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PLEASE REFER TO THE PICTURE THAT I ATTACH WITH THIS COMPLAIN. Years after years negative complaint about pos laju have been submited. But no action or any improvement have been made. Is every delivery manpower of poslaju blind or deft? Me and my family at home during the time we receive the delivery notice and state that no one home? On what necessary do we as customers required to give contact numbers for postage service? On what purpose we should fill in our address for delivery when we need to pick up at pos office? And also what is the necessary for stating the contact number at the delivery notice when we cant even contact that number? Always come out with full box n try later over and over again? Your company mission n vision are completely joke! Complaint to pos office counter also no improvement made. Complaint here suppose to be the same i guess? Management lineup made from blind and deft people also? Despite all these negative complaint regarding poslaju service over and over these years nothing have change. Big people with small brain? And please change poslaju vision n mission. Make customers wanna puke.

Pos Malaysia Berhad

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