Pos Lajuwhere is my parcel??

M Sep 04, 2018

hye there, i want to make a complaint due to i did not received my parcel.

according to your tracking system (ER519341597MY), the delivery not success for the 1st attempted 30 Aug 18. this is okey to me, because already late then nobody stay at office. but in the system have mention that left delivery arrangement notice which is i didn't seen till today. then you make 2nd delivery on 3 Sep 18, which is i didn't request for that, because i plan to collect by myself at your branch. I'm very disappointing because the parcel was deliver to unknown name MOHD FAIRUZ, which is there is no staff's name FAIRUZ here. Finally, i still didn't know where to find my parcel!!! why not your staff call me if any third party was collect the parcel on behalf of me.

please give your feedback ASAP. thank you.

where is my parcel??

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