SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Plenty of Fishunauthorised payment taken

P Aug 03, 2018

I cancelled my POF upgrade when I met someone and hid my profile from view since it was early days. I had confirmation they had cancelled it and a week ago got a reminder it was expiring and to take action if I wanted to renew. Since I didn't want to renew, I did nothing. Yet I've discovered they have taken almost £40 from me a few days ago. This was not in my budget and in a few days time, I fly to Canada for 6 months. I've tried their website and got no where except have a standard copy and paste reply telling me how I can cancel subscriptions - something I already knew since I did it. To add insult to injury, I had another email today to let me know my upgrade had expired. Great but they have still taken the money. I have very little time before I fly and should be spending this with my nearest and dearest. I also had budgeted for food in the airport which I will now have to change the budget on since they have the money allocated. It will taint my experience very much.

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