Pos Lajuservices

G Aug 13, 2018


This complaint isn't about late delivery or lost parcels, even though I've experienced both incidents unfortunately buts lets left that for another time, i wrote this to voice my unsatisfaction on your customer services. This happens at the no. 4 jln bakti kawasan perindustrian larkin collection centre on the 13 August 2018 Monday at around 1945hrs, even though according to your opening hours - (Monday - Friday = 0830 - 2000hrs) when i reach there it seems that your staff have already put out the close sign, and i can still see couple of your staff at the counter, and even though i wave at them and show at my watch non of them even care!! I was standing on the front door for 5 mins waiting for someone to approach me and give me some satisfactory explanation (i don't mind coming back the next day) but none of them give a [censored] What kind of attitude is this? How are you supposed to progress with this kind [censored]ing attitudes!! I even have proof of photo that i will attach below, I'm not sure if my complaint will falls on deaf ears or not because truth be told you are the 'POSLAJU' and also i need to first go through this process before going to the NCCC, so i will wait...


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