PopRealunethical behaviour/lies

A Sep 13, 2018

This company has been the absolutely worst company I have every worked with. I placed an order in MAY and I am still working to get it taken care of. After several statements that items had been shipped (which was why they couldn't issue me a refund in June). A few items finally arrived in July (with the start date of the shipment weeks after they said they had sent it) and it was missing more than half of my order. I asked for a refund on the other items, they again said they couldn't refund due to it already being shipped. I communicated with them multiple times to get tracking numbers, which I didn't ever get ones that worked and once the 2nd shipment arrived (which was dated weeks after they said they'd shipped it and therefore couldn't send a refund) and it was MISSING items as well. I requested an immediate refund for those items. they said I had to send a copy of the packaging slip. Once I did, they agreed to re-ship the items. I immediately said NO, i want a refund. The products are sub-par quality and horrible shipping and processes features. I am now on the 3rd email that they're trying to get me to take shipment instead of issueing a refund.
This company has been HORRIBLE to work with and they are not trustworthy or honest. I believe they do this in hopes that people will either forget about the order or not realize they didn't get shipped their entire order.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help prevent this from happening to other customers.

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