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two kids dirt bikes

I ordered two dirt bikes for my kids back in September. First time out parts started falling apart brake levers came loose exhaust fell off the choke would never work correctly. One of the dirt bikes had an oil leak from day one, called the company to try to get all these parts fixed or replaced had to jump through hoops just to get the parts replaced still waiting on the gasket that I have no idea how to put in and it's been almost 4 months I had to call them to find out that it was out of stock and on backorder this company is a joke don't buy anything from them. Customer service is a joke as well all they do is send you to one person to another person no one has any answers to anything.

do not buy from them

Customer service is a joke they just hang up on you.
They are not helpful at all and will not take your call if you have a complaint. Be prepared to drive to trucking company to pick up your item because they won't deliver like promised.
All I wanted was for them to replace tire and missing parts.
They just said they would look into it. When I pressed for a delivery time on parts they gave me a run around about how they didn't know how long or if they had parts. I asked to talk to someone that knew and they hung up on me. When I call back they just hang up without even saying hello.
I hope bike runs good but won't know until I find parts for it.


Do not order any thing from this company. I have over 50 calls and they hang up on you after you order and...

poor business ethics and terrible customer service

Do not buy from this company!!!

I wish I saw the reviews before I purchased from this company!!

We purchased a go kart on december 15th... I never got an email with a receipt or shipping information so I called and after 4 attempts I got through to a guy who proceeded to tell me that he shows I was sent 4 emails already and when I told him I have not received anything he told me to check my spam folder and I told him I already had and he then very rudely told me " well check it again" and hung up the phone... I emailed the situation that supposedly goes straight to the owner and continued to call... After 72 times of calling I finally got someone on the phone, this time it was a lady.. She verified my email and of course whomever took my order typed my email in wrong by 1 letter. She offered to send me the shipping information, after I verified I got it we hung up... A couple days later I saw that the original transaction was gone... I checked back 3 days later and it still had not come out of my account but by this time I had already received my order... Rather then something happening to the money I had set aside for this I put the money in my other checking and expected my bank to automatically pull it from there when it came through since this is how I had my accounts set up. Well 3.2 weeks later on jan 4th now the transaction shows up but it didn't pull from my other account causing me $170 in fees because of that... Although that is not the companies fault that it didn't transfer over like it should have I did call the company back to speak to a manager or owner about how they do business and the girl preceded to tell me there are no managers or owners that the only way to get ahold of corporate is via e-mail... I call bs!! Do not buy from these people... They have terrible customer service and everyone who answers the phone is rude and hateful!!!


I ordered a 125cc GoKart for Christmas and I was fine with some assembly but it came with no directions worth...

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go karts gk-f007, f008, and f031

On November 17th of 2016 order#  199676 was placed on the Powersportsmax website for  (2) GK-F007 GO KARTS ($989.95 EA) and (1) GK-F007 ($779.95) With a residential shipping fee of $719.95. After the order was placed and the mailed certified check was deposited by the company. I received a phone call saying that only a single GK-F007 model is available. I chose another model GK-F031 ($899.95). ON December 6th I received the delivery of single stacked crates by R&L carriers with only a manual pallet jack supplied by them. Having payed for residential delivery I did not expect or prepare for a 3 crate single stack delivery. One of the crates had parts exposed and visible damage. This was reported by the driver to his company. After opening the crates I saw visible damages, defective parts and improper component sizes. Such as a leaking battery, variable rear tire sizes for the GK-F031 model. Paint damage from crate stacking to the Gk-F007 model and leaking tires and torn axle boot on the GK-F008 model. Powersports max was advised of this via email on the delivery day and after many failed phone call attempts. I have advised them several  times that I have not received the model price difference rebate as well as any parts for correction yet. It is almost January and I have yet to recieve any promise of correction, rebate, or aknowledgement of a resolution. Calling them is a waste of time. Emailing them is likewise. I had to purchase two tires from a local shop just to get the carts ready in time for Christmas for my sons. They had ample time to correct the issues.

  • Me
    Meredith Fairfield Dec 31, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Called 5 different times. First time to make a purchase, got put on hold and forgot. Second time someone answered and guess they just lay the phone down, I could hear her in the background. Next time 3 times I called and acted like I had a problem with my new purchase and got hung up on each time. Wow, glad I didn't buy from them.

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kids quads

Orders 2 kids quads. Received them a few weeks later. One crate was smashed so bad. Like some ran into it purposely with a forklift or gripped it from a very high location. Emailed the photos of a broken footrest, scratched rack to bare metal and a scratched and gouged rear axle. Mind you I paid $359 for this poor shipping. They sent me a plastic footrest. Now won't respond to my emails. Try try and try to get thru calling them on the phone. When you do get thru to them on the phone and try to get broken parts from shipping fixed they hang up on you or put you on hold and then hang up on you. Steer clear from this company. You will regret it if you buy from them!!

kids quads
kids quads


This company is completely unreliable and unprofessional. They tout that they give military discounts, which is not true. I ordered my items on 11/28. Was told on 12/8 that they would be shipped the next day but that they no longer had the colors I wanted in stock. I changed the colors I ordered and was via phone on 12/9 that the items would go out that day or by the latest the following Monday. Today (12/13), I recived an email that my items have gone to the warehouse. When I inquired over the phone as to why I received an email that my items are showing shipped to the warehouse, I was told that they are on the way to my home. When I asked for confirmation, I received none and was then told that they would cancel my order and they never even asked who I was and then hung up on. How can they cancel my order if they don't know who I am. Of course, now it is too late for me to order hover boards from most other retailers without paying a premium. I had four other options at the same price on 11/28 to include Amazon.

Be wary, they have an F rating with the BBB.


never received my order

I been waiting on my order Since I put it in on November 25 2016. First it was sent to the Wearhouse for put not pick up by ups I was given a tracking information but still no package so now it's week two and I received a email about the company don't have the color so right now I am at the point where I really want my money back. So I choose a different color but the package is still in the Wearhouse. I just don't understand but now I want my money back as guarantee.

gk-t008 110cc

I purchased a Go-kart from Powermotor Sports in California. I'm a resident of Alabama. Being a single parent...

sells broken merchandise - poor customer service

I purchased and electric ATV from Powersports Max. It worked for an hour and then broke. After 2 months, all I have received is a back of 2 ball bearings with a note to call a mechanic friend. If you want to try and get a refund, I have to ship back the ATV which will cost over $200 and no guarantee it will be fixed, replaced or refunded. their customer service is absolutely terrible. They rarely answer the phone and when they do they will tell you too bad, it is not their problem. don't buy from these guys as they will rip you off. The items are most likely refurbished and break easily. and when they do, you are out of luck.

50cc scooter moped

THEY ONLY POST GOOD REVIEWS ON THEIR SITE. this one was ignored - You get what you pay for I guess. Shipping was fine but once we put everything together, followed all the instructions, it still will not start. The seat does not open and several people have tried, scooter owners even. The trunk doesn't lock so it's useless. We are now having to tow it to a shop to see if they can get it to start. I bought a new battery at $70 and battery charger for $40, now $95 for an hour of labor at a local shop and fingers crossed they can figure it out without going into extra hours. Buyer be ware! Buy local. Lesson learned for us!

go kart

Wish I would have read al of these complaints before I bought this. This company is so bad . im not going to go on about what happen bc its been so much it would take me so long to write it all . but please listen and busy from another company... very very very bad

poor customer service, unethical behavior

We bought our kids 4 wheelers from this company. One came in a damaged box and has 2 tires that don't hold air, the other came without the accessories that were to be included. We made multiple calls with messages left as to what the problems were over a two week period of time. Our phone calls were never returned. On our final attempt, the phone was answered and we were informed that there is only a 7 day warranty on our 4 wheelers even though the website says it has a 3 month parts warranty and they will not replace the wheels or send out the missing accessories. We also never received an invoice or receipt. The bottom line, don't shop here. I wish we had read the reviews.

go kart order

Unfortunately I didn't read these reviews. Purchased a go kart & received a piece of junk. As soon as I opened the box Parts fell out of the crate. The tires do not hold air. The Instructional CD doesn't have my model to help with assembly. There is no instructions or material to identify what or where any nuts bolts washes etc. go. I found 2 snapped in half bolts in the package. The roll cage foam is torn. I have to hire a mechanic to figure this out for me as well. I have NO idea what to do with it. Called for 4 days straight every 15-20 minutes & no one answered. I sent 3-4 email with my complaints & no replies. I contacted my credit card to fight the charge on this garbage. Don't buy from this company. Everything on their site is a lie. You will never get any help. I am contacting the BB in California after Christmas. I would also be happy to be added to any law suite against this company. How is it possible for a company like this to operate? I also understand why they give you a discount if you pay by a check or money order. Once they have the cash their gone. I'm hoping my CC company can fight them.

bad company

I ordered a four wheeler which was not the right one I called the company back the rep had an attitude with me like I was in the wrong I shipped the four wheeler back in Feb it is now May still no bike no money I called months after months got hung up on was on hold for hours I finally got thru recorded everyone I spoke with recorded my calls fine a dispute against this company would be the best option for anyone do not ***BUY FROM THIS COMPANY***

Resolved no refund and damaged item

I ordered a GoKart for all three of my kids 3 weeks ago. I showed up Damaged and I refused delivery. Its been that long since I have been calling and get a different story every time on my refund. I have explained over and over again this is my Kids Christmas money. I have had very rude Customer Service from them. They are all Rude and have no clue what is going on and I get a different story every time I call. I would never recommend these people to anyone.


I bought a 300cc scooter online, in early 2014, paying with my Bank of America credit card, paying $1, 890...

poor service and product

We purchased a go kart from Powersportsmax on 11/25/2011 as a holiday gift for my 3 sons for $1050 (cost + shipping). My children have had a total of 3 hours of ride time on this go kart. From day 1, it's had nothing but problems which we've communicated to the company on over 30 phone calls. with all these calls, it's taken days on end for return calls from service. We've had to replace a number of parts at the advisement of powersportsmax: ignition, starter, voltage regulator, carburetor, spark plugs and all on our dime because powersportsmax is claiming its not under warrantee and normal wear for this type of vehicle. we've asked to speak to management and no one has responded or addressed our issues or concerns. We've been told that owners do not come to the office and mgmt is rarely there. We questioned why such problems with such little ride time and been given nothing but a run around. The option they gave us was ship back to California ($250) or find a local repair shop neither of which is a good or viable solution. The other issue is that we purchased based upon positive feedback on their website from past customers later to find that they only post the positive feedback as we tried to post negative feedback which was never posted. all in all, very deceptive and non-consumer focused.

we filed complain with the BBC and there response was "Customer should have read all our of policies before purchase. We processed under warranty. All problems customer reported were processed. "

  • Jc
    Jcfratt May 12, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a go kart for my kids for Xmas. They have ridden it all of 20 minutes. Nothing but trouble from not starting faulty parts. The company does not answer phone calls and emails. I've had to replace all parts on my own cost

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products/customer service

After 3 months of reviewing different mopeds, I was so excited when I saw one from this dealer. We ordered it, paid for it and arranged to drive down and pick it up so that they could show us the scooter and we could make sure everything worked. My husband and I both talked to different representative and had been told that the"unit" would be inspected prior to us picking it up to make sure everything worked and then they would go over it with us when we got there. The web-site says " After that we will tune your unit, adjust your carburator and test your bike" Says they inspect the unit which includes engine, cables, lights, brakes, insturments hoses, transmission, oil and fluid level and some other parts. After driving 7 hours and giving them 3 days notice, we arrived to find the "unit" still in the container, never opened. After they opened it, we noticed several scratched in the chrome and plastic parts. We wanted the unit replaced, but they said apparently they are all like that. We agreed that they would order new parts and ship them to us. They never did a pre-inspection delivery according to the website they have, the unit was never started and they never made sure it was in working condition. After driving 7 hours and waiting for a manager to show up for 2 hours, and being totally exhausted we told them that we would take the unit. We had also been told that they would mail us the MSO documents by the next day so that I could register the unit. When we got the "unit" home, and finished putting it together, the horn didn't work, and neither did the remote start...after calling the company, it was determined that the horn was defective, something they could have found had they done the inspection they were suppose to. They told my husband that the horn and the other parts were shipped on 4/23, however, nothing had been shipped until the 26th. The parts they said they ordered and shipped We still have not gotten the documents needed to register this "unit" and it has been 12 days, we are now being told it could take up to another 2 weeks. I would NEVER recommend this company or its other names, PowerSPORT MAX to anybody. They are a shady company with no respect for customer service. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY, DO NOT BELIEVE A THING THEY SAY AND DON'T TRUST THE BBB TO PROTECT YOU. AFTER MY EXPERIENCE I WENT ON BBB SITE AND THE COMPANY HAS HAD 99 COMPLAINTS AGAINST THEM IN THE PAST YEAR

  • Ka
    Karen Griffin May 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To The idiot who posted regarding my husband, he has a license, two Harley's and gmc truck, he doesn't work at Wal-Mart he is a photographer and we are going to be talking to an attorney about suing you for Slander and liable. Get your fact straight and read up on your so called friends company... He will soon be the one working at Wal Mart along with you. Your friends company has several hundred complaints against them and not just mine. So pick your battles better, because you are going to lose this one.

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  • Li
    limiraja May 24, 2012

    Update to my post: I was able to return the dirt bike to PowerSportsMax.com for a full refund without a problem. I delivered the bike in the original packaging within the 7-day return period. Denver was there to assist me and the refund went through without a problem. I already received an email stating that a full refund will be issued back to my credit card. Whether or not the bike was of good quality, I'm not able to say since I never removed it from the box to assemble it. I'm thankful that they upheld their return policy though.

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  • Ka
    Karen Griffin May 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nice to hear that they finally did the right thing for you. They still have NOT supplied any documents so that I can register the moped I purchased from them and I am
    Thankful that the DMV frauds unit and the Attorney General are going to be getting involved. I paid $1300 for a moped that can't even be driven.

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  • Li
    limiraja May 24, 2012

    Thank you, Karen. I hope that you get your paperwork resolved and everything works out for you as well.

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  • Ti
    Tikoff Jun 27, 2012

    To Karen, I hope you sue the crap out of that creep who slandered your husband. Please go thru with it. He sure deserves it for saying those nasty, stereotype comments. He's probably the one that works at Walmart, that's how he knows so much about people who works for Walmart!

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