PopRealimmediate cancellation/ been fighting for refund for 4 months

H Aug 16, 2018

I ordered a Mommy and Me outfit set for Mother's Day, but cancelled it within less than 10 minutes after realizing it was London based and would never arrive on time. I am now 20 emails and 4 months in on fighting with this customer service on getting my refund. I have gotten multiple emails from 2 different people all that are obviously a Copy/Paste of the same exact wording saying "something was wrong in financial department, but we fixed it. So now will you please wait 12 days/20 days/end of the month?" Then I was told I'm finally a priority and will have it in 12 days, 16 days later still nothing and I'm told again "I will ask them every day, so can you wait more days?" Like I have a choice.

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