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terrible product, no customer service

(First delivery attempt, never showed up: 2nd attempt had the same experience as other reviewer;sent on a semi, couldn't make it down my driveway so I had to drive down and put it in the back of my minivan with one delivery guy, so I had to help move it into my car) When we finally got it and went to put it together on Christmas, the instructions were terrible. Took hours to get it running in which it had to be jump started every time. After about an hour total of running time over the span of 3 days, the cable broke on the gas pedal. The steering doesn't work right either. My husband called the company 4 times. The first 2 just rang and rang. The third, someone picked up asked the problem, then hung up on him. He called back again, and someone answered, put him on hold for 45 minutes and then hung up on him. Completely ridiculous. It cost $230 to ship it, and policy is you pay shipping back, too. Therefore, you could end up paying $460 and end up with nothing. Real rip-off company! Horrible! Stay away!!!

don't buy if y0u're not a mechanic

I see a bunch of complains on here about powersportsmax. If you're wondering about buying from them, I'd say go for it, as long as you are knowledgeable about vehicles and know how to fix and assemble things. Thats where most of these issues on here come from, people getting their bikes and expecting them to run immediately, not knowing you have to assemble a few lines on the bike, and fill it with fresh oil. And as far as the damages go, yes its going to happen, you're getting products most likely shipped from china, so don't expect your package to make it back in one piece, this is guaranteed. However damages aren't going to be catastrophic, just things like dings and such. And there is a high chance if you pick a color that is popular and runs out, that you'll be sent the wrong color as well. Just keep these risks in mind, and if you're okay with them, go for it. I knew this all could happen and got my 250 cc motorcycle anyway, complete with a little ding on the lower left side. i didn't care how it looked as i just wanted to learn how to ride, and 1750$ for a cheapo l chinese learners bike like that isn't a bad deal at all.

  • Cr
    Craig Lieboff Jun 29, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes... We purchased a go kart from Powersportsmax on 11/25/2011 as a holiday gift for my 3 sons. My children have had a total of 3 hours of ride time on this go kart. From day 1, it's had nothing but problems which we've communicated to the company on over 30 phone calls. with all these calls, it's taken days on end for return calls from service. We've had to replace a number of parts at the advisement of powersportsmax: ignition, starter, voltage regulator, carburetor, spark plugs and all on our dime because powersportsmax is claiming its not under warrantee and normal wear for this type of vehicle. we've asked to speak to management and no one has responded or addressed our issues or concerns. We've been told that owners do not come to the office and mgmt is rarely there. We questioned why such problems with such little ride time and been given nothing but a run around. The option they gave us was ship back to California ($250) or find a local repair shop neither of which is a good or viable solution. The other issue is that we purchased based upon positive feedback on their website from past customers later to find that they only post the positive feedback as we tried to post negative feedback which was never posted. all in all, very deceptive and non-consumer focused.

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poor quality horrible customer service

My son 12 years old, saved for almost a year for this go cart. when it arrived it have 3 defective parts. It ran for about one hour. I called and was promised all 3 parts within 5 business days. 2 weeks later I finally got someone to answer the phone and was told there was no record of the parts being ordered. I re ordered and on the 32nd day 2 parts came. Still won't run! And now the muffler fell off! Product is junk and customer service is worse. Please never do any business with this company.

  • Ba
    BarackObama Aug 24, 2011

    NEVER buy some offbrand asian bike. They suck and will definitely break on you.

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  • Ha
    hayleyk Feb 05, 2012


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defective product and non-existent customer service

The 110cc P60 ATV we purchased for our son from powersportsmax.com was delivered on 7/13/11, which he still hasn't been able to ride. The laundry list of problems with the junk product we received include: a cracking sound & fire coming out the right side of the motor, rear brakes don't work, ignition switch is defective, front brake cable is melted from being wedged in the motor and the battery won't stay charged. (Sounds real safe for a kid to ride, doesn't it?!) Even though we should not have to worry about troubleshooting a brand new product, my husband started out willing to do so. However, after at least 20-30 attempted calls to customer service on 7/15, 7/18, 7/19, 7/20, 7/21 & 7/22, we've now discovered what a horrible company we made the mistake of dealing with! Never before have I heard of customer service reps hanging up on their customers, ignoring our phone calls, and lying everyday when they say their manager will call back, which never happens! They obviously do not know what customer service is! Unfortunately, we did not find all of the bad reviews online regarding this joke of a company until it was too late! We've submitted a complaint to BBB and our credit card company, but still worry that we may be out the money spent we wasted on this junk!

dangerous atv and they plan to resell it after it came unwelded in two spots

We purchased a Dirt Bike and an ATV for my sons for xmas. My son was so excited to get an ATV on xmas it was 530am and we were ready to let him ride it, we couldnt get it started for nothing, we put it in the gaage w/ a space heaterand tried all xmas day toget it started, my son came in the house after trying and said the handle bars fell off, the handle bars cam unwelded from him sitting on the ATV trying to start it. Mind you hes 65 pounds. Then had a welder friend fix it two days after xmas, finally got it started really cold here in Indiana only rode for about 15 minutes next day went to ride again, next thing we know the ATV is smoking bad, my son jumps off turns the ATV off and Im looking at it and theres a long trail of gas behind him I open the gas cap and you can see all the way to the ground, the welding fo the gas can came off . TWO things came unwelded that could have caught fire. We called the company and they said will just send you a new gas tank. We said absolutley not, we want to send it back and get our money. They didnt want us to send it back we did anyways. They said they need to inspect it for a refund they inspected it and said theyll refund us but there will be a restocking fee and I said NO WAY like they are going to resell it, they said it was used I said there was a manufacture defect not one but two. They also said they would NOT refund our shipping bill that we had to pay to ship to them even though it was a manufacture defect. Im really pissed off about this. I work way to hard for my money to be ripped off by these jerks. I just knew if I did some searching Id find I wasnt the only unhappy person. I guess I'll get the credit card company to go after my money. Id like to shut their business down, I asked him JC the " Manager" how he slept at night. Hope that makes him think. F $%@$#% ER!!!

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yes my name is abril campbell and i brought a 4 wheeler and my son didnt ride it but for a week before the chain broke and when the called me back the told me i broke the chain myself now what i look like broken a chain that i paid 829 dollars for the 4 wheeler that sounds stupid so if you can give me a call about this heres my number [protected]

broken merchandise - warranty

My son ordered some kind of mini cycle from this company and paid 300.00 with his confirmation money. He got the thing and used it 3 times, after the 3rd day it broke ( he was gone for the weekend ) I called on the 4th day to inquire about the warranty as the thing sat in our garage broken.

I was told it was a 7 day warranty. I explained it was only day 4 and this mini cycle broke. I was told the person to help me in tech support was out and would return my call. I told the representive on the phone to document my phone call was made before the warranty was up.

Im am being told that my warranty was up and there they would not fix the stupid thing.

They ripped off my son for $300.00 !!!

I would not recommend anyone use this company. Or any company that offers a 7 day warranty. I didnt realize this til after the purchase was made. I never did receive a call back.

broken merchandise

Ordered a small dirt bike from them. It was received damaged. It had been either shipped or stored on its side so the plastic body side pieces were broken, brake pedal was bent in, and engine side panel had scuff marks from rubbing against the packaging. In addition, the gas tank venting tube was missing.

I called the company customer service line and they told me that I had to use their web site to make a parts request and send in pictures. I did that but it took me a few days to get around to taking the pictures they requested. Then the asked for more pictures. So I sent them.

The end result was they first claimed those items were "wear and tear". Humm. Really... Being defective because of inappropriate packaging or rough shipment qualifies as wear and tear. When I challenged them on why receiving a broken product can be classified as "wear and tear", they then claimed I took too long to make the claim as a shipping issue.

I pretty much knew at this point, there was no way they were going to stand behind their product. But they were kind enough (sarcasm) to offer to sell me the defective parts at a higher price than I could get at other vendors.

Avoid using this vendor. It is a shame that my son saved long and hard to get this bike and now he does not have the bike in the appropriate condition to enjoy.

I wish I had done a bit more research into this company.

buyer beware

I had purchased a Ridemax 125 pit bike from Powersportsmax back in February 2010. One came in the crate damaged and it was obvious, still to this day, we cannot get them to repair our bike. I even sullied them with a case # from the shipper.

I have called and talked to 4 different people with no action just excuses. I called to ask questions about parts and did not ask about my damaged idems just to see if they would be helpful the guy just wanted me off the phone and ended up hanging up after a few questions.

This company has been rude, and does not take responsibility for anything... BUYER BEWARE...


Ordered a Go-Kart from powersprorts max In Calif. and we stay in NC. When we got it and started putting it together a lot of the parts were missing and we called them and they said they had to check inventory and would get back with us. We finally replaced some parts. The kart was drove for two hours and suddenly stopped running. We contacted them but was always given the run around. We took the kart to a dealership to get fixed and they said the motor had already blew up. This kart was still under warranty and powersports max would not even pay to get it fixed or send the parts for it. This company is a rip off and will not stand by their product or warranty. I would not recommend anyone buying from this company. We were even put on hold and no one would even come back to the phone.

  • wegolookfan Jan 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I know this sort of fraud happens to many people. I would suggest checking out this company:

    There is some great news regarding purchased item fraud- a nationwide company with over 1, 500 agents launches February First. They will go, in person, to verify an item for you to make sure it is legitimate and they will even take the item to UPS or Fed Ex to ship it to you! The company is called Wegolook.com and here is a general description of them:

    WeGoLook is an online service that provides visual confirmation and a personalized report, completed by a real person, to verify a prodcut, person, place or thing. WeGoLook customers will be better informed, avoid costly surprises, plus benefit from unbiased confirmation without having to travel.

    It might be helpful to you and others to utilize their services before getting scammed- especially high-end items.

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defective scooter/false advertising

I purchased a scooter. It became defective within the first week of riding. The company would not take it back and refund my money. They hang up on me when I call them. My scooter, which I rode for less than one week, is not working and sits useless in my garage. If you have any complaints with a scooter, ATV, etc. that you have purchased from them, please contact ALL of the following:

File a complaint with the California Attorney General at the following:

The number for the CA Better Business Bureau is [protected]

File a complaint with your own state's Better Business Bureau

File a complaint with the CA Department of Motor Vehicles at the following web site:

I also recommend hiring a consumer fraud attorney.

poor quality, worthless warranty

Ordered 50cc scooter; waited 2 months for delivery; engine runs rough and loses power at 15mph, well below 30mph claimed. Brake line burst at 96mi - they said it was "normal wear and tear part" and would not cover it. replaced with a honda part on my own. Since then the fuel gauge quit working, the front cowling cracked in the Minnesoata cold (while stored in my garage for winter), and repeated calls to powersports are ignored. I dont expect the bike will hold up much longer before falling apart.

  • Bb
    bball41 May 28, 2009

    This place has the worst customer service ever. bought a 150cc go kart engine blew after 2 rides. called and they are saying we have to pay for the parts for the engine. or pay for it to. Service is HORRIBLE.

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defective scooter

Powersportsmax.com aka deeal, inc. Sold defective scooter. It failed to operate properly within 50 miles of riding time. Company give a run-around. Company won't take back defective scooter and won't send parts. Leaves you hanging on terminal hold on the phone and then hangs up on you.

I have hired an attorney in the state of missouri. If anyone has a defective scooter, atv, go-kart, etc they have purchased from this company and lives in the state of missouri, please contact me.

This company goes by other names besides the ones listed above.

Marie [protected]@sbcglobal.net

  • Dw
    D.W. Minor Mar 23, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Contact the Los Angeles District attorney’s office at 1-213 580-3273. They will
    Give You A the Web site where you can Join a class action suit or one there.

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no complaint

After purchasing my MC-PO4 150cc Moped Scooter I experienced several problems.From my fuel gauge to my brake light staying on Mannie help me navigate through the problems.Then my muffler just feel apart Mannie came to my aid again and sent me a muffler FREE of CHARGE the same as the other parts needed to solve the problems.A NEW FUEL GAUGE;A NEW MUFFLER MANNIE HAS BEEN A GREAT HELP.And if giving the chance I would purchase another FROM THEM THANKS MANNIE FOR YOUR HELP Now I enjoy my SCOOTER very much

  • St
    stephen gardner Jan 15, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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product/customer service

We purchased a dirt bike last May. Stopped working in August. Returned the motor for repair - we had to pay shipping. After many phone calls and lies that the motor was fixed and on the way back we finally received a package in October. Only the idiots returned the wrong motor. It was a go-kart motor. They asked us to send the wrong motor back, which we did. Although we should have held it hostage until they repaired and returned ours. Anyway, again after many weeks of dealing with them over the phone they finally sent ours back at the end of November and the dumb thing still doesn't work. We would have been better off just getting if fixed locally instead of spending the money to ship it back to them. Whatever you do...DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They do not stand behind their product, they do not honor their warranty, and they have horrible customer service skills.

poor quality product

Purchased a Bali 260 cc Scooter in June of 2008. I presently have 350 miles on the scooter. To date I have had the following issues: 1) Fuel filter cracked and leaked tank of gas in garage. 2) Electrical short in handle bars that blew in-line battery fuse. Lost power in traffic and almost hit by car. 3) Raidator hose came loose and drained on garage floor. Had to remove entire side of scooter to reconnect. 4) Nut came off drive wheel traveling 60 mph in traffic. Again almost hit by car due to loss of power. To date still waiting for "warranty parts" to replaced damaged drive wheel that were like pulling teeth to order. Service department was unclear what the part was and took 45 minutes to get place the order. WORST PURCHASE OF MY LIFE!!

fraud: no money back guarantee, no parts, no service

I have been through a nightmare dealing with Power Sports Max and it's not over yet. I have filed a complaint with the CA BBB and Missouri Attorney General. In July 2008, I purchased a new scooter. It arrived damaged: Torn seat at the seam, broken mirror mechanism and leaking oil line. A large yellow "Pass" sticker was on the scooter! After numerous long distance phone calls and much run-around, I have received a replacement seat and mirror. They sent a damaged (crimped) oil line to replace the original faulty one! Since then they have put me on hold for over 30 minutes on countless occasions. They have caller ID because they either let me sit on terminal hold, disconnect me or just don't pick up when they know it's me. When I am able to get lucky enough to get to talk to someone, they say they'll send it or it's been sent. I'm tired of being strung along, and I'm tired of their lies. Two days ago, my husband called (his phone was not yet flagged by them) and was then told that the stainless steel oil line is not covered by warranty. My contract says it is, and I even paid the the extended 3-year warranty. It is now October 25, 2008, and my issue is not resolved. Their website claims "Money Back Guarantee", "Buy risk free", "12 month warranty", "Parts for bike are readily available". I am demanding a full refund and that they pick up this piece of junk at their expense. "Customer satisfaction guaranteed" does not apply to me.

bad product, bad company

From the start, this has been a nightmare.. This will teach me to do my homework...
The scooter was charged to my account immediately.. Eventhough I was promised that it would take 72 hours to ship, it took 5 weeks. When the scooter arrived, it was the wrong color and i was told that I could pay for shipping and they would fix their mistake. I told them that I didnt want to spend an additional $200 dollars and repackage the scooter.. The said they would refund $50 out of courtesy. After having the scooter for a few days, it started to short out. After spending money with a mechanic we fixed everything but the gas gauge. He said to request a new gas gauge. I did so immediately.. 3 months later, I have never received the part.. only excuses and the company hanging up on me...
The battery lasted for all of three days also, I had to put down another $75.00 for a new battery. While waiting for my MSO to come in the mail ( 3 months later) after it was promised repeatedly. I had to pay and additional $50 is temporary plates.. Keep in mind, I have put under $150 miles on this bike. Today, the engine stopped suddenly I pulled over and the engine was literally spewing gasoline! I immediately called the company for the upteenth time to try and get this faulty product resolved.. I was hung up on, ridiculed, put on hold, and hung up on.. I have spent the last 2 hours trying to speak to someone about the continuous problems I have had and loack of customer service...
I am whits end...
I advise anyone and everyone to stay away from this company!
You may save a few dollars, but you will pay for it 10 fold in the process...
I just did a google for this company and the complaints are a mile long...
It is not a single occurrence.
I want the product to be picked up and my hard earned money returned...

  • Sh
    Sherry Pruett Oct 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too was taken advantage of by this company. No one at the company seems to know anything about our returned motor from my sons 4 wheeler! One person said they are sending it back, one person said they never got it!! What a bunch of idiots! Please do NOT do business with them. They will not return calls or back their products!!!

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  • Tr
    tracey l burke Nov 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am very glad i looked up this site because i was going to purchase 2 125cc 4 wheelers from them.which was going to cost me 1600.00 dollars.they were christmas presents for my sons.i knew there prices was to good to be true.will i guess i will have to find some other 4 wheeler store. thanks again and i hope you all the best of luck...traceyburke indiana.

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fraud and scam

I purchased a 1100cc go cart from power sports max and it is junk. Breaks every time I ride it. Does not go as fast as they advertise. They want me to send it from ND to CAL for each repair. This is not going to happen. It is not as advertised at all. Totally unreliable and is a cheap copy of other much better buggy's. Do not buy from them!!!

It is leaking oil antifreeze the clutch master cylinder also broke. the swing arms are not straight and it did not come with assembly instructions. They also have no repair manual available so you are on your own to repair it. And when I was putting it together the parts did not fit which puts stress on them and also causes more cracks and premature ware on every thing else. do your self a big favor and do not buy from them!!!

  • Lu
    LukesMom Jun 20, 2010

    My 14 year old son was ripped off for $300.00 . They should be reported !

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horrible service — worst ever

Love the scooter, hate the service. First off i ordered a windshield because the original one they sent was broken. Three months later i received a call that they could not deliver it. 5 times I had called them and given my new address. When i asked why it could not be delivered they told me they had the wrong address. I asked what address they had and was told an address I had changed two times previous.

I had taken this bike to a moped mechanic I trusted. I gave them the e-mail address and phone number of powersportsmax in order for them to order any parts needed. After being told they would not ship a part to any other retailer I ordered the part personally. 2 months has passed, and after calling every week and getting a different answer and no results I have decided to drive an hour and a half to confront them.

We will see what happens... Please post bail in the event they don't have a really good answer!!!(just kidding...maybe)

  • Ma
    Marie Oct 27, 2008


    I, too, am in my own nightmare with PSM. I also have a posting here and with TheSqueakyWheel.com.

    If you haven't already done so, file a complaint with the California Attorney General at the following:


    The number for the CA BBB is 909-835-6064

    Also call your credit card company to try to reverse the charges. Contact a lawyer who deals with the Lemon Law. (That is also what I am doing).

    I feel your pain.

    Marie [email protected]

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