Polarisslow start, or no start

T Nov 22, 2017

I have a 2015 polaris 570 sportsman that I bought new in 2016. From day one it has acted like it is low on battery when it was started. After only a few months I returned for service at iron mountain motor sports where I purchased it and was informed it needed a new battery which surprises me for a new machine. So they put one in and we went on with the plugging it into a battery tender all the time and hoping if you started it more than 10 times in a day that it will start. It was giving me such a hassle that I took out the factory battery and installed a Duracell agm battery and that helped some. My problem is I still have to be very aware the atv is rugged into a tender and aware of starts in a session or you may not get it started and just be stranded. I bought a polaris sportsman because I was under the assumption that they was the best made and I gotta be honest I am just about to give up and trade it in for something that I can trust to start in the woods every time. I am so disappointed with this, I love the machine but I ride in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan in some pretty remote areas sometimes. To my dismay my buddy has two brand new c.f. moto machines and has three times the miles on and has had no problems what so ever, and I laughed at him when he bought his first one and I bought my polaris" Quality" machine. Please help me find a solution, three batteries make me believe it is a problem charging or a starter drawing too much or something, but now it is out of warranty and I am making payments on a machine that I can't trust

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