to receive reimbursement for over $100

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  • Ja
    jamjohn Mar 07, 2014

    I purchased a Prada sunglass at Macy's which
    turned out to be defective. They have refused to properly address the matter

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