Pos Malaysiabad counter service and not comply to ticket/number system

I Feb 17, 2019

Incidence place: Pejabat Pos Baru Pahat. Upon arrival, I was given instruction one of the staff to get service number. I took the ticket number to purchase stamp. As I was waiting I notice that there counter no 2 was the only counter where the people queue and no number called from the counter. I notice the other counter were not that hectic as counter 2- which was poslaju/mel. Few customers were served at counter 2. I noticed my number was the only number satarting with no 4xxx and was not called. I panicked and i quickly queue with other customers at counter 2. The person who serve counter 2, En amir suddenly called my number just before I my turn. I asked him why didn't call my number earlier and his respond was not satisfactory. I got my stamp and asked the other staff about complaint form but to my surprise the post office did not have any complaint form and ask me to see her boss. I went yo see her boss at the counter and asked for official complaint form. She also denied the form exist and only verbally tell her. I am quite surprise with her respond and I told her what was happened and request for counter stamp purchasing improvement and staff compliance with the number system. She only take note my verbal report. I am disappointed with the counter service and uncompliance os number system. I am hoping to get back the feedback report for the improvement of servce. Thank you.

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